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We were going to start by giving an overall Home and Patio Decor Center review, and quickly honed in one of our favorite aspects of the site: The bedroom furnishings! Oh, they have TONS of other stuff that is ultra cool (kids’ playsets & outdoor furnishings, thousands of options for patio furnishings, great kitchen carts, and on and on, etc), but let’s face it, your bedroom is your sanctuary from the busy world outside, and you should do everything you can to make it an oasis of calm away from work and your other responsibilities. So, that’s what we’ll concentrate on today!Discounted Designer Bedding and Comforter Sets with Free Shipping

One of the things that customers appreciate when it comes to this website is that even BEFORE applying any Home and Patio Decor Center coupon codes, shipping is free. This is almost like an automatic discount savings that can sometimes add up to hundreds of dollars. It’s just one of the many things that makes this company so appealing to thousands and thousands of customers.

(Please visit the site to see the vast selection of just about ANYTHING you could think of for the home – inside and out:

Anyway, back to the bedroom. Everyone knows the usual rules such as making sure there is no TV in the bedroom in order to help you sleep, but choosing good furniture from Home and Patio Decor Center is an important part of creating the right atmosphere in your cozy and comfy bedroom.

Home and Patio Decor Center has long been one of our favorite online home stores, partly because it’s fun to browse and window shop – but also because it’s got some really outstanding deals that can bring your dream bedroom (or any other room for that matter) to life!

Beds and Mattresses

If you are redecorating your bedroom or furnishing a new home, the first thing you need to buy is your bed and mattress. Not only is this the most important piece of furniture — after all, you will spend most of your time in your bedroom sleeping — but it also dictates where the other furniture will fit in the room and can influence the style of the other items you buy.

To begin with, we were pleased to see the wide range of memory foam mattresses that are a lot more affordable than one might think! PLUS, they have kids’ sizes as well. I have slept exceptionally well on memory foam mattresses. Some of the ones that Home and Patio Decor Center carries include Boyd Eco Certified memory foam mattresses by Boyd Specialty Sleep, known for its Green Certified mattresses which are also produced using environmentally friendly practices.

Bed Frames

If you are looking for a traditional bed either with a wooden or iron frame, Home and Patio Decor Center stocks a great selection from the Fashion Bed Group. These range from the modern, yet attractive Avery Mission Style beds available in oak or white wood finish (NICE cottage look!), while the older houses with larger bedrooms may suit the antique-style Baroque bed frame made from slate-gray metal.

Storage beds are particularly popular with families and couples who are living in smaller houses; these have drawers built in to the base of the bed providing some extra, much-needed storage space. Some of these are built to the same dimensions as ordinary beds, but you can buy taller beds which give you even more storage space as they can fit two sets of drawers in the base.

Home and Patio Decor Center stocks a number of storage beds from Prepac Manufacturing (which has DOZENS of pages of products featured at the site), both normal and tall, and all designs are available in a variety of finishes.

Home and Patio Decor Center also sells a wide range of bedding, everything from sheet, duvet and pillow case sets in a variety of colors and designs, to a selection of blankets, throws, and cushions to decorate your bed when it’s not in use.

Here are a few of the manufacturers featured at Home and Patio Decor Center – sorted for easy browsing for you:

Storage Furniture

This is a biggie for me, since storage is at a premium where I live. So, finding the right wardrobes or chest of drawers for your bedroom is also an important decision. Not only do they need to fit in with your decor style, but they also need to be big enough for all the clothes and possessions that you want to keep tidied out of the way.

Wardrobes and armoires can range in price quite dramatically. Prepac Manufacturing sells its range of basic MDF wardrobes in black, white, and wooden finishes for around $200 on the Home and Patio Decor Center, while the Cottage Wicker Armoire from Patio Wicker Furniture, the perfect style for an antique bedroom, costs well over $1,000 – still a bargain if you’re looking for something that isn’t going to fall apart on you after a few months of moving things around to clean or vacuum.

Cottage Wicker 6 PC Bedroom Set in White or Antique Brown – $2,419.99

from: Home and Patio Decor Center

Patio Wicker Furniture also makes a range of attractive chests of drawers, if you want to ensure your bedroom furniture matches. These are available in both natural wood and white finishes. Hillsdale House Furniture also sells their range of drawers on the Home and Patio Decor Center website.

These also have an antique feel to them, but are more substantial and made of a darker wood — more appropriate to homes in colder climates, perhaps, just due to the warmth the look tends to exude.

Bedroom nightstands also create a useful storage space as well as a handy place to keep your book for night-time reading. Crossley Furniture makes an attractive range of bedside cabinets with glass-fronted doors and shelves where you can keep books or other bits and pieces that you want to keep handy. Cooper Classics sells their range of metalwork side tables at Home and Patio Decor Center too; while these may be used anywhere in the home, they will also work well as a more innovative bedside table.

Other Bedroom Decor

Once you have the main pieces of furniture chosen and in place, it is time to choose some of the extra pieces that will give your bedroom a character all of its own.Lia Mirrored Wall Hang Aged Gold Finish Candle Holder

Rugs are a great way to add a splash of color to a floor space, and Home and Patio Decor Center sells a range of rugs in all shapes, colors and sizes (well over 350 options!). In particular, they have a great choice of fun designs for a child’s bedroom, featuring everything from cartoon animals to pretty pink butterflies.

The addition of table lamps on your bedside tables helps to create a calming and muted atmosphere as you’re getting ready to drift off to sleep. Home and Patio Decor Center even stocks wicker-base lamps from Wicker Patio Furniture, which you can coordinate with larger pieces of furniture, should you choose. Of course, you could always choose to have some subdued candlelight in the bedroom provided you remember to blow them out when you go to sleep.

There are a number of candlesticks and candle holders on sale at Home and Patio Decor Center, including a beautiful metalwork wall hanging made by Cooper Classics.

Whatever your personal taste and whether you are decorating your own bedroom or one for your young children, there is a great range of products on sale at Home and Patio Decor Center. You can really stamp your own character on a room and ensure that you really enjoy spending time in your cozy and comfy bedroom for many more nights to come.

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