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Origin aims to provide consumers with the best possible gaming devices; the top experience when it comes to laptops designed for this purpose solely. A gaming computer is not like a regular laptop; speed and visuals must be much more high-tech in order to provide the optimal experience and to give each gamer an equal chance of competing or participating in his or her virtual world. Gamers who are willing to drop serious money on relevant equipment take their pursuits seriously, and so does Origin.



Origin promises to provide customers with the best technology. They offer “world class support” from the very beginning of your relationship with them. Trust Origin Laptops to be there if something appears to go wrong. As they say at Origin, lots of firms make computers, but not so many are able to custom design them for gaming and certainly not to these standards.

Choosing the Right PCs

Origin doesn’t sell just any PC. Their certified product must offer legitimate personalization. Only the firm’s specialists, all of them certified, get their hands on these machines. Lifetime support both online and by phone is supplied even though the typical gamer will update, upgrade, or might even grow out of a machine.

Computers are tested for gaming quality and performance, and quality assurance is essential. Quality assurance is not a bonus but an expectation, and you’ve got it. Computers are wired for optimal operating temperature and are all inspected against a 100-point list. You deal with a dedicated team that knows you and your laptop.

About the Founders of Origin

The people behind this company turned a hobby into a dream job. They offer more than 30 years of experience combined related to the making of gaming PCs and all three of them were critical to the growth of this market as a whole.

Kevin Wasielewski is one such co-founder, and his first gaming PC came from his mom. He has experience with EBGames/Gamestop and Alienware, has worked as a quality assurance tester, and understands many other roles besides.

Richard Cary, another co-founder, is the current president. He started out with Atari like most people but moved on to the Commodore 64, Alienware, and became involved at the professional level. He was Senior Vice President of Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Logistics at Alienware before moving on to new endeavors. His focus at Origin is similar.

The final of three co-founders is Hector Penton, Chief Operations Officer and self-styled “geek.” He always loved Dungeons and Dragons, Star Wars, and Atari but, unlike the others, prefaced his working life with a stint in the army as well as time served at college. These guys must have met at Alienware because all three worked there at some point. Pento was there for more than 10 years and served in several capacities.

Products at Origin

So now you know these guys have earned their position in the gaming industry and you can trust them with your computer gaming hopes and dreams. What do they offer at Origin? Is it all laptops?

Origin carries 15- and 17-inch laptops plus PCs of small, mid, full-size, and rack-mounted configurations. Their list includes both gaming and professional computers like the Chronos Pro, a small PC featuring 6th generation tech, video editing, and 3D rendering plus greater efficiency than previous models. A mid-sized Neuron Pro offers DDR4 desktop memory which allows you to run multiple programs simultaneously without lag.

An Eon 17-X is the lightest, thinnest, fastest 17-inch laptop around with an Intel i7 core and fast USB 3.1 port. It uses the newest Intel Z170 overclockable processors which are able to run the newest games and applications without slowing down. Customers also enjoy the graphics by NVIDIA: authentic sounds and sights. The Eon 17-X is good for movies too.

Try the streamlined EVO15-S 10. It’s ready for VR, comes with the same Intel Core and graphics capacity as the Eon 17-X, and supplies NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics. This 15-inch laptop is light and portable for gaming or watching movies on the road.

Accessories from Origin include monitors and a liquid cooling system. The Frostbyte 240 works like your car radiator, to create a stable operating environment. Overheating can be a big problem, even a dangerous one. The Copper CPU plate and 240-mm radiator require zero maintenance and fans operate quietly.

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