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RefrigiWear is not a new clothing company designed around brand new technology. This is an old company by modern standards; around more than 60 years. RefrigiWear pledges to protect customers who work, play, and explore in the cold.

From their inception in 1954 with Myron Breakstone until today, they offer you this promise: reliable, quality clothing that performs under extreme conditions so that you can perform too.

Consistency in Every Article of Clothing

A quality brand will always be the same regardless of its position off the factory line (1 or 100), its color, or size. Each garment is reliable, but the company is also dedicated to making improvements.

RefrigiWear aims for innovation and improvement at every level in their company, too, because technology moves forward to protect consumers. The people wearing these clothes do not simply work outside during winter; their working conditions include double figures below zero.

Employee locations are in the far north of Canada and the Alaskan wilderness. Today, more than 200,000 individuals are covered against cold by RefrigiWear, a trusted name in cold-weather clothing.

Equation for Success

RefrigiWear assess designs and prototypes on the basis of a simple equation: warmth plus durability plus comfort plus function equals “brand pride.” They would not be willing to put their logo on anything that was warm but unable to handle regular daily activity.

RefrigiWear will not promote designs that are warm for now but not durable during a full day’s work. Even though the working world is where their heart is, this company’s designs have crossed over into regular fashions which consumers can wear while taking the kids to and from school, going for walks, or just having fun.

The above equation doesn’t mention one thing: customer service. RefrigiWear is also committed to looking after customers as well as their employees. Staff ideas matter to the company. Employees are invited to share their thoughts and feel like an integral part of the business. Success in everything they do has enabled RefrigiWear to be charitable too.

Women’s Scholarship Opportunity

The Women in the Cold Chain Scholarship encourages females to further their education in order to achieve employment goals within what’s known as a “cold chain industry.” This is a brand new endeavor, begun in 2016 by Nor-Am Cold Storage for their female employees.

Winners will attend the World Food Logistics Organization Institute or WFLO, all-expenses paid. RefrigiWear sponsors this opportunity. The purchase of a #freezergirls Jacket contributes $10 to the fund every time.


Goods are sold online and in stores where categories cover men, women, and their extremities. Search for head-to-toe, whole-body warmth plus accessories and outdoor gear. Clothing and accessories include high-visibility safety clothes, base level garments, and rainwear.

The Men’s 3-in-1 Jacket is waterproof on the outside but insulated inside so you stay dry and also feel toasty warm.


Click the Image to Buy the Men’s 3-in-1 Insulated Jacket

These are excellent for a man who spends a lot of time getting in and out of a vehicle in cold weather such as a courier or long-haul truck driver. Take the two pieces apart to enjoy one or the other so you aren’t too hot when the weather is mild. Enjoy protection from wind and rain, even on your head by attaching the hood. A waterproof pocket keeps articles dry. RefrigiWear makes versions of these for men and women.

Buy it at: – 3-in-1 Jacket

Thermal MadGrip Gloves take the original MadGrip to another level.


Click the image to visit the Thermal MadGrip Gloves page!

The MadGrip is made from seamless terry material which breathes but provides extreme gripping. The palm is cushioned by thermoplastic rubber able to handle oil and water. Your hands won’t be as tired after hours of gripping and the seamless design withstands considerable wear too. If vibration has caused stress in the small bones of your hands, this cushion will also reduce that strain.

Buy The Gloves! Visit: – Thermal MadGrip Gloves

The very name “Baffin” tells you exactly what sorts of conditions RefrigiWear expects their customers to live and work in. Maximum Baffin processing boots are sturdy against water and other liquids such as chemicals, thanks to their Oarprene.


Click the Image to Visit the Baffin Maximum Processing Boot page at

This anti-corrosive material is immune to blood, acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, and almost anything an abattoir or chemical processing plant can throw at a person’s feet. Oarprene is oil and acid-resistant. The fit is a little wider than normal to accommodate thick socks, but contains a comfortable insole that’s far better than regular rain boots.

Buy the Boots at: – Baffin Maximum Processing Booot

The Balaclava model has been augmented and adjusted to accommodate hard hats and other head gear.


Click the Image and Visit the main Headwear – Masks & Balaclavas page at

Try a Thermal Knit Mask which stretches over your head and face. The knitted design features a detachable quilted mouthpiece. Open up to speak or just to give your mouth some fresh air.

Buy a Mask or Balaclava at: – Headwear/Masks and Balaclavas Product Page

So, those are just a few examples of their products. They have a full women’s and men’s section with many great products to choose from for some great, warm and functional work clothing.

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Here is a video about the history of the company.

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