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The original Nintendo 3DS provides portable play for kids who can’t keep still on long road trips; children who love the visual stimuli of Nintendo games or people who spend a lot of time waiting and get tired of reading or doing homework. There is only so much math you can do in one sitting and sometimes you run out of books, but with the Nintendo 3DS there is no end to the fun.

Portable Play

Nintendo is known for their Wii home entertainment console which, unfortunately, isn’t much good on the road. You can’t take Wii in the car and use it to play Mario Cart. It’s a home-based, big-screen form of gaming compatible with numerous games. Kids on the road (and also adults who love gaming) need something light, portable, and wireless to use for their days out. That’s where the DS comes in.

Compact and Self-contained

All you need is in one place. Interact by touching the control screen or use control buttons built into the machine. It opens wide but compact with the control screen bottom and viewing screen lifted up. Buttons are intuitively wired, like those of a Wii controller, to do what you always do with a handheld gaming device: move up, down, backwards, turn around, jump, fire, etc.

Nintendo 3DS, $170 and Up

For about $170 you get a 3DS but don’t need 3D glasses to appreciate the graphics. Slide the depth adjustment features to change how much you see if it is all just a little too much to take in. Even use the 3DS to take 3D pictures as well as playing 3D games. This price varies from retailer to retailer; higher prices might tell you a game is pre-installed.

Wireless, Battery Operated

The pre-installed battery gives you up to 8 hours of viewing, photographing, or playing pleasure without needing a wire to connect you to mains power. That battery could last as little as 3 hours if your 3DS memory is in full use or has been operating for a couple of years. Those 3 to 8 hours, however, are usually enough to get from home to your destination with some food breaks and sing-songs in between.

With wireless connection, you can enjoy content via SpotPass or StreetPass; it’s a flexible device, not for gaming only. Employ the stylus, fully adjustable, to interact with what is on the screen and to make Mii. Parental controls are available so you can limit what a small child is able to see online.

Older kids still need controls too, so keep an eye on what they are downloading with Netflix connectivity over their 3 1/2″ LCD screen. Memory is 64 MB. A storage card is supplied to add extra memory if you need it to store those pictures you love taking on the road. In this way, the 3DS is like a Smartphone but better.

New Nintendo 3DS XL, $200


Another exciting Nintendo product is their new 3DS XL for about $200. It is available in various colors with games pre-installed such as Super Mario World in 2D, Solgaleo Lunala, Monster Hunter Generations, and Super Mario 3D Land Edition. Colors for the case are bright and vivid; just what you want for holiday gift-giving.

Nintendo will also be selling a new device called the Switch, but not until March. It’s a cross between the 3DS and Wii because you can use it at home or you take it on the road and enjoy wireless gaming. The system is simple but expensive compared to a 3DS.

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