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Wouldn’t it be nice to know who is at your door when the bell rings? If you do not have a peep hole or a window that allows you to check who is there without being seen, you could be opening your door to anyone.

What if you can see and the person standing there might appear suspicious. It would be nice to hide out and just watch. Or, you could be in the middle of something and don’t want to be interrupted unless for a visitor you were expecting or this person is making an important delivery. Home owners can be thankful there is now a way to link Smartphone technology to home security: SkyBell.

skybell-doorbellSkyBell Wifi Doorbell

Check who is at the door when you are inside, in the garden, next door, or on a shopping trip, thanks to SkyBell’s remote technology. According to the makers of SkyBell, a burglar will usually ring the bell before making his way into the house.

If no one answers, he believes it is safe to proceed. The SkyBell video doorbell shows a home owner that it is not safe to answer and gives him or her a view of what is going on. Is this just someone who simply likes wearing a dark hoodie and sunglasses or is he picking the lock? A home owner knows when to call the police.

Mute the Chime

Learn when the bell is being rung without it ringing through the whole house using SkyBell. It will not chime noisily throughout the home and wake up sleeping babies or a spouse who just finished the night shift at work.

When kids arrive home from school, use this technology to have them check in with the help of high definition video; 1080p and 5-times zoom features. Is that a son or daughter at the door with friends? Which friends? Surprise Jimmy by telling his friends to go home.

Didn’t Ring?

An alert comes up on your phone whether the visitor rings or doesn’t ring the bell. Is he standing there, listening and looking; perhaps doing something with the lock? You’ll always know.

Keep an Eye Out

Use the SkyBell to monitor your front door 24/7. The only caveat is that your phone must be charged to hear alerts. View images live or record them, a handy feature if you think video of someone at your front door could be useful to law enforcement in their efforts to catch a criminal or even as evidence in a court case.

Since video cuts through dark nights for full color images, the SkyBell is still effective when someone comes to the door very late, very early, or on one of those long, dark winter days when the sun hardly seems to shine. Take photos too.

Many Monitors

Although the video component adds another set of “eyes” to home safety, there is a further SkyBell feature which extends its usefulness. Allow multiple people to view the SkyBell video doorbell from their phones too. SkyBell accounts can be linked to several clients at one time.

Maybe dad is closest to home today while mom is on a field trip with her students. He is most likely to stay tuned to the SkyBell, both visually and audibly. An audio component allows owners to speak to visitors and even record them.

Durable Technology

Weather changes throughout the year can mean a difference of 20, 40, or even 60C in some regions, season to season. The SkyBell can handle them all, even if the change is dramatic over a few days.

Stolen SkyBell

While the whole idea of SkyBell is to protect you against danger and theft, bad things still happen. The makers of SkyBell will replace your product if it is stolen. You won’t be charged for the replacement.


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