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Looking for Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay? After hearing people rave about it, I had to take a look. Hands down, Amazon is the place to get it. Just ask the more than 24,000 customers who love it (based on the 4 and 5 star reviews). The listing we found says it is the “Original,” Aztec Secret is 100% natural calcium bentonite clay. So, while I’m not sure what the big “secret” is here, people do use a lot of it!

2020 Update:

As of this update (April 2020), there are now over 30,600 ratings on this product.  74% (vs 71% last year) of reviewers give it a 5-star rating, while another 12% (vs 14% last year) give it 4-stars. Of course it isn’t right for everyone, and you can read the reviews to get a feel for it.

One of the things that I have seen trending in reviews, is that some of the users are giving others tips on how THEY use it. This is such a helpful feature. It goes far beyond some of the reviews like we’ll see (e.g. “great product” or “don’t bother”) – some folks are giving a play-by-play on EXACTLY how they mix it, etc. If ever there was a use for paying attention to reviews on Amazon, this is one of them.

For example, one customer who uses the Aztec Secret explained what she mixes it with, how she applies it, what she covers it with, etc.

One thing we’ve noticed repeatedly is if you have sensitive skin, be careful.

Because we saw that some people who have sensitive skin didn’t have good results in getting relief from acne, you would be wise to check out their reviews. And please note that you should test a little of the mix on your skin first to ensure you aren’t sensitive to it. The best way to skin test it is usually putting a dab of the mix (which is equal parts clay and apple cider vinegar) on your inner forearm.

Check out Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay for yourself at Amazon here.