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What do cholinergenics, mitochondrial support, and adaptogenics have in common? These are nootropics sold online by Nootropics Depot of Arizona. Their educational and commercial site posts information about nootropics and sells products by various manufacturers. Check out their website, offers, and assorted products for overall body health, not just the brain.

What Are Nootropics?

These substances are derived from labs or from nature, consumed in food and supplements. They are prescribed or sold over the counter depending on their purpose and form. Advocates believe nootropics enhance the brain’s ability to think and to learn; to retain information; and that they support all functions because the brain controls everything. If energy, mood, or digestion is a problem, nootropics could be the answer. On the other hand, if your brain is not healthy, nutrition and digestion could be to blame.

nootropics-depot-websiteAbout Nootropics Depot

Nootropics Depot supplies supplements as powders and capsules, claiming their sources are among the best and most trusted. Nootropics Depot invites consumers to read in-house lab test results from regular testing, provided in order to ensure items are safe and reliable.

Tests check purity and the identity of powdered ingredients. With High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Nootropics Depot is able to separate, measure, and identify each part of a mixture to ensure ratios are correct.

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy measures emissions. Every test is done by a chemist. Nootropics Depot works with Alkemist Labs and others to enhance safety and purity checks.

Supplements for Mitochondrial Wellness

Energy is affected by your mitochondrial health and a number of Nootropics Depot nootropics address fatigue. They contain active ingredients such as Acetyl L-Carnitine and CoQ10 which combat continuous feelings of stress and fatigue.


These products overlap with mitochondrial support to enable coping mechanisms naturally found in the body. Some of the adaptogenic ingredients one will discover in Nootropics Depot supplements are Ginseng, Medicinal Mushroom Extracts, and Ashwagandha.


These contribute to the activity of neurotransmitters which enable and extend brain activity. When neurotransmitters shut down, learning also shuts down. Memory is affected. One is susceptible to learning disorders, Dementia, and other neurological problems. You’ll find items like Citicoline Sodium and Alpha-GPC at Nootropics Depot. They support concentration, moods, and memory.

Brands at Nootropics Depot

Discover the goodness of items by RFi and Ixoreal Biomed. Explore products by Embria Health and Nammex. Nootropics Depot and Compound Solutions Inc. contribute to the array of products found online at this website dedicated wholly to the sorts of items and issues mentioned above in the form of powders and pills.

Shopping and Shipping

Sign up for a newsletter from Nootropics Depot and receive a discount off of your first purchase. This promo code is available on the page. Other coupons located off-site generally pertain to the deals already in existence such as free shipping when you spend $50 or more, 10% off by registering for the newsletter, and free shipping on international orders over $200 or higher.

Occasionally, one will find an additional opportunity to save on specific products. They might already be on sale, though; coupon codes won’t get you very far at Nootropics Depot. To ensure the website provides good value, one must browse the internet for similar products sold by other stores.

Comparison: Piracetam Powder at Nootropics Depot and Peak Nootropics

Piracetam powder is a racetam which improves the behavior of neurotransmitters, oxygen and blood circulation, and improves cognition associated with aging but also at other ages. Consumers notice an improvement in their memory when taking Piracetam.

Packaging increments differ between the two companies listed above, but the price for their largest package (1 kg) is about $20 different with Nootropics Depot costing less. Shipping policies were not as readily apparent at Peak Nootropics, based in Texas, so it’s impossible to include that in a comparison.

Then again, Nootropics Depot didn’t indicate dosage recommendations, a factor in each product’s value for money. Stacking them against each other is difficult as a result. The Peak Nootropics website, however, is protected by SSL which is reassuring. SSL certification is not indicated on the Nootropics Depot website.

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