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Remember Fridge Fronts? They are the same great company – just the site has changed to Best Appliance Skins because they have magnetic appliance covers for EVERYTHING now! It’s not JUST refrigerator wraps anymore, and you’ll find wraps and skins for dishwashers, washers and dryers too! Check the savings today! Click Here:

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FRIDGE FRONTS Magnetic Appliance Covers on SALE! As Seen on SHARK TANK!

These wonderfully creative magnetic appliance covers truly do dress up your older appliances, and what a GREAT gift! If you saw this on Shark Tank, you'll know immediately why this one-of-a-kind inven... more ››

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Very Cool & Unusual Gifts! FRIDGE FRONTS! Wow! MUCH more than Magnetic Refrigerato...

So, when we first saw the Fridge Fronts pitch during that great Shark Tank episode, pretty much the entire product was about dressing up the face of your old refrigerator. But, wow! Has this thing gro... more ››

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Save on Mini-Fridge Magnetic Covers – FRIDGE FRONTS!!!

No code necessary to SMILE Your way through oodles of designs of magnetic refrigerator and other magnetic appliance covers. :) - The ORIGINAL Fridge Fronts as seen on Shark Tanks ... more ››

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