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Consumers have their pick of new games, but sometimes they want to kick back and enjoy a nostalgia break. That is what they get from the Cybergadget Retro Freak. It uses a 15-cartridge reader to bring you games from your past; games of a simpler, less technically effective kind. Cybergadget does not provide the same technology but creates something very much like original.


Types of Games

Cybergadget lists the following dozen game systems for use with the Retro Freak:

• Nintendo Entertainment System
• Famicom
• Super Famicom
• Super Nintendo Entertainment System
• Game Boy
• Game Boy Color
• Game Boy Advance
• Mega Drive
• Genesis (recently in the news for a retro release)
• PC Engine
• TurboGrafx-16
• PC Engine SuperGrafix

Retro Era

It’s big business right now making something old new again. No sooner does the computer world introducing gaming that’s almost real enough to be scary than those same video game designers start to feel homesick for their teenage years. From aesthetics to games and even the boxes these come in, retro gaming is really “in” for Christmas 2016. Every element, like the games themselves, is a blast from the past.

A Little Bit of Upgrading

Even so, this device shows how far we have come. The controller is ergonomic with rounded sides, small buttons, and a compact format. USB and other slots let you plug into the TV and play on a screen probably twice the width but 1/10th the depth of what you used to watch while playing Sonic the Hedgehog.

Ports are set up to allow you to play with the Genesis, Game Boy, and a few other machines. It’s flexible enough to accommodate numerous nostalgic 1980s and 1990s games. Add-ons enable you to play assorted cards and the system can read additional information to extend your playing field to include the SEGA My Card and more.

Even though this is a backward-thinking machine, upgrades are available for upload via USB. Storage of 3.1 GB is built in plus the capacity for more, thanks to a Micro SD card (not included).

Retron Game Settings

Retro Freak provides a similar experience to Retron as you once knew it, but games look better than before while providing a close replication of the aesthetic of a bygone generation. There are more settings for audio and video, for example. The interface is more intuitive and agile. Play with greater accuracy than before but still enjoy games from childhood. Load games and take it to a party.

Originally, some retro gaming devices were hard to read on a modern screen. Retro Freak uses HDMI, so this old-style product works with new-style televisions. Images will not be blurry but crisp and clear. Sound will be equally high-quality. On-screen prompts are sensible and user-friendly; easy to understand and to read.

Game Saving Tech

Save the day by saving your game. Retro Freak by Cybergadget provides a Save function so you can resume from where the game was interrupted. Use this to get back to a mid-way point when a mistake would have otherwise sent you to the start again. Retro Freak lets you use this function with any game the console plays.

Compatibility with Accessories

Choose any one of a number of USB controllers including those for PS3 or 4. A wired controller is included. Add a controller adaptor in order to play with even more controllers, but you can start with the Genesis or Famicon varieties to name only two of 5 compatible possibilities.

Customize the Game

Cybergadget created a system the user can personalize so as to play with friends. Alter the way buttons work. Install games and run them without using the cartridge, a great feature for portable game playing. Try the Cheat function, change regions, and select a language from English, Chinese, or Japanese. Watch for more updates to arrive as the popularity of this game console grows.

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