GuavaPass: For Fitness Fans In The Middle East and Asia

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A real plan for fitness in 2017 starts with an app, but leads to sweating for real. GuavaPass, the biggest Asian fitness community, offers a variety of classes for just $159 (Singapore Dollars) every month.

With the GuavaPass, you can find out what’s happening in each city and visit a studio close to where your travels have taken you. GuavaPass was launched in 2015. View team members on the website where you will find men and women with diverse backgrounds whose interests in sports and fitness are diverse.

Love to Travel?

Is travel part of your job or maybe just an element of your lifestyle? GuavaPass fitness clubs are located all over Asia, and use of the membership is permitted at any club in the partnership. There are studios in Singapore, Seoul, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Manila, Jakarta, Beijing, and Dubai.

That’s a wide enough net to capture an audience of thousands of people eager to improve their fitness. The list of studios is wide enough to prevent boredom.

Types of Classes

Teachers guide their students through low and high impact classes. They are energetic boxers and graceful in their yoga poses. Participants join spin classes and Pilates classes. There are loads of fitness styles represented by the workout clubs on an extensive list available to those who sign up for membership. Follow your own path so that exercise will always be enjoyable and you won’t be tempted to let another day go by without working out.

GuavaPass Studios

The people behind GuavaPass chose studios personally based on standards of excellence. They looked for studios where trainers offered many types of classes like the ones mentioned above plus Muay Thai, Crossfit, and dance fitness.

They also offer something called GuavaPerks. One can’t learn a whole lot about the perks without signing up. Basically, members can buy products from health-related partners promoting holistic benefits, perhaps at a discount, thanks to membership. Partners include Ash be Nimble, Prana, The Meat Club, Afterglow, and Ashely & Co.

Let the Fitness Commence

Start by signing up and creating an account. Next, select a plan (GuavaPass or GuavaLite), and search for a class on your phone or PC. Classes must be booked in advance or participants pay the drop-in rate.

After all, fitness and discipline go hand in hand. That’s one way in which GuavaPass differs from gym membership where one can drop in without a reservation as long as he or she has bought a punch card or membership.

What Is GuavaLite?

Usually, GuavaPass entitles members to three classes each month at each studio. GuavaLite costs less and only entitles each member to 4 classes each month across the range of studios. Members can only attend one class per studio for a total of 4 classes to be taken within that single month.

Classes cannot be carried over but top-ups are permitted for an extra cost. Easily book online from your handheld device or PC. Members of GuavaPass must bring a form of photo ID or ID issued by the government.

More Information

When you book online, more information will pop up. Find out what to bring for each class and how to dress. Specific rules about the maximum number of classes at individual studios might vary, so read instructions carefully. Otherwise, if you’re planning to spend a month in Asia, make it a month of fitness and fun with GuavaPass.

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