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If your life is out of balance, perhaps finding the key to better balance is easier than you think, at least in the technical realm. But balance between what? ASUS suggests that one can experience performance and beauty in a single package with the ASUS Zenbook.

Not a Typical Book

When you see “book,” do you still think “paper?” A whole generation of consumers knows better; they think “smaller than a laptop”; a piece of technology even more convenient to carry around than the typical portable computer, but not as small as an iPad or a smart phone.

Beautiful Zenbook


The new ASUS Zenbook 3 combines the best qualities of earlier versions but with upgrades and additional features. If you’re returning to the Zenbook, compare notes. New consumers will find all they need for work and play in the specifications below.

Mighty Metal Body

The completely metal body is lightweight and durable. ASUS molded their machine from Billet Aluminum, a material used to make aircraft. Anything good enough for an airline is good enough to be your portable computer buddy. At just 11.9 mm and a little under 2 lbs, this is incredibly light, compact, and convenient.

Pretty Performer

Although it looks like a computer supermodel, the ASUS Zenbook 3 is also very capable. Add 20% to the speed of versions I and II for lightning-fast response to commands. This feature is made possible by an i7 Intel Core processor and 1 TB of SSD.

A cooling system ensures that speed does not make your unit too hot to handle and the tech inside will not melt under pressure. Another part made to handle pressure without losing any of its appeal and practicality is the screen, made from Gorilla Glass 4 by Corning. This is their toughest computer glass to date.

Display Diva

Highly realistic visuals provide a big range of colors and excellent contrast, worthy of a HD TV. Speakers are just as impressive with authentic stereo sound. ASUS employs a team called the “Golden Ears” to help them develop the best sound. It is with their sensitive ears that ASUS brings consumers an amazing audio experience, free from distortions, in a small package using four speakers and a 4-channel amplifier.

Sassy and Secure

Passwords are so “yesterday.” These days, companies prefer to use biometrics. These are codes one simply cannot break. No one else’s fingers possess exactly the same imprint, so only you can open the Zenbook and access information by swiping your fingerprint. Highly intelligent technical features inside recognize your personal “code” and detect when someone other than you is trying to gain access to the ASUS Zenbook and your data.

Connection Point

Get mobile with your notebook and connect to all of your tech. Bluetooth 4.1 compatibility plus dual-band Wi-Fi, Wi-Di mean you’re good to do all of your work on the road. A battery lasting all day ensures you really can work away from home or out of the office for hours.

Even a dark environment or a blackout will not stop you from typing, even if Wi-Fi is knocked out. A backlit keyboard draws power from the cell or mains power when you wish to conserve battery power.

Those keys are impressively sensitive, so you aren’t pounding them to make an impression either. Connect any USB device to a port in order to recharge. It is a universal USB-C port making it easy to move data or add accessories to the remarkable ASUS Zenbook.

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