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The Roomba® 960 Robot Vacuum is so smart and graceful it hardly appears to be working. Instead, it could be dancing across your floor; a Rhumba maybe? Get the spec on this intelligent, innovative product that lets you take a load off.

Roomba® Details


An entire floor of your home can be cleaned in the blink of an eye with the Roomba® 960 Robot Vacuum using iAdapt® 2.0 technology. This system enables the robot to navigate its way around by visually familiarizing itself with the lay-out and remembering the floor plan too.

That way it knows what parts have been vacuumed and what remains to be done. Provide a number of rooms for the day’s cleaning roster. Meanwhile, this robot vacuum isn’t concerned about mess. The 960 was designed for a normal household where people “file” things on floors.

AI Automation

Artificial Intelligence replenishes itself every time the battery grows weary. If the floor has not been fully cleaned by the time it needs a recharge, the Roomba® recharges itself automatically. Most of the time it should manage to get the work finished without an intermittent charge since the battery lasts 1 ¼ hours when fully charged.

Dirt Detection

The dirt your vacuum usually misses can’t hide from the Roomba® 960. Even debris under furniture will be sucked up by this intelligent appliance. Say goodbye to dirt, pet fur, hair, and dust in all corners and beneath items where a regular vacuum head or nozzle can’t reach unless a person gets down on her hands and knees.

Second Level Dangers Avoided

Maybe your new robot vacuum will go down stairs sometimes, but not on its own. It won’t fall down stairs either. Without installing stair gates or closing doors, the Roomba® 960 Robot Vacuum avoids precipitous drop-offs and doesn’t need direction from its owner.

Remote Cleaning

Everything is remote-controlled these days and not just from a few feet away. The Roomba can be activated when you are away from the home using an App on your Smartphone. Other App features include cleaning ideas and customer support. The App lets you choose personalized settings too. Clean while absent; clean from another room; but don’t lift a finger. Schedule cleaning for certain days once each week, even up to once every day.

Extraction of Special Dirt

Hair is a little tricky to handle with a regular vacuum. A Roomba® 960 isn’t intimidated by human or animal hair. Special extractors stop the mess from forming tangles and clots which would call a halt to vacuum duty until someone was able to unplug the machine. This rarely ever happens anymore to someone who lets their robot clean the floors and is comfortable cleaning many types of flooring too.

Full of Dirt

Eventually, the Roomba® 960 becomes full and it can’t empty itself out, which might be the only thing it can’t do without help, but at least it lets you know when to empty the machine. Use the app to see how full it’s getting day by day.

Cleaner and More Efficient

The Roomba® 960 Robot Vacuum is potentially 50% more effective at cleaning floors than your old vacuum cleaner, thanks to a special three-stage cleaning system and a second-generation motor. Two extractors rotate in opposite directions from each other and pick up dirt but they don’t need much maintenance. Customers find that even corners and dust traps are suddenly cleaner than ever.

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