Jeulia Jewelry Coupon Code Saves you $10 off Sitewide!

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Enjoy this special Jeulia Jewelry coupon code! Get $10 off SITEWIDE using this code at checkout!  Keep your eyes on this section that we have dedicated to Jeulia promos  – every month Jeulia updates their coupons and sales! And we’ll update this post too! They said that the expiration date on this deal is 1/31/23, so have fun shopping!

What Collections are Included with this Jeulia Coupon Code?

As far as we can tell as we test this code, it will work on pretty much everything at the site. I believe they mean it when they say, “Sitewide.”

Don’t know where to start? If you would like a little help in discerning all the collection that Jeulia offers, I invite you to check out some of the following!

Amore Collection

This is a lovely collection – again, in .925 Sterling Silver. It seems to me that the theme is a two-toned (gold-color and rose-gold-color – remember this is Sterling Silver, NOT gold) interwoven style. VERY pretty. See the Amore Collection Here.

Mermaid and Marine Collections

People like mermaids. Period! And Jeulia has made themselves quite popular in the mermaid niche! People also love starfish and dolphins, so Jeulia has a “Marine Collection” as well! AND, as an added bonus, they give $2 for each marine and mermaid unit that they sell to the Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS) which works towards preserving the world’s oceans. You can feel good about shopping the Mermaid collection! See the Mermaids Here! And, see the Dolphins, Starfish and Other Marine Cuties Here!

Skull Collection

Ok, so I never realized that skull jewelry could actually be cute, but somehow Jeulia has managed it! There are also some pretty intricate designs. They have been designing skull rings and other jewelry for a long time now. They have over 200 pieces, including rings, charms, earrings and more!! Again, crafted in Sterling Silver! Check out the Skull Collection Here!

Hug Me Collection

In case you need a cuteness overload, look no further than the Jeulia “Hug Me” Collection! Irresistible takes on the most lovable critters: Pandas, chipmunks, hummingbirds, baby bears, baby fox, puppies, kittens, etc. Ok, everyone, let’s just say “Awwwwww!” 😻 These are perfect gifts for anyone who loves adorable little animals. See the Hug Me Collection HERE!

Starry Night Collection

I think, of all the Jeulia collections I’ve seen over the last several years, the Starry Night Collection is among the most intriguing to me. Inspired by Van Gogh’s famous painting, someone at Jeulia came up with a winner! Also, I was quite moved by their description in their introduction to the Starry Night Collection, where they say, “There is always hope, even in the darkest of times.” Well said. Please look at these designs. With the brilliant blues and yellows, I honestly do not believe I’ve ever seen another grouping like this.  Visit the Starry Night Collection Here!