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PC’s are now into their 6th Generation of Intel with everything from a Core i3 to a Core i7 processor, but everything is getting smaller as technological possibilities grow. The PC “tower” is now smaller than a family-size treat.

If you could fulfill everyone at the table with a cake but cut it down to a more compact size, would you go for something that small? Compare the HP Elite Slice with a rich dessert; a little goes a long way.

Specifications of the HP Elite Slice


There are numerous versions, but we will start with the first and most basic if anyone can refer to the Slice as “basic.” The cheapest model provides 4 GB of memory and 500 GB of HDD storage. High definition graphics are part of the package no matter what. Windows 10 Pro 64-bit is already installed with an i3 processor. The whole thing sits on top of your desk, leaving more room to stretch your legs or stack other equipment such as a printer and scanner.


If it’s not a machine getting in the way, you can bet that cables make desk-life messy. Try this wireless, cable-free device instead. The HP Slice Elite functions at least as well, if not better, than the tower you use now. Don’t be afraid of change.

Agile Addition

This is your connection to the usual range of machines found in an office. Charge other devices, store images and text, and play music. There are also more items which connect wirelessly to the Elite but are sold separately.

Intel® Core™ i3-6100T

If you get carried away with the beauty of a slice, you might miss its brains. Intel HD Graphics 530 supply stunning visuals on the screen and additional speed if your screen is up to par. If not, upgrade to an HD monitor this Christmas. Make the most of the technology on your desktop.

Several Ports

On a usual tower, there are many ports to enable all sorts of functions. They include installing speakers, a mouse, keyboard, printer, and connecting to the TV. These are still located on the HP Slice Elite. Notice a 3.1 Type-C for charging, another of the same kind, one charging port, a Display Port, and one for audio.

New Energy

Enjoy a renewed sense of energy. This system qualifies for an Energy Star rating because it saves on electricity. Do more, but use less, and be kinder to the environment without losing a single function. Dimensions are smaller than ever and so is your carbon footprint. The Slice weighs less than 2 ½ pounds but supplies professional, quality services including security and the reliability of HP’s reputation.

Various Versions

The HP Slice Elite starts at around $700 but goes up in price as you extend features or add accessories. Select an i3 Intel Core, an i5, or an i7. Choose 8 GB of memory and 256 GB of HDD storage or double that to 500 GB. As storage values climb, the price also rises to around $1,000, but savings are already available. See what HP and authorized retailers have to offer today or in the sales after Christmas and let this solid brand fill you up with the best that PC technology has to offer as you approach 2017.

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