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Remember that old gaming machine you thought was so excellent or “sweet” as the kids say nowadays? You would brag about it to your friends and everyone wanted to come to your house after school until all the rest of the class got their own Sega Mega Drive or the next best thing.

Then you had to save up and buy add-ons so your friends would come back. This Sony game console was the precursor to Playstation and the beginning of Sonic the Hedgehog; the Sega Mega Drive or Genesis.

Sega Mega Drive Limited Edition: The Genesis Returns


Image: PC Mag

It’s still black as before and has not been updated to become the high-tech dream of a new Nintendo Switch or the newest Xbox. Sony will release a fifth Playstation in the near future, sooner than expected, yet a certain generation of consumers finds comfort and joy in their pre-teen past when life was simpler and 64KB of memory sounded like enough capacity for files at the White House. There is a microSD slot if you want to play stored information too.

This limited edition, nostalgic toy offers old-style resolution, nothing like the realism consumers are used to. There is an old-fashioned slot for popping in a cartridge and a joystick which, though new, is made to appear ancient (okay, 20 years old). Consumers will also receive pre-installed games along the lines; games they recognize from their childhood.

If you are in your 30s, the Sega Mega Drive Limited Edition console is a Christmas gift made in gaming heaven. Set your clocks; mark your calendars. Only a relatively small number will be made unless demand is huge.

Release Date

In fact, right before Armistice Day, Americans can get their hands on the Sega Mega Drive Limited Edition gaming console. According to Sony, a lucky few will get to immerse themselves in specially-themed events; there’s going to be a real party where it won’t do to come dressed as any character born later than the age of the Sega Mega Drive itself. Watchers can expect for sales of Sonic the Hedgehog costumes to skyrocket, especially in New York where this event is set to take place.

Everywhere Sonic

The famous hedgehog, arguably more famous than Mrs. Tiggywinkle in some circles, will have a graphic impact on many media. Expect him to appear in the media quite a bit and to also become a best-selling plush toy.

Re-releasing a part of the gaming past is all about marketing, of course. There will be mugs, bedspreads, themed birthday party accessories, and loads more stuff related to 80’s gaming. Remember when Cabbage Patch dolls made a comeback? It was big business spawning many spin-offs that were not as quickly coordinated or taken advantage of originally (think cartoons and movies). The Smurfs are another good example.

Back to the Game

Okay, that’s enough about branding and making a huge pile of cash by reviving and selling an old idea. The Sega Genesis Console and Mega Drive will also come with an AC wall cable, a three-button Joystick, an AV cable, and instructions. Images suggest the joystick will not be wireless. Gamers will have to sit close to a screen which begs the question: “will it be better for people to dig out their 1980s TVs too? Surely they don’t want to sit three inches from a 50-inch screen?

There is an SD Card, headphones, and internal power for 110V or 220V customers (US or Europe). The color pallet features over 500 hues, more than 60 at one time. Sound effects are going to help make this an all-around childhood experience.

Expect to hear the same sorts of effects that provided yet another dimension to enrich your experience of Columns, Flicky, Golden Axe, or Jewel Master, all of them (and other games) from the 1980s and early 1990s.

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