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Go Electric With The Gocycle G3

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The Gocycle G3 is one of the newest electric bikes on the market, featuring a raft of new modifications and improvements to make your riding experience more pleasant — and charging more efficient. Check it out on HERE!

Electric bikes are a great invention for cycling commuters, many of whom don’t want to arrive at work exhausted; a fully charged electric motor in the Gocycle G3 is enough for you to travel up to 50 miles, depending on your own pedal input when it comes to the flatter and downhill sections of your commute.

It takes seven hours to charge, meaning that if there is somewhere at your workplace to safely store the Gocycle, you could feasibly recharge it while you work for your journey home.

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Gocycle G3 Features

Available in white, electric blue or black, the Gocycle G3 features a number of new innovations, such as its own built-in lights for safe night-time cycling, wireless Bluetooth technology to help you monitor your fitness and ride times through the Gocycle App, an integrated dashboard display with information about fuel, speed, and efficiency, and newly-designed docking station for easy storage and transport.

The Gocycle G3 is most efficiently used as a cross between an ordinary bike and electric cycle, using the motor to help you up hills but relying on your own pedal power on the flatter stretches. This will help you get the most out of each charge. The bike itself is a comfortable and easy-to-rise design, with a Velo D2 Comfort saddle, hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear tires and a Universal Vgnomic frame.

Getting the Most Out of Your Gocycle G3

As well as making sure you use the right combination of pedal power and electric motor to get as far as you want or need to go, the Gocycle G3 also has a number of programmable modes to help you manage your efficiency depending on the kind of environment you are cycling in. Pre-programmed modes for this model include City and Eco, as well as giving the rider the option to create and program their own custom modes.

The Gocycle G3 is also available with a range of additional accessories, packaged together based on the needs of different types of cycle users. The Commuter Pack, for example, contains an integrated light kit, front and rear lights powered by the Gocycle G3 battery for those commuters who like to stay late at the office, as well as front and rear mudguards to protect your work clothes from unwanted splashes.

The Portable Pack, meanwhile, for those who like to take their bikes away with them, includes a portable docking station, a pair of folding pedals for easy storage and a pedal spanner to ensure safe and secure installation.

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GoCycle Gadgets

There are lots of other Gocycle G3 gadgets and accessories that you can buy in order to customize your bike for your own needs. You can add a rod to the front handlebar to support a Gocycle branded front pannier, ideal for safely storing office paperwork or if you use your Gocycle for picking up groceries on the way home, or invest in extra security measures to protect your Gocycle G3 if you have to store it in publicly accessible areas at home or at work.

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