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A first the Inspire captured the imaginations of photographers and filmmakers alike with its high-definition system. Now there is a new inspiration: the DJI Inspire 2. Taking a lead from the first Inspire, version 2 is even better than the original camera drone.


Wireless Control

The advent of wireless, remote operation via Smartphone and other mobile devices has created more options for photographers everywhere. So many things can be operated from a telephone via one or another app downloaded there. This technology has entered the lives of videographers and photographers too with the DJI Inspire 2. Have fun or create an award-winning, professional video for television viewers around the world to see.


Version 2 of the Inspire camera contains new processors capable of 5.2K recording, with sharper resolution from Apple ProRes, and speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour reached in a matter of seconds. Maximum speed is an amazing 108 kph.

Descent speed is quick but not damagingly so: 9 meters per second. Although this is a fast-flying camera drone, the DJI Inspire 2 is also agile, light, and small, capable of 360-degree rotation.

Two batteries keep this machine in the air for almost 27 minutes with a 7-km range, even if temperatures drop. Self-heating enables the system to withstand a significant chill. The Inspire is capable of precisely controlled hovering too when you bring it indoors.

Avoiding Airborne Obstacles

For the most part, this camera will be flying past anything that might get in the way. In case there is something in the Inspire’s airspace, a sensor detects obstacles up to 30m in the distance so the camera can fly around them when flying no faster than 54 kph. Infrared sensors detect what’s above the drone too.

It’s an intelligent machine which enables one to fulfill a creative, complex photographic vision. Better video transmission can now handle dual channel, dual signal, and is able to stream video in order for two or more people to work as a team on a project. Select a focus for your tracking system and shoot the film in Composition Mode or Quick Mode.


A camera operator is the real brains behind this project, but he isn’t without an intelligent partner in the form of this high-tech drone. The DJI Inspire 2 recognizes people and objects, moving or still. Tell it what you want to hone in on and let this drone track objects forward and below.

It also uses a real-time flight route map. If the drone loses its signal, however, it does the sensible thing and returns along the path it knows to find its starting point once more unless a signal is restored.

Made for Durability

The DJI Inspire 2 flying camera is made from a light but tough blend of magnesium and aluminum. Arms are constructed from carbon fiber, one of the most durable modern materials around. Then there is the tech on-board, but you’d be surprised at how little material is needed to enable streaming, storage, recording, and more.

The Inspire uses video formatting, creates high resolution images, and stores video on the DJI CINESSD plus an SD card. Copy files rapidly and you won’t need another piece of software to do it.

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