SPECIAL Lost Empire Herbs Coupon – 20% off Select Items thru 11/28/22

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Lost Empire Herbs Black Friday Sale STARTS NOW Thru November 28, 2022! Save 20% on the following select and MOST POPULAR products! Hurry!

But wait, there’s more! PLUS… You’ll get FREE shipping when you spend $100 or more! (And yeah, I’m stocking up too! 🙂 )

Here’s some of the products you’ll find on sale at Lost Empire Herbs!

SAVE 20% on: (Each product listed below is a link –  click any of them, and it will take you directly to the product page, and will open in a new tab)

Ant Extract Powder (This is also in the Phoenix Formula)

Athena Formula (I’m a regular user of the Athena Formula and have loved it for years!)

Cordyceps Mushroom Powder

Gynostemma Tea (I just read about this recently, so I’ll let you know how I like it – I’ve heard really good things about this.)

Goji Powder

He Shou Wu Powder

Horny Goat Weed Powder

Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Nettle Powder

Pearl Powder

Phoenix Formula (Both my hubby and I use this – it does also have Pine Pollen in it, so I use it on days I’m NOT using the Athena since I don’t feel the need to double dose on it. Hubby uses this one more than I do. But this also has SHILAJIT POWDER in it – so this is POWERFUL STUFF.)

Reishi Mushroom Powder (I love Reishi, and am taking it to help boost my immune system)

Schisandra Powder (I go through quite a bit of Schisandra – it’s also in the Athena, but I love it so much I order extra powder here.)


Lost Empire Herbs doesn’t use GMOs or other fillers. VERY high quality stuff!


Use the coupon, shop now and save!