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What Are Azo Pills?


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Terrified because you have a drug test coming up? You are probably are. We all know how devastating it is to know that you will likely fail a drug test when given a short notice. However, there are ways to get through your drug test if only you look around the internet. Hundreds of people go through the same feeling of distress every month, but thankfully, there are many ways you can bypass your drug test.

Don’t let a drug test scare you and put you in stress. Failing a drug test has really bad consequences but only if you don’t take action today and try to pass it using reliable methods without giving up smoking weed or any other substance.

One way to fight a drug test and come out without any issues is through using the Azo pills.

What are Azo Pills and are they worth buying?

Azo is a brand of medicines which specializes in supplements that help you relieve the pain of UTI (urinary tract infection). These pills are easily available over the counter at many pharmacies across the country and they can help you pass a drug test.

How does Azo Pills help you pass a drug test?

As mentioned before, Azo Pills are mostly used to help relieve pain of UTIs. But consuming these pills also clear your urine of any toxins. Yes, you heard that correct. A few tablets from this product can completely clear you of toxins in your urine so you can confidently hand over your urine sample without the fear of getting positive results.

However, things are not as simple as they sound.

These supplements are an effective way to clear toxins in your body, but these only work if you meet specific criteria.

Here are the criteria for successfully passing drug tests through azo pills:

  • You must be less than 200 lbs
  • Your body fat content should be normal
  • You must have fast metabolism
  • You must be following a healthy diet

If you don’t meet the above requirements, you will likely not pass your drug test.

However, it is not the end of the line for you. Azo pills can be taken prior to your test and still pass it using simple techniques to boost its effects.

Exercise – exercising regularly increases your metabolism and in turn the detoxification is sped up.

Healthy diet – anything with too much oil like fried chicken will harm the detoxification process. Avoid greasy food as soon as you find out you are set for a drug test.

More detoxifying agents – try drinking other detoxifying liquids such as the grapefruit juice. Grapefruit juice has high anti-toxin properties that can help fasten the detoxifying process.

Last but not the least, azo pills should be used 7 days prior from the date of your test. You must also make sure you do not smoke weed during this period to avoid more toxins building up in your system.


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