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At Nostalgic Impressions, they are passionate about an art of the past: beautiful letter writing. They love the enduring elegance of proper handwriting as opposed to a letter written on the word processor and printed in a font foreign to the writer’s own hand. Add to the handwritten epistle a real wax sealing stamp and one will imagine being transported to the days of Dickens or Eliot; when not even typewriters were in every home.

nostalgicimpressions-comWriting & Wax Sealing Stamps

You are not the only one who has wished you could see an era come back to life in the modern day. We often wish we could take the nicest parts of the past and make them our own.

Wax seals are graceful and unique in this modern age of email and text. Make a good impression on someone in business or your personal life by adding a touch of class and old-fashioned style to a document or epistle; even a tiny bit of security.

The receiver will know right away if someone has been tampering with his or her correspondence. Create a unique and thoughtful gift for the Anglophile in your life, adding to collections of sovereigns, farthings, and early stamps.

Writing Like Austen

As for the writing part, regular pens are dull by comparison with the treasure of an actual quill. Imagine dipping your pen into an ink well like Jane Austen would have done. Customers will be inspired to write thoughtfully, even compose classics of their own at a tiny table in the sitting room, drinking tea from real china.

Nostalgic Impressions sells writing tools, stationery, and vintage accessories meant to be used but also admired. Contrast the average, sterile computer desk to a work surface accented with Victorian-style articles. Next, customers will be wanting a proper 19th Century top hat and cane.

Products from Nostalgic Impressions

Ironically, this journey is available via the internet with online shopping. The catalogue features wax, stamps, blotters, ink, and stationery alone. One can also purchase beautiful gift sets and custom-made stamps with a family crest or logo.

Stamps come in round or oval shapes; elongated or narrow. Wax is available in multiple colors and can be breakable or malleable. Sticks of it look like thick crayons, but customers will feel the difference. Paper is made to appear aged, as though it truly dates from a bygone time, maybe even the set of a certain movie about wizards.

Packs containing wax, a stamp, and quill writing equipment cost around $43, while adding an elegant journal bumps that up to around $50. Paper is acid and lignin-free and comes in numerous sizes. Use it in the printer or with ink which won’t soak through to create a mess. A blotter, however, is available just in case.

Varied Themes

Although the Harry Potter movie series has started a craze for wax stamps, owls, and thick-rimmed glasses, this company was developed long before JK Rowling wrote her iconic novels for young people. Still Harry Potter is a theme of products sold here. You can also browse holidays such as Halloween and Christmas. Select romantic- or pirate-themed items. Browse articles of a nautical theme. The list is long and sure to please most people in some way.


Although stamping letters with wax is an old idea, Florida’s Nostalgic Impressions caters to a modern audience with their mixture of contemporary and old-style fonts. There are medieval, script, ornate, and bold styles. Choose block or capital letters for your stamp. This part can also be personalized with a family crest or a business logo. Let family-owned Nostalgic Impressions see the special symbols associated with long family tradition and they can give you a quote for the custom product plus a timeline for speedy delivery.

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