IdealFit & IdealLean – SPECIAL 15% off Exclusive Offers

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Great opportunity to stock up on IdealFit and IdealLean products at a DEEP discount. This IdealFit coupon code will give you 15% off very specific items that are offered through this exclusive sales page. (NOTE: Depending on what you order, you MAY need a minimum purchase of $100, but just keep trying the code. For example, it didn’t work on clothing until I went over $100, but it worked on other items. )

You’ll notice that these select products are already on sale; however, this code will give you an additional 15% discount! We think that it would be a good idea to check back at this page once in a while to see if the products that are highlighted get changed out.

Right now (as I type this post), the products included in this special offer are IdealLean Meal Replacement Shakes, a number of IdealLean BCAAs for Women and also some clothing and workout accessories.

The company told us that they intend to update the offerings frequently, so definitely keep your eyes on this deal!

We like this company a lot, and hope that if you’ve never tried the IdealFit products, that this will entice you to have a look! They are a great company and very helpful and responsive. Shop and save!

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