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At Hoyt, hunting is no mere hobby. The people behind this company have incorporated archery into their lives in a deeper way than one might incorporate card playing or a casual interest in hiking.

Good equipment is important to them, and they think it should be important to other hunters and target archers too. You will find that the Hoyt Pro Defiant meets their exacting standards; standards too high to leave these items to a factory for impersonal production in the thousands.

Hoyt for More Than 80 Years

Customers are inspired by longevity; reassured by a long-standing reputation. A firm that is able to satisfy customers for decades while always improving technology and staying up-to-date with modern materials will continue to go far and Hoyt is one such firm.

Established in 1931, they have never compromised. Employees at this Salt Lake City company are serious and committed. They are hunters and target seekers, just as it was with the previous generation and the one before that.

hoyt-pro-defiantThe Hoyt Pro Defiant

The most advanced Hoyt Hunting Bow is their Pro Defiant, an aluminum bow astoundingly light in spite of its power. Customers will find out why Hoyt is always represented by the top archers at competitions with their 2017 Pro Defiant.

This bow incorporates a vibration-dampening feature called an Offset Riser. Dual cable stops and an optional third one, the limb stop, reduce play back to almost nothing. This is far less arduous on the body.

Easily adjust with rotating cam modules; they do not need to be removed or replaced to make adjustments to your setup. Make a precise hit and remove torque with the Hoyt Cable Guard System. Get an even better feel for the product by viewing diagrams at the Hoyt website.

Engineering by Pros

This is a professionally engineered piece of equipment, not a mass-manufactured item. Employees are thinking of your form, focus, and precision with every bow they machine at the shop in Utah. Their UltraFlex Limb plus the DFX Cam prevent you from having to lean forward in order to see your target properly.

They say this is uncomfortable, not good for your back, and unnecessary. There is a more stable way to take aim while flattening the angle of your string. This essentially brings vision right to you instead of the other way around. It’s safer for your body and especially for your eyes as you reduce contact with the machine itself and also save your eyes from tiring out.

The 30.5-inch bow is as powerful as a larger one but smaller and more efficient. If you are interested in archery but don’t know much, learn more at the Hoyt website where they talk about “riser-to-limb connection,” balance, draw, and more.

Their system is silent, thanks to what they call Silent Shelf Technology. Don’t tip off the target that you are lining up the shot; your game is likely to head for the hills. Custom Grips also make for a more comfortable experience. They are available in numerous colors.

Sound and Vibration are both under control while the Hoyt Pro Defiant won’t crack under pressure. Losing that vibration will also increase the life of your bow by reducing stress on materials in the long run. Vibration causes strain on the body too. Strong FUSE strings are built to perform and to handle fatigue without breaking but also without losing tension and going flabby.

For Target Archery

A version for target archers as opposed to hunters is still as stunning and technically amazing, but it’s also more colorful. The Zero Torque Cable Guard, Rotating Cam, and UltraFlex limbs are still part of its makeup. All the other special technology that cuts out vibration and noise is still there to protect your body, the shot, and your bow.

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