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Your body could be a happier place if you exercised more and ate better. If you were happier, your health would improve. That works the other way around too. Where do you start to improve your health? Begin with good nutrition, and Olly Nutrition can help.

The People at Olly

Who knows; maybe these people were born smiling. They look like work is a great place to be.



Mind you, Olly is based in California, not rainy Washington State. Their products are sold online and in stores around the country, though, so your location is no excuse; you, too, can feel sunny on the inside with Olly Nutrition.

The individuals behind Olly Nutrition are enthusiastic about health and vitamins. They don’t feel like work is a job, really; more like a fun place to go on weekdays. Moreover, they work in a park. How many people can say that besides park rangers?

Darci Rosenblum, VP of Marketing and Digital Experience can say it. Co-Founder and CEO Brad Harrington plus COO Gerry Chesser and the other Co-Founder, Eric Ryan can say they work in a park too. There’s a doctor at the park, Dr. Dave Chernoff, MD. Read their website. It’s a pill-free prescription to positivity.

Products from Olly Nutrition


The formula is simple: provide consumers with meal replacement shakes full of vitamins and minerals or just give them the vitamins. A few select smoothie flavors offer additional support for better gut health, energy, weight loss, or extra workout calories.

There are a number of products for kids and a single-serving selection priced $10 for 4 ($2.50 per smoothie). The price for an ordinary shake from the 15-serving option (not probiotic, for example) is less than $2 each plus the cost of shipping unless you make a $50 order or better. Also, auto-deliveries arranged quarterly save you 15%.

Velvet Vanilla, Pure Chocolate, and Peachy Mango

These are the basic shakes costing $27.99 for 15 servings. Each one offers the richness of protein, an oft-forgotten but essential element of healthy eating. Fiber and vitamins are also inside the blend. Swallow a tasty serving of energy and fill up effortlessly on a drink that tastes like a milkshake.

More for Every Body

Other choices include Creamy Strawberry probiotic shake smoothie with special enzymes and gut-friendly bacteria.

Unlikely as it sounds, Salted Caramel Chocolate is a weight-loss aid featuring metabolic-boosting agents, fiber, and protein. You’ll feel too full to eat anything unhealthy. Chocolate Peanut Butter was made for athletes and bodybuilders with its extra-stimulating ingredients and additional protein. Workout harder and recover faster.

Cafè Mocha boosts energy the way a coffee does, but for less money and with other nutritional elements. Caffeine is still in there, sourced from green coffee beans and cacao. Add superfoods like goji berry and other fruits and veg.

For Kids

At Olly, they know what kids are thinking — cool, a milkshake! Actually, you’re feeding your kids phytonutrients. Don’t mention that part or they’ll get suspicious. Say nothing of the greens and fiber in their smoothie and only say it’s chocolate-flavored.


Shouldn’t vitamins be too big to swallow and look like medicine? Not at Olly; their multi-vitamins are as tasty as candy but far better for you. Products are sorted by the customer or the purpose. Items are made for men, women, expectant mothers, and children. They provide fiber, support brain health, or make your tummy happy.

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