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Apple announces their newest MacBook Pro. It even sounds confident, and believe me, this laptop is every bit as self-assured as it sounds. With newly intuitive controls you will find this an easy machine to operate, to navigate, and to fall in love with.

MacBook Pro is Also Professional

You’re not just making life easier; this machine is designed to work hard and to keep up with your imagination. Use the Touch Bar to instruct the machine quickly. Change brightness, volume, or image size. Speak on your iPhone with clients and friends without changing from one device to another.

Talk to people face-to-face using video calling that’s bright, real, and doesn’t lag; images will be so much bigger on the new MacBook Pro than on your phone. Draw something and add colors without going into another part of the computer.

Very Touching


Image: Apple

That’s not all your fingers are for; use them to get into the system. It’s what the technological world calls “bio-metric security.” This category includes eye scanners and facial recognitions, but fingerprints are a good start. Customers will need this kind of safeguard if they do a lot of shopping online.

Meanwhile, back to controls. The keyboard has been reinforced so it’s 4 times as secure as before and the tracking bar is larger as well. Some things got bigger, some were made smaller. Meanwhile, Apple has created an almost paper-thin version of their popular technology. For all its muscle, this is a light machine, perfect for someone who can’t go anywhere without his MacBook Pro.

Download Apps, Play Games, Edit Photos

While the MacBook Pro sounds like it should be a machine for the office, it’s also ready for gaming which says a lot. The expectations of serious gamers include incredibly fast speeds and incredible graphics. Images will be sharper, more authentic than ever before and Apple promises 130% fast download with as much as 3.8 GHz Turbo Boost to process at unbelievable speeds. Flash storage is faster too.

Faster is great, but what about tools? Use the new MacBook Pro to improve your photos and videos. Use the system’s amazing speed and image quality to create exciting projects at work and record precious moments at home. Apple added more colors in order to increase the richness and depth of pictures and video.

Two Versions

Choose the 13-inch version or a 15-inch option as per your budget and computing needs. SSD is standard and gives you way more storage, like up to 2 TB, so there is no assignment at college or project at work that will take up all of it. Each one is efficient but powerful for video rendering and developing 3D models.

With an Intel i7 processor, it doesn’t get any faster and the battery will still last an entire day. Watch home videos, stream live internet content in real time, or view full movies. Of course, the bigger 15-inch screen brings action films to life better than a 13-inch version.

Safety Pro

Laptops have a nasty habit of overheating. This is especially true if they sit on a person’s lap, but Apple is working towards an answer with their asymmetrical, split-blade fan design. This reduces heat and does so while making far less noise than previous fan models.


After a day of working hard, you’ll need to recharge. The Thunderbolt 3 USB-C recharges quickly, so it’s not necessary to do this at night. The Thunderbolt 3 facilitates charging, video output, and data transfer with double the bandwidth and 40 Gbps throughput. Put one on your Christmas list.

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