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You thought it was amazing to Skype friends and family on your SmartPhone, anywhere worldwide. Now there’s PetChatz, a way to stay in touch with your pets when you can’t be there. Your animals are family; make sure they’re happy and reassure them when you’re away.

petchatzHow PetChatz Works

Owners and pets are able to see one another using wireless video technology. A pet can hear his owner’s voice and the owner can hear her cat purr or her dog bark. Use a computer monitor or a mobile phone to stay connected. Being separated is distressing for both parties but PetChatz eases the worry and unhappiness of separation.

Several Dimensions

Pets are smart; they know what an owner looks like; how his voice sounds; and his scent. You’d think a chat system wouldn’t be able to handle that last part, but PetChatz has figured out a way.

Firstly, the two sides greet one another on video. Secondly, the system at your pet’s end will give out a treat. Thirdly, a calming aroma is dispersed near your animal.

In-person and for Later

What if your animal is doing funny, cute things while you’re not online together? Use PetChatz to record and play video of an animal showing off. If something is going on near the pet chat system at home, the owner’s phone will send an alert so he will turn on the app and watch live action.

Where to Install PetChatz

Put this system up at animal level near a place your pet frequents. This could be the door of a dog house or kennel. Hook it up where there isn’t too much other traffic and also at a spot protected from damage. It’s not fragile, but you can still make a product last longer by taking good care. You’ll need an electrical outlet very close at hand. Connect to Wi-Fi and set up a password.

What’s Next

Fill the dispenser with PetChatz Treats and fill up the Scentz, both available from PetChatz. Your animal will become used to hearing a ringtone that signifies her owner is ready to chat. Your pet knows this is time to get in front of the screen and will also be rewarded. The calming scent helps an animal settle down if this event is too emotionally charged or exciting.

Extra Features

PetChatz is made in America, another great reason to install this innovative technology. Train an animal to use PawCall by pressing a switch to call you. Try Game Mode which means it’s time to play. Lights and sounds indicate rewards are coming and so is the image of an animal’s favorite person: you.

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