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Lyft is a sort of taxi service but without the yellow car. It’s a transport service for the public, but not like a bus where you share with 50 other people or wait in the rain at an uncovered stop. Lyft is a sensible use of modern communication as a means of getting people from A to B.

What Is Lyft?

Everything these days starts with an app, it seems, and Lyft is no exception. Download the app to your mobile phone. This will put you in touch with registered drivers located near you in any one of numerous cities around the United States. These drivers will take you where you want to go and you only wait a few minutes.

Request a Ride

First, use the app to indicate that you need a ride. A driver comes out to get you. Payment is made over the phone, not in person. You could be stuck without credit cards or cash but as long as you have your phone, a lift is assured.

Four Plans

Lyft Line provides a cheap carpooling option. If other people are headed in the same direction, you can share a price which has been pre-set. Use this in a number of specially chosen American cities.

Lyft is the basic plan but you can still share the cost with friends. This plan and Lyft Plus are available around the country. You get access to a six-seater and the option to ride alone or share the ride. Unlike Lyft Line, Lyft and Lyft Plus are personal. You don’t ride with strangers.

The top plan is Lyft Premier, a classy, luxury car for one or more. Only certain cities provide this service, which is excellent for picking up an important client at the airport and making an impression or taking a company rep on a tour of the city.

In the Driver’s Seat

How do you get a job driving for Lyft? Apply online. First, consider what they want from you and the rewards. Make up to $35 hourly and keep your tips. This could be a daily thing, like a 9-to-5 job, or a weekend extra which will help you make money for a holiday. Since you don’t take or carry money, this is a safe way to run a business. Special rates are available during prime hours.

Lyft connects passengers and drivers using smartphones. GPS technology indicates who is the closest available driver so that a ride arrives in a timely fashion. Drivers have to accept a request, they aren’t automatically assigned, so drivers must be alert to calls throughout their driving day.


There is no extra cost for insurance above and beyond your regular coverage as a driver and car owner. Commercial liability is available for up to $1 million as long as you have personal auto insurance for collisions plus insurance against injury caused by someone without a policy. Check out the details.


Members rate each other, drivers and passengers. Find out how you did and stay in touch with the Lyft community too. This arena provides insight into how you could do better or reinforces what you know about creating a great driving experience.

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