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Drones are among the latest, most popular high-tech inventions with the potential to be both entertaining and useful at a higher level. Christmas is coming; is there a photography nut in your life or a professional videographer who wants to expand his business?

You see these types of machines used in professional and even for military applications too. They are enjoyed by families taking pictures and video of a kids’ soccer game from above.

The DJI Mavic Pro has the power to change the way you look at memories of good times and important ones.

Buy the Mavic Pro


You could say this is a family gift; a single gift to unwrap this Christmas for everyone’s enjoyment. Put away the video games and make your own entertainment. Travel and video; see the sights and photograph them. The cost is about $1,000.

Features of the DJI Mavic Pro

With its big character, you might be expecting a large product. The Mavic Pro is easy to transport, folding to the compact size of a water bottle. It can fly at as much as 40 miles per hour and it’s possible to fly it from your Smartphone using Wi-Fi. You don’t need a lot of accessories and extra gadgets for an afternoon of play, though the battery will need recharging.

Sophisticated and Compact

Although it is only a little device, the DJI Mavic Pro uses 24 high-end cores and has a 7-km range when nothing interferes with controls and visuals in a person’s air space. A wide, open area with no trees is best like a huge sports field or, if you’re in a hilly area, up at the top away from tall plants, buildings, and people. There are 5 vision sensors on-board to collect all the crucial images from an event or a scene. Capture a vision from many angles.

Compare Toys

If your last drone was a Phantom 4, you will be amazed by how tiny the Mavic Pro is. DJI created an awesome, enjoyable product measuring only 1/6th of the Phantom 4’s dimensions. Traveling with your drone is now easier than ever. It still flies for up to 27 minutes for a maximum of 13 kilometers or 8 miles.

New Technology

DJI utilizes a new form of transmission tech, the OcuSync. This is what gives you that 7-km or 4.3-mile range, as long as the controller has the drone in sight. Stream high definition video live from the drone over the internet to friends or back at a meeting of potential backers for your sports team, off-road vehicle, or whatever you are filming in action. Stream live pictures of grandkids to mom and dad.

Protected Drone

At their website, DJI goes into a lot of detail about this device they are so proud of. Another excellent aspect of its build is that the DJI made a smart machine. They protect it from getting bumped and broken in ways which sound minimal but could really destroy your efforts.

The Mavic detects obstacles from up to 15 meters away using FlightAutonomy, new tech to protect your high-end toy. A Mavic Pro will either come to a halt awaiting instructions or will go over or around an obstacle.

Precise Movements

DJI utilizes satellites to position their drone, like the tech used for GPS. This enables you to really hone in on a spot and bring the Mavic to a hover in one very precise spot. Satellite reception is essential, but that sort of technology is becoming super-reliable, especially in a landscape unimpeded by tall buildings or mountains.

4K High Definition

Do you know what it means when graphics are described as “4k?” That means the visuals you receive back from this drone are crisp, clear, and authentic. Add the stabilization feature and you couldn’t ask for better camera-work in mid-air. DJI employs Adobe DNG RAW support for their 12-MP camera.

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