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No, this is not a shop for brains in jars. Igors, you will have to shop somewhere else for body parts. Marbles is known as “The Brain Store” because they sell items to exercise your brain, but in a fun way. Explore and discover how much fun it can be to improve cognitive function. Be surprised by how much learning happens when you aren’t paying attention and are simply enjoying yourself.

Specially Selected Brain Games

About 8 years ago, in Chicago, a kiosk opened selling games to support neurological agility. That day was the start of a business now so successful that there are stores all over the United States plus an e-commerce site.

Marbles carries items that have been tested by experts and proven to make the brain work harder and become stronger. These games wake up your thinking and imaginative processes and encourage neurological connections.

There is no other store like this. Marbles entered the scene at the perfect moment. Consumer awareness of cognitive function and non-medical, alternative prevention of Dementia is a hot topic. Nootropics are touted for their ability to support young people with cognitive problems and to help people improve their brain power naturally. It’s in Americans’ hands to prevent cognitive impairment at many levels.

marbles-the-brain-store-productsItems at Marbles

Consumers will find puzzles, gadgets, toys, games, and books all in one brain-friendly place. No helmet is required, although some games might challenge people more than they expected.

That’s what makes other games so boring — no challenge. When kids are too smart for their own good, Marbles sells the alternative. The company is also staffed by people who love these types of challenges and understand what it feels like to need more.

Who Shops at Marbles: The Brain Store?

Although toys and games are fun, wonderful ideas for families, these types of games and gadgets were developed and chosen with specific customers in mind. They are parents with children who have ADHD or autism and would like to enhance the parts of their brains which aren’t as active as they could be.

There are items for people in mid-life concerned their brains aren’t as agile as they used to be and they can’t remember things very well anymore. Certain customers are doing fine but want to perform better or improve their creative thinking skills.

Shop at Marbles

All orders of more than $19.99 will ship for free or stop by a local store to find a great gift for the family. When in doubt, start with bestsellers. These include the Sherlock, Otrio, Sphero SPRK+, Oh Snap!, and Bloxels. Each item is broken into “The Idea,” “The Brains,” and “The A-Ha.” Browse also through New Arrivals, Games & Toys, Gifts, Items by Age, Brands, Educational Toys, and Products on Sale.

The Sherlock


The idea is to read clues and crack a code featured on wooden puzzle pieces. This analytical game puts your deductive skills and memory to the test. While playful, The Sherlock is also beautiful.


This game was highlighted in Real Simple magazine. Two to four players compete in a game where you simply line up colored circles, but there is strategy involved. You can even get your pieces into the same space while outsmarting the other one, two, or three players. The board is an attractive piece to leave lying on the table too. Because the team at Marbles developed Otrio, you won’t be able to buy it at Toys R Us or any other store.


Are video games educational? This one is. Create your own 13-bit games with this design tool made for all ages. Designing involves the arrangement of blocks in assorted colors into terrain and characters for the game. Bloxels allows you to incorporate up to 400 blocks and converts to Apple, Amazon fire, or Android devices for real game playing when you’re done.

More Shopping Ideas

Marbles helps you find products to suit your budget to fit a very specific need. Find toys and games for kids of a certain age or for adults. Look for gifts that honor a grad, entertain newlyweds, or as party favors. Browse classic games or click on “Secret Santa” for small gift ideas. There’s something for every holiday, every season, and every age or stage.

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