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Brother and sister Chris and Kat have always enjoyed games. The Awesomes, as they are known, grew up playing traditional board games with their family, laughing and making up new ideas for the old formulae of Monopoly and others. As the siblings realize, their parents were building a strong family network which is at the root of Awesome Pack: helping other families do the same things.

Older and Wiser

Who says playing board games won’t serve any purpose in the grown-up world? It just so happens that Kat learned to negotiate at the game table and the siblings realized childhood joy could give way to an actual business because big and little people love games, but there is “science to finding activities that everyone in a family can play together,” as they say at Awesome Pack.

With their various adult skills and background in fun, the pair developed a monthly subscription to bring back family game night complete with snacks and fizzy drinks.

awesome-pack-of-board-gamesSubscription Packs and How They Work

The team at Awesome Pack curates game packs according to the things their clients like most. Answer questions on the website about what you like and definitely do not like. This way, they can customize a game to families’ tastes. They start with two packs: The Family and the Big Kid.

Awesome Packs

A set for families should put a smile on every face. This box comes with assorted pieces that are suited to all ages. For Big Kids, it’s all about adults, but with nostalgia thrown in.

Level Up

Start with a basic, but move on to extras when you are ready. There is an activity book full of activities available each month, prizes, contests, and family birthday cards. When you join Awesome Pack, you also join the family.

Family Pack

The first collection contains between 6 and 8 items for long nights and cold days throughout winter or the very hot summer afternoons when you can only stay indoors. This also includes a few child-oriented items.

Family Packs are based on a 2-adult, 2-child home but when your profile is uploaded, contents will differ between clients. There is a board game, family activity, children’s activities and goodies (one each), and an activity book. The cost is $39.99 US monthly plus the cost of shipping.

big-kid-packBig Kid Pack

A set based on a household with two adults comes with a board game, smaller game, mini game, goodies, and some customized items. The price is identical. Buy one to have or to give away. Packs come to your door monthly so you aren’t bored playing the same game month after month.

Add-ons for Pets

Apparently, pets hate to be forgotten when families play games. At Awesome Pack, they would hate to make Fluffy feel left out. Add a treat to each box when you customize, adding something to the price as well.

Gift-giving and Games

Select a games gift for friends and set up a competition. Customize their gift box according to what you know about them and an Awesome Pack will be delivered to their door instead of yours. Indicate whether this is a one-time gift or monthly for a quarter of the year. Another cool feature is that you can download a digital card to go with it.

Unique, Educational

Awesome Pack doesn’t make up games; they find what’s out there and funnel it to the right people. Sometimes there are just too many games and activities to take it all in. They do the focusing and funneling for you. A number of items are hands-on, interactive, and educational like craft and science projects.

Many characters and games will be highly familiar to customers, but they have not graced your games’ shelf yet. Start collecting fun items and making memories every month.

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