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Adidas Originals are specially designed items that will catch the shoe-loving public by storm. That’s especially true if those shoe-buyers love Kanye West in the case of their new Yeezy Boost, part of the Adidas “boost” line, and a departure from the sporty Adidas aesthetic.

What Is a Boost?

This series by Adidas is designed to provide runners and other athletes with extra energy. The mid-sole is built in a special way to return energy with every step so whatever you give, you get back. The result, according to Adidas, is “an endless supply of light, fast energy.”

The Yeezy Boost 350 V2


Image: Hypebeast

A shoe made by Kanye West supposedly unites music, or culture more generally, which includes the fashion world. Adidas believes this collaboration will go beyond trends and change how people think and feel about sneakers. Kanye West, in the eyes of Adidas, is gifted with fashion forethought; a vision for how apparel can be “timeless” even as it reflects and represent the generation in which we live.

Style of the Yeezy

No sooner has the watching world become acquainted with the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 than Kanye West has already released a new version with different colors. It is called the “Beluga” because it really does have a kind of chubby feel to it. The Beluga also sports a fat colored stripe.

An original Yeezy Boost 350 V2 is less of a whale and more of a cozy pull-over; like a sweater for a man in his late 30s or early 40s; grey with black flecks — or is that black with grey flecks — and more comfortable than fashionable. The wearer is a responsible adult now, not a night-clubber.

Lace-up Fashion

These shoes are alternative and appealing, even to older adults, since they lack the neon brashness of so many training shoes and the strangely thick or overly-thin soles that seem to rock the shoe world. Instead of Velcro and zippers plus laces, it’s all laces.

When was the last time you laced a shoe? You know how they say it’s good to learn a new skill every so often to keep your brain sharp? Well, now you will get your chance with a shoe that is so grown up it has crossed over to the “hip” side.

For Sport?

I doubt that a running shoe made from real fabric, like cotton, etc., is designed for actual athletics. This is a $120 fashion shoe you will be sporting with Chinos and a polo top. Special wicking and venting are absent. Although “boost” technology gives one a lift, consider that a lift on a dry day while out for a brisk walk. Circumvent puddles and under no circumstances should you wear these to jump in puddles.

Advantages of Knitwear for Feet

Like a grey knit sweater, though, this design truly possesses a classic look and feel. Adidas has made a smooth move by attracting consumers away from Nike and Saucony with this collaboration. As West gets older and matures, his style mellows and grows richer.

So, too, could the relationship with Adidas. Visit their website and other participating retailers’ sites for more information and reviews from customers who also, handily enough, post pictures of what their shoes look like with assorted outfits.

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