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Yes, this is a machine that detects when police are on the road looking for speeders. No, it does not detect radiation; that’s something else. The Escort iX Radar Detector has a very particular function which it performs to a technically advanced level for the price of $499.95 with FREE SHIPPING HERE.

It’s expensive, but not if you are one of those people who could easily have his license revoked by now owing to the number of points on his license, not to mention the fines to be paid for speeding, this is a great Christmas present. That cost includes free shipping and the company promises to pay any speeding tickets incurred if the machine doesn’t do its job.

Details of the Escort iX Radar Detector


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The Escort iX is not specifically made for use in a Ford Escort. Customers can use it with all sorts of cars and it even adds elegance to the internal décor of your vehicle. Upgrades are available, but let’s start with the package you pay $500 for outright.

Firstly, you get GPS Intelligence which discards alerts identified as “false.” Strangely enough, radar is in use more than you think and not always associated with police speed traps. The Escort is able to learn, like a human brain. It automatically adjusts to frequencies to determine when alarms are false so you are not distracted unnecessarily. Although more caution is better than being incautious, there’s such a thing as “too much.” Some of those sources come from your own car after all.

The Escort Live App lets you know when alerts are available from crowd source, but you have to be connected to Bluetooth. When I say this works in any car, perhaps I should clarify: the car needs to be modern enough to supply this connection.

Real time protection ensures that if anyone in the network spots and reports a speed trap or police in an area, everyone will hear about it. This network will also indicate when new speed designations have been made during road works or at an accident site.

Defender Data Base

The program knows where all cameras are located throughout the United States and Canada. Of course, new ones might be added or taken away, but that’s where the Live App comes in. The Defender Database uses GPS to locate cameras for subscribers. Download updates online periodically, but only if you’re using anything but Apple; the Escort isn’t compatible with Mac computers yet. You can use the USB port from your computer to download new information.

Voice Control

Alerts are provided audibly to drivers so they don’t have to view a screen. When a trap or camera is coming up and the computer knows about or detects it, a voice will tell the driver that it’s time to slow down. You can have it speaking in English or Spanish.

Clear these if you are pulled over for a broken light, etc. The Escort doesn’t detect problems with the car or warn you about negligent driving; just speeds. You’ll still be pulled over if your driving is erratic or your vehicle is not properly maintained.


The OLED screen features multiple colors, making it easy to read and decipher at a glance. The color settings are amber, blue, green, and red. Add warnings at a distance for X and K-bands, SuperWide Ka-Band, POP mode, and upgrades as required and this is a top-notch machine for savvy road users.

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