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Hyperwear is an American fitness company started just under a decade ago. The people at Hyperwear have a mission: to supply athletes with training and products that aren’t gimmicky but just “simple, powerful,” and created to high standards. This firm supplies education and resources to sportsmen and women as well.

From the Top

Let’s go back to 2007 when Hyperwear was founded. Their first product was the Hyper Vest PRO, a patented, weighted vest and, in their opinion, the best product of its kind.


Next, just one year later, came the SandBell free weight which was soon picked up by physiotherapists, trainers, and other fitness professionals because it is easy to use, safe, and can be handled in a variety of ways. A SteelBell free weight supplies a heavier weight for more rigorous training.

In the last few years, Hyperwear has been associated with rope and sandbag training, introducing the SandRope as well as a backpack called the Fit RUCK (from the word “rucksack”). As they grow and develop, this company from Austin, Texas, also invests in education and training with updates to products they have previously released and a library of video resources that grows thicker all the time. While the line is US-based, Hyperwear’s audience is international and includes college and professional athletes, members of the armed forces, and emergency response professionals.

People Run Hyperwear

Real people have made this company their passion and they want customers to know who they are. The president, Dirk Buikemas, is one of their founders; a man with manifold experience in business and fitness. With a law degree, Buikemas could be engaged in many types of professions or businesses so his current career choice is a testament to his belief in these products and the company itself.

Declan Condron, Director of Education, was born in Dublin, Ireland. He came to the United States more than 20 years ago to play soccer and earned a post-graduate degree in Exercise Physiology. He has been a fitness coach, trainer, gym manager, educator, and business owner, so combining these experiences and skills in his current role makes a lot of sense. Condron is a creator and co-founder of PumpOne fitness technology for “multi-platform digital training solutions.”

Vice President of Sales is Pat Miles with 20 years of fitness sales and management exposure. Academic credentials in law and business have helped him turn a love of fitness into a career. He also runs and participates in boot camp training.

Last of the major players is Kate Doyle, Marketing and Sales Manager. She is a graphic design and photography expert with a degree from the University of San Diego. She worked for two major companies before moving to Texas and getting involved in fitness professionally. She has competed in Ironman races three times.

Guides and Shopping Online

The website for Hyperwear is full of shopping opportunities and even gift ware if you are interested in buying fitness-related products this Christmas. Purchase a filled or empty SandBell in one of several styles.

Try the SandRope Battle Rope, on sale right now for just over $130. Add extra weight to the vest and a cart for storing your equipment neatly at the gym or at home.

Purchase DVDs for useful exercise sessions which apply to equipment seen here. Clothing is also available and isn’t trendy or gaudy but simply stylish, comfortable, and practical for athletes.

Products receive full description. Pictures are very good, so you can really see what the product looks like before it arrives at your door.

Hyperwear Blog

Another use for this website is as an educational portal. It’s not much good for general fitness ideas or someone only beginning to pursue fitness after doing nothing for a long time. Articles and gear seen here are generally targeted at an audience of individuals who love extreme fitness; not necessarily sports per se, but overall fitness and grueling races or competitions like Iron Man, MURPH, and Tough Mudder. Education seen here, though, is created by certified, experienced individuals and can be trusted.


Hyperwear makes high-quality products for an elite class of athlete; they rely on an elite class of affiliates to help them market it. If you love to work out and enjoy using all or some of the equipment listed here, consider becoming an affiliate marketer. Promote their products on your fitness blog and earn back some of your exercise expenses.

Website: http://www.hyperwear.com

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