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Create A Cozy & Comfy Bedroom at Home and Patio Decor Center

Home Furnishings Store Reviews


We were going to start by giving an overall Home and Patio Decor Center review, and quickly honed in one of our favorite aspects of the site: The bedroom furnishings! Oh, they have TONS of other stuff that is ultra cool (kids’ playsets & outdoor furnishings, thousands of options for patio furnishings, great kitchen carts, and on and on, etc), but let’s face it, your bedroom is your sanctuary from the busy world outside, and you should do everything you can to make it an oasis of calm away from work and your other responsibilities. So, that’s what we’ll concentrate on today!Discounted Designer Bedding and Comforter Sets with Free Shipping

One of the things that customers appreciate when it comes to this website is that even BEFORE applying any Home and Patio Decor Center coupon codes, shipping is free. This is almost like an automatic discount savings that can sometimes add up to hundreds of dollars. It’s just one of the many things that makes this company so appealing to thousands and thousands of customers.

(Please visit the site to see the vast selection of just about ANYTHING you could think of for the home – inside and out:

Anyway, back to the bedroom. Everyone knows the usual rules such as making sure there is no TV in the bedroom in order to help you sleep, but choosing good furniture from Home and Patio Decor Center is an important part of creating the right atmosphere in your cozy and comfy bedroom.

Home and Patio Decor Center has long been one of our favorite online home stores, partly because it’s fun to browse and window shop – but also because it’s got some really outstanding deals that can bring your dream bedroom (or any other room for that matter) to life!

Beds and Mattresses

If you are redecorating your bedroom or furnishing a new home, the first thing you need to buy is your bed and mattress. Not only is this the most important piece of furniture — after all, you will spend most of your time in your bedroom sleeping — but it also dictates where the other furniture will fit in the room and can influence the style of the other items you buy.

To begin with, we were pleased to see the wide range of memory foam mattresses that are a lot more affordable than one might think! PLUS, they have kids’ sizes as well. I have slept exceptionally well on memory foam mattresses. Some of the ones that Home and Patio Decor Center carries include Boyd Eco Certified memory foam mattresses by Boyd Specialty Sleep, known for its Green Certified mattresses which are also produced using environmentally friendly practices.

Bed Frames

If you are looking for a traditional bed either with a wooden or iron frame, Home and Patio Decor Center stocks a great selection from the Fashion Bed Group. These range from the modern, yet attractive Avery Mission Style beds available in oak or white wood finish (NICE cottage look!), while the older houses with larger bedrooms may suit the antique-style Baroque bed frame made from slate-gray metal.

Storage beds are particularly popular with families and couples who are living in smaller houses; these have drawers built in to the base of the bed providing some extra, much-needed storage space. Some of these are built to the same dimensions as ordinary beds, but you can buy taller beds which give you even more storage space as they can fit two sets of drawers in the base.

Home and Patio Decor Center stocks a number of storage beds from Prepac Manufacturing (which has DOZENS of pages of products featured at the site), both normal and tall, and all designs are available in a variety of finishes.

Home and Patio Decor Center also sells a wide range of bedding, everything from sheet, duvet and pillow case sets in a variety of colors and designs, to a selection of blankets, throws, and cushions to decorate your bed when it’s not in use.

Here are a few of the manufacturers featured at Home and Patio Decor Center – sorted for easy browsing for you:

Storage Furniture

This is a biggie for me, since storage is at a premium where I live. So, finding the right wardrobes or chest of drawers for your bedroom is also an important decision. Not only do they need to fit in with your decor style, but they also need to be big enough for all the clothes and possessions that you want to keep tidied out of the way.

Wardrobes and armoires can range in price quite dramatically. Prepac Manufacturing sells its range of basic MDF wardrobes in black, white, and wooden finishes for around $200 on the Home and Patio Decor Center, while the Cottage Wicker Armoire from Patio Wicker Furniture, the perfect style for an antique bedroom, costs well over $1,000 – still a bargain if you’re looking for something that isn’t going to fall apart on you after a few months of moving things around to clean or vacuum.

Cottage Wicker 6 PC Bedroom Set in White or Antique Brown – $2,419.99

from: Home and Patio Decor Center

Patio Wicker Furniture also makes a range of attractive chests of drawers, if you want to ensure your bedroom furniture matches. These are available in both natural wood and white finishes. Hillsdale House Furniture also sells their range of drawers on the Home and Patio Decor Center website.

These also have an antique feel to them, but are more substantial and made of a darker wood — more appropriate to homes in colder climates, perhaps, just due to the warmth the look tends to exude.

Bedroom nightstands also create a useful storage space as well as a handy place to keep your book for night-time reading. Crossley Furniture makes an attractive range of bedside cabinets with glass-fronted doors and shelves where you can keep books or other bits and pieces that you want to keep handy. Cooper Classics sells their range of metalwork side tables at Home and Patio Decor Center too; while these may be used anywhere in the home, they will also work well as a more innovative bedside table.

Other Bedroom Decor

Once you have the main pieces of furniture chosen and in place, it is time to choose some of the extra pieces that will give your bedroom a character all of its own.Lia Mirrored Wall Hang Aged Gold Finish Candle Holder

Rugs are a great way to add a splash of color to a floor space, and Home and Patio Decor Center sells a range of rugs in all shapes, colors and sizes (well over 350 options!). In particular, they have a great choice of fun designs for a child’s bedroom, featuring everything from cartoon animals to pretty pink butterflies.

The addition of table lamps on your bedside tables helps to create a calming and muted atmosphere as you’re getting ready to drift off to sleep. Home and Patio Decor Center even stocks wicker-base lamps from Wicker Patio Furniture, which you can coordinate with larger pieces of furniture, should you choose. Of course, you could always choose to have some subdued candlelight in the bedroom provided you remember to blow them out when you go to sleep.

There are a number of candlesticks and candle holders on sale at Home and Patio Decor Center, including a beautiful metalwork wall hanging made by Cooper Classics.

Whatever your personal taste and whether you are decorating your own bedroom or one for your young children, there is a great range of products on sale at Home and Patio Decor Center. You can really stamp your own character on a room and ensure that you really enjoy spending time in your cozy and comfy bedroom for many more nights to come.

Home and Patio Decor Center Coupon Codes and Sales

Throughout the year, Home and Patio Decor Center does offer a number of different sales and promo codes. When they do post them for us to offer you, our readers, we put them in a dedicated section here at the site. Check the current deals out by clicking on “Home and Patio Decor Center Coupon Codes” now! They also have a highly regarded PRICE MATCH guarantee (here) that not only will MATCH a lower online price (if you find one), but they’ll ALSO give you a certificate for $10 off a future purchase! See the terms & conditions here!

The Microsoft Xbox One S

Gaming System Reviews


Spring is approaching. Tax season is on the way. Pay off your credit cards. Earn some extra cash over the next few weeks. You are going to want that spending money to bring home at least one of the newest, most exciting gaming products available this year.

Nintendo has their Switch, coming out in March, so that gives consumers a bit of extra time to save. Before that exciting new product hits store shelves though, Sony releases the PlayStation VR (Virtual Reality) headset and Microsoft offers their versatile version of gaming fun: the Xbox One S.

New Xbox

This latest version of the popular home gaming station features ultra-high definition images with 4k streaming. The “4k” designation simply tells you the minimum resolution is amazing and that you will need to own a TV which is capable of streaming images of crisp quality using Blu-ray technology.

This is super-realistic for the stickler among you who is uninterested in gaming unless images are almost too real for comfort. Use Netflix or Amazon Video to watch Blue-ray movies or play a fighting game with friends. The ability to do either one of these things sets the Xbox One S apart from Sony’s PlayStation VR and makes it appealing to a wider audience within the home. It’s more practical.

The IR Blaster

This sounds like some type of joy stick, but IR stands for “infrared” and refers to a remote device which helps you control several systems from one strategic point. Once upon a time each piece of technology needed its own remote and one would invariably go missing, leading to a manic search and the exchange of heated words between family members.

Find one place for a single remote control and use it to set up audio, TV, and cable. Use this remote for watching action movies or listening to music; playing “The Legend of Korra” or watching a TV show.

Wireless Controller

The Xbox One S is controlled from a single handheld gaming device which is wirelessly connected to your TV via Bluetooth connection. The range is extended too so you can sit a long way back from one of those massive screens so many homes seem to have now. Sitting too close diminishes your enjoyment.

Control the game without dropping your controller during a heated competition, thanks to texture around the gripping area. Even if you’re so competitive your palms sweat, you will still be in control.

Console Control

While the joy stick seems to be the heart of an Xbox, it is really the console which sits near your TV which operates everything. Microsoft reduced its size by 40%, making the box slimmer than ever, but they increased storage to 2 TB. It comes with a vertical stand so you can keep the console in its correct position while playing games or movies. The Xbox One S starts at around $399.

Games for the Xbox

Search for games the whole family can play or cater to the older audience. Fighting platforms include Sonic the Fighters, Virtua Fighter, and Fire Pro Wrestling. Try a racing game like Toybox Turbos (great for little kids), Mad Trucks, or Doritos Crash Course.

Toy Soldiers: Cold War, Rock Band Blitz, and Takedown: Red Sabre are all classified under Simulation and Strategy games. Microsoft lists a host of potential categories depending on your interests and what will keep the kids busy during the Christmas holidays.

Buying Microsoft Products

Here are two great features of the Microsoft Xbox 360 One S: price and availability. Compared with some of the new products being released this year, Microsoft’s latest technology is affordable. It’s also easy to get hold of one. Many retailers carry it, so there’s a good chance of finding an Xbox 360 One S in time for the holidays from a brick-and-mortar or online dealer.

Check out the latest XBOX Offers Here

Best Vitamin C Serum for Face

Beauty Product Reviews


If you keep yourself informed about the hottest skin care trends, you probably have hear about vitamin c serums for the face.  Today we’ll talk about the many benefits of using vitamin C for health, as well as give our list of the best vitamin c serums you can purchase online.  (Of course, we’ll be generous with our coupons – that’s our job!)

What Benefits are Received from Vitamin C Serums?

The skin benefits from vitamin c are enormous.  Having it steady in your diet is something that is paramount to living a healthy lifestyle.  Whether you get this from food or supplementation, you need to make sure you are getting your daily dose of vitamin C.

As this ingredient applies to skin creams and facial care, you’ll find the uses are very diverse.  You’ll find moisturizing creams, anti aging masks, peels, and of course, our main focus today – serums – all containing this amazing, yet simple to source – ingredient.

You can reduce the signs of aging such as facial wrinkling and sagging skin while also increasing skin elasticity.  Another great benefit of vitamin c creams and serums is that it protects from the sun’s UV rays.  We all know the severe damage the sun can to do our precious skin when it’s exposed to it.

In addition to the above benefits, vitamin c also works to heal wounds.  As a collagen supplement, this can help to heal deep wounds as well as minor scrapes.  Lastly, it can help improve skin texture that was burned.

We’re currently testing many vitamin c facial serums and will be back very soon with reviews of the top selling products.  As always, you know we’ll be providing industry leading coupon codes so you can save money on any item you end up purchasing.

Stay tuned!





Beachbody 21 Day Fix

Fitness Product Reviews


People are intrigued with the Beachbody 21 Day Fix as, according to Google, the weight-loss plan was one of the most searched diets in 2015 and spiked on Pinterest by a whopping 190 percent the same year. And here we are, well into 2017, and it’s still popular.

The strong interest is most likely the claim of losing up to 15 pounds in three weeks as well as the plan of meals in addition to exercise, backed up with both workouts and a very cool meal plan which includes both food groups and color-coded portion-controlled containers. Participants can also access all the help they need on their own app, which can do much of the organization during the 21 days.

The idea behind the name of the diet is that it revolves around the often used theory that it takes 21 days to successfully create any habit. It was created by National Academy of Sports Medicine certified celebrity trainer Autumn Calabrese, who is also a bikini competitor.

“This diet combines portion control with regular physical activity to promote weight loss in three weeks,” says Leigh Tracy, R.D., a dietitian at The Center for Endocrinology at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore. Surely anyone can stick to something which only takes three weeks and whose promise of weight loss is very quick and certainly noticeable. After all, real results are all anyone asks.

Try the 21 Day Fix HERE

The Plan Is Individual

Dieters seem to be drawn by the way the diet organizes each meal, as it leaves little room for mistakes and is visual by nature. A user can see if something fits into the plan, where other diets rely on measuring or “serving” size, which is subjective by nature.

The Beachbody 21 Day Fix also starts with the most logical of numbers, which is how many calories each person needs to take in each day to lose weight. Most diets only offer a calorie counter for foods, without offering an individual personal daily suggestions.

I Know How Much to Eat

With the Beachbody 21 Day Fix diet, each user will find out how much they can eat each day, and start by calculating their specific caloric intake. By multiplying the current weight by 11 and adding 400 (which covers the calories burned during your daily workout).

This number is the daily calorie intake needed to maintain weight. To find out how much is needed to eat to lose weight, subtract 750. The guide breaks down each container with a list of foods on the diet, making it easier to create a weekly meal plan.

Easy to Measure Meal Portions

As part of the program, 21 Day Fixers receive color-coded containers to measure portions, says Ashvini Mashru, R.D., author of Small Steps to Slim. These include an 8-ounce green container for veggies, an 8-ounce purple container for fruits, a 6-ounce red container for proteins, a 5.3-ounce yellow container for carbs, two 2.7-ounce orange containers for seeds and dressings, and a Shakeology cup for shakes.

Based on the individual intake, the plan assigns you a daily container allowance. For example, if you’re within the 1,200 to 1,499 calorie range, you’re allowed three green (veggies), two purple (fruits), four red (proteins), two yellow (carbs), and one orange (seeds and dressings) per day.

I Should Exercise Every Day

Along with the portioned containers and eating plan, dieters receive two workout DVDs and an exercise schedule that includes seven 30-minute workouts for each day of the week. Again, with the idea of the Beachbody 21 Day Fix dieters being trained for good habits, everyone should do some form of exercise every day, and 30 minutes is a smart start. It’s definitely not too overwhelming, especially when results are seen so quickly.

The Pros and Cons

The ease of portion control, the individualized calculator of daily intake, and the accompanying app are all designed to take all the guesswork out of the Beachbody 21 Day Fix routine. If there were one element at which to point for customer’s satisfaction, it would be that they don’t have to sweat the details as they’re sweating to their workout each day.

However, unlike other trendy diets, the Beachbody 21 Day Fix does not automatically go beyond the three weeks it was designed to fit. Though some people might continue to watch their portions and work out on a regular basis, others might revert back to their previous lifestyle habits which could lead to gaining back the weight they lost. Of course, this is the fact with any diet regimen.

The way we see it is that if you have found yourself feeling encouraged after the initial 3 weeks, why not start a new cycle and do it again? There’s no question that it’s certainly easy enough to follow!

Give the 21 Day Fix a Try Today at here!

21 Day Fix EXTREME - Extreme Fitness. Simple Eating. Serious Results.

Best Drugstore Neck Cream

Beauty Product Reviews


If you are a loyal follower of our coupon website, you know that we have a heavy focus on cosmetics and beauty products.  Ladies, we want you to know that we’ve got you covered when you want to look pretty and turn back the clock.  For this reason, we’re doing a special segment on beauty products. Our entire library of skin care coupons is right here.

Today, we’re focusing on a very specialized category:  neck firming creams.

Recently, a reader sent in the question – “what is the best drugstore neck cream for tightening the skin and lifting sagging skin?”

Valid question, so we did some prodding around as well as spent significant time in CVS and Walgreens.  Our research in this one wasn’t easy, rather it was very thorough.

Neck Firming Creams in Drugstores – Reviews

In reviewing the products found in drug stores, we found that many were cheap and didn’t have a huge amount of the heavy hitting peptide ingredients in them that we’d like to see.  Sure, there are some that will provide a solid amount of moisture on the skin, but nothing that really was a game changing anti aging powerhouse.

We instead took our eyes to, where we found a budding star.  We found that there is a neck firming cream that can’t be bought in a drugstore, as it’s an exclusive product.

This product is made by the same people who brought us the best eye cream of 2016, something you can buy on as well, or at their retail store.  (We have coupons for both.)

The product is called the Skin Pro Neck Firming Cream, and the reviews are off the charts.  You can have a look yourself by visiting HERE now.

Drugstore Neck Cream

Since 2009, Skin Pro International has been making skin care products that work, and their current roster of products features over 40 skin creams designed to make people look younger and feel better.

The neck tightening cream is NOT sold in drugstores, yet you can shop for it on Amazon Prime using the largest shopping mall in the world,

I’ve personally tested this product and fully endorse it.  I don’t put my name on many products, but this is one to try if you find yourself suffering from any of these signs of aging:

  • Loose Skin on the neck
  • Sagging skin on the neck
  • Neck wrinkles
  • Frail skin or “turkey neck”

If you’ve used this product, please send us some before and after photos.  We have a relationship with the vendor and can help you score some free skin care swag!

The Gourmesso Nespresso Connection, USA

Product Reviews


You have just discovered coffee heaven and it is located in New York City. Gourmesso is Nespresso’s store and your North American location for great coffee.

Gourmesso was already Nespresso’s top site for coffee capsule sales in Europe, so you know what to expect from shops across the country.

Order online and pay no shipping for packages costing more than $50 in the USA or $75 in Canada.

More Choice

Grocery stores sell a variety of Nespresso capsules, but are you searching for more and at better prices? Gourmesso supplies huge variety and at affordable prices for those consumers who love their little Nespresso coffee machines. It is not out of date or low-quality coffee; this is real java, just like the stuff you enjoy every day and more of it for less.

Visit Gourmesso HERE

Spot the Coffee Pods

From headquarters in Miami, Florida, Nespresso coffee pods are sent to San Francisco, CA, Boston, MA, Chicago, Il, New York City, and more locations. They are major cities where consumers drink and buy a considerable amount of coffee, including Nespresso-compatible pods for the home or office.

Purpose of Gourmesso

The objective of Gourmesso, according to their website, is “to enrich your life” by providing choices for your daily cup of caffeine as well as decaffeinated alternatives. Coffee in their pods is sourced from multiple locations so their beans could be Robusta or Arabica, for instance.

Beans are light, medium, dark-roast, single-origin, mixed origin, and there are other choices to consider as well; many ways to customize coffee to the consumer’s taste buds. Try a blend such as decaf, a lungo espresso, or flavored coffee such as vanilla, chocolate, or almond.

There are sure to be more flavors in the future. Treat everyone in the staff room to a selection so they aren’t tempted to wander over to the long line-up at a popular coffee shop, causing them to be late back for work.

Nespresso Economy in the USA

Another objective is to bring you the lowest-price capsules without sacrificing quality. Gourmesso costs as little as 45₵ per capsule. Compare that with prices of closer to a dollar more per pod in retail stores. They say Gourmesso’s price tags are about 30% lower with a box of basic coffee pods costing $4.49 for 10. The way to secure lowest prices is to subscribe.

Nespresso Tea Too

Don’t forget that other drink which Americans — especially transplanted British-Americans — love with a biscuit at around 2:30 in the afternoon. Tea comes in pods now too. Try an infusion containing plum, mint, or an alternative to black tea like Rooibos or Green. Order for yourself or as a gift.

Try it today!

Compatibility of Gourmesso and Nespresso

There are instances where pods and machines don’t work together. The company is aware of this problem and it damages a machine to try and force items that are incompatible to work together. That is often the case with other pods from alternative firms, but not with Gourmesso pods which were made specifically to work with Nespresso machines.

As long as you use them as directed, there should be no issue with compatibility. Gourmesso continues testing their pods, however, as Nespresso occasionally releases a new machine. There are three exceptions right away, however, including built-in machines and commercial items which utilize pads rather than pods that are not for use with Gourmesso.

Also, VertuoLine machines will not support these pods which are constructed from a soft plastic containing no BPAs for the healthiest finish and freshest flavor.

Use a Citiz, Maestria, or Gran Mestria. Operate the Essenza, Lattissima Plus or Pro with Gourmesso. The U, Inissia, Pixie, KitchenAid, or Le Cube will work too. Do not try to use Gourmesso with a Siemens or Saeco Machine. Avoid Dolce Gusto, Miele, and Jura.

Save with Subscriptions to Gourmesso

You can pay even less for coffee if you subscribe for regular delivery on a monthly basis for as few as 50 pods. The more coffee your subscription contains, the less each pod costs. This could save you 25% or more. Select a monthly plan for up to 400 pods. Pay from $22.50 to $180. Here is what each subscription looks like.

Recommended: Gourmesso Coupon Codes and Promotions

The first supplies 5 packs of your preferred varieties. Receive 2250 points for your loyalty plus a placeholder. You can cancel any time you like or receive coffee every month like clockwork. The 400-capsule subscription provides quarterly delivery which you can cancel any time.

Earn 18,000 points every three months and select 40 packs with free shipping. This is the best value out of all subscriptions. It is unlikely you will find another company offering prices this low for excellent tasting, fair trade coffee.

The only cheaper way is to fill them yourself, but that would be a messy and inconvenient job and you might not have access to as many types of coffee. Would generic pods work in your machine anyway? There’s lots to think about.

You Earn Points for Coffee

Points amount to money, as they do when you accumulate them at the grocery store and elsewhere. Collect points with every purchase, referral, on your birthday, and add them up in return for more discounts. Think about this when you wonder what to buy for a friend’s birthday. A subscription would reward you both at the same time. Discover other discounts when you look up “Gourmesso coupon codes” here at the site which could save you even more money at the internet till.

BIG Points in Our Book for Their Fair Trade Practices!

As per fair trade arrangements, coffee provided to Gourmesso is grown and harvested by responsible companies. They treat employees fairly and provide them with safe working conditions. More and more consumers demand this be the case whenever they purchase coffee, tea, and chocolate.

It is ironic that, as responsible consumers pledge their willingness to pay more in order to secure safety and decent wages for workers in the coffee-growing countries of Mexico, Honduras, Ethiopia, and India, Gourmesso joins them in making the same demands but still manages to charge less than other firms.

They do this most effectively by running internet sales and lowering their overheads. Physical locations are convenient, but nothing is as easy as shopping online and no store could ever beat the price either.

Try it yourself! Visit: