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HP Elite Slice Takes The Cake

Computer Product Reviews


PC’s are now into their 6th Generation of Intel with everything from a Core i3 to a Core i7 processor, but everything is getting smaller as technological possibilities grow. The PC “tower” is now smaller than a family-size treat.

If you could fulfill everyone at the table with a cake but cut it down to a more compact size, would you go for something that small? Compare the HP Elite Slice with a rich dessert; a little goes a long way.

Specifications of the HP Elite Slice


There are numerous versions, but we will start with the first and most basic if anyone can refer to the Slice as “basic.” The cheapest model provides 4 GB of memory and 500 GB of HDD storage. High definition graphics are part of the package no matter what. Windows 10 Pro 64-bit is already installed with an i3 processor. The whole thing sits on top of your desk, leaving more room to stretch your legs or stack other equipment such as a printer and scanner.


If it’s not a machine getting in the way, you can bet that cables make desk-life messy. Try this wireless, cable-free device instead. The HP Slice Elite functions at least as well, if not better, than the tower you use now. Don’t be afraid of change.

Agile Addition

This is your connection to the usual range of machines found in an office. Charge other devices, store images and text, and play music. There are also more items which connect wirelessly to the Elite but are sold separately.

Intel® Core™ i3-6100T

If you get carried away with the beauty of a slice, you might miss its brains. Intel HD Graphics 530 supply stunning visuals on the screen and additional speed if your screen is up to par. If not, upgrade to an HD monitor this Christmas. Make the most of the technology on your desktop.

Several Ports

On a usual tower, there are many ports to enable all sorts of functions. They include installing speakers, a mouse, keyboard, printer, and connecting to the TV. These are still located on the HP Slice Elite. Notice a 3.1 Type-C for charging, another of the same kind, one charging port, a Display Port, and one for audio.

New Energy

Enjoy a renewed sense of energy. This system qualifies for an Energy Star rating because it saves on electricity. Do more, but use less, and be kinder to the environment without losing a single function. Dimensions are smaller than ever and so is your carbon footprint. The Slice weighs less than 2 ½ pounds but supplies professional, quality services including security and the reliability of HP’s reputation.

Various Versions

The HP Slice Elite starts at around $700 but goes up in price as you extend features or add accessories. Select an i3 Intel Core, an i5, or an i7. Choose 8 GB of memory and 256 GB of HDD storage or double that to 500 GB. As storage values climb, the price also rises to around $1,000, but savings are already available. See what HP and authorized retailers have to offer today or in the sales after Christmas and let this solid brand fill you up with the best that PC technology has to offer as you approach 2017.

Zero Fucks Given Funny T Shirts



How You Can Score A Date With A Funny T-Shirt

Women are complicated beings. They tend to feel and think very differently from us men. Impressing a woman should come naturally to men but a lot of them unfortunately have no idea what tips a woman on her toes.

One of the best ways to get a woman to take interest in you is by showing your humorous side to her. Women love good humor and confidence in a man much more than anything else. If you know how to put a smile on her face, forget about how much you earn or how good your looks are. She will simply drop for you if you know how to dress up properly and talk to her.

Funny T Shirts

Since spring is already upon us, now is the time to get into your shopping gear. Warm weather means there will be a lot of t-shirt demand and women love a man wearing a good t-shirt with a nice pair of jeans and shoes. But if you end up wearing typical t-shirt that doesn’t send out a message, you’ll never actually be able to break the ice.

This is why most dating experts recommend going out in the summer wearing your best t-shirt. And since women dig good humor, what else is better than a funny t-shirt? A t-shirt holding a logo that puts people into bursts of laughter is a powerful tool to impress women too. So why not, this spring, go out and get a funny t-shirt that puts your personality out?

If you are looking for a humorous message on a t-shirt, then look no further than  Based in South Florida and have experience in online t-shirt business for the last 10 years.

Check out the online store for some of the most attitudes high t-shirts available in town. The owners believe attitude can go a long way especially if it is presented in a humorous way. Their Zero Fucks Given t-shirts make you stand apart from the crowed because the t-shirt messages are made that other businesses don’t want to print. The messages can be offensive in a way, but the way they are presented will always put a smile on someone’s face. And that is exactly what you need when you want to go out and score a date.

Marbles: The Brain Store Review

Educational Toys and Games


No, this is not a shop for brains in jars. Igors, you will have to shop somewhere else for body parts. Marbles is known as “The Brain Store” because they sell items to exercise your brain, but in a fun way. Explore and discover how much fun it can be to improve cognitive function. Be surprised by how much learning happens when you aren’t paying attention and are simply enjoying yourself.

Specially Selected Brain Games

About 8 years ago, in Chicago, a kiosk opened selling games to support neurological agility. That day was the start of a business now so successful that there are stores all over the United States plus an e-commerce site.

Marbles carries items that have been tested by experts and proven to make the brain work harder and become stronger. These games wake up your thinking and imaginative processes and encourage neurological connections.

There is no other store like this. Marbles entered the scene at the perfect moment. Consumer awareness of cognitive function and non-medical, alternative prevention of Dementia is a hot topic. Nootropics are touted for their ability to support young people with cognitive problems and to help people improve their brain power naturally. It’s in Americans’ hands to prevent cognitive impairment at many levels.

marbles-the-brain-store-productsItems at Marbles

Consumers will find puzzles, gadgets, toys, games, and books all in one brain-friendly place. No helmet is required, although some games might challenge people more than they expected.

That’s what makes other games so boring — no challenge. When kids are too smart for their own good, Marbles sells the alternative. The company is also staffed by people who love these types of challenges and understand what it feels like to need more.

Who Shops at Marbles: The Brain Store?

Although toys and games are fun, wonderful ideas for families, these types of games and gadgets were developed and chosen with specific customers in mind. They are parents with children who have ADHD or autism and would like to enhance the parts of their brains which aren’t as active as they could be.

There are items for people in mid-life concerned their brains aren’t as agile as they used to be and they can’t remember things very well anymore. Certain customers are doing fine but want to perform better or improve their creative thinking skills.

Shop at Marbles

All orders of more than $19.99 will ship for free or stop by a local store to find a great gift for the family. When in doubt, start with bestsellers. These include the Sherlock, Otrio, Sphero SPRK+, Oh Snap!, and Bloxels. Each item is broken into “The Idea,” “The Brains,” and “The A-Ha.” Browse also through New Arrivals, Games & Toys, Gifts, Items by Age, Brands, Educational Toys, and Products on Sale.

The Sherlock


The idea is to read clues and crack a code featured on wooden puzzle pieces. This analytical game puts your deductive skills and memory to the test. While playful, The Sherlock is also beautiful.


This game was highlighted in Real Simple magazine. Two to four players compete in a game where you simply line up colored circles, but there is strategy involved. You can even get your pieces into the same space while outsmarting the other one, two, or three players. The board is an attractive piece to leave lying on the table too. Because the team at Marbles developed Otrio, you won’t be able to buy it at Toys R Us or any other store.


Are video games educational? This one is. Create your own 13-bit games with this design tool made for all ages. Designing involves the arrangement of blocks in assorted colors into terrain and characters for the game. Bloxels allows you to incorporate up to 400 blocks and converts to Apple, Amazon fire, or Android devices for real game playing when you’re done.

More Shopping Ideas

Marbles helps you find products to suit your budget to fit a very specific need. Find toys and games for kids of a certain age or for adults. Look for gifts that honor a grad, entertain newlyweds, or as party favors. Browse classic games or click on “Secret Santa” for small gift ideas. There’s something for every holiday, every season, and every age or stage.

Look for extra deals indicated at the very top of the page. Sign up for promotional emails to read about upcoming discounts too.

Check out the latest coupons and deals we have listed here.

SkyBell Review

Home Security Reviews


Wouldn’t it be nice to know who is at your door when the bell rings? If you do not have a peep hole or a window that allows you to check who is there without being seen, you could be opening your door to anyone.

What if you can see and the person standing there might appear suspicious. It would be nice to hide out and just watch. Or, you could be in the middle of something and don’t want to be interrupted unless for a visitor you were expecting or this person is making an important delivery. Home owners can be thankful there is now a way to link Smartphone technology to home security: SkyBell.

skybell-doorbellSkyBell Wifi Doorbell

Check who is at the door when you are inside, in the garden, next door, or on a shopping trip, thanks to SkyBell’s remote technology. According to the makers of SkyBell, a burglar will usually ring the bell before making his way into the house.

If no one answers, he believes it is safe to proceed. The SkyBell video doorbell shows a home owner that it is not safe to answer and gives him or her a view of what is going on. Is this just someone who simply likes wearing a dark hoodie and sunglasses or is he picking the lock? A home owner knows when to call the police.

Mute the Chime

Learn when the bell is being rung without it ringing through the whole house using SkyBell. It will not chime noisily throughout the home and wake up sleeping babies or a spouse who just finished the night shift at work.

When kids arrive home from school, use this technology to have them check in with the help of high definition video; 1080p and 5-times zoom features. Is that a son or daughter at the door with friends? Which friends? Surprise Jimmy by telling his friends to go home.

Didn’t Ring?

An alert comes up on your phone whether the visitor rings or doesn’t ring the bell. Is he standing there, listening and looking; perhaps doing something with the lock? You’ll always know.

Keep an Eye Out

Use the SkyBell to monitor your front door 24/7. The only caveat is that your phone must be charged to hear alerts. View images live or record them, a handy feature if you think video of someone at your front door could be useful to law enforcement in their efforts to catch a criminal or even as evidence in a court case.

Since video cuts through dark nights for full color images, the SkyBell is still effective when someone comes to the door very late, very early, or on one of those long, dark winter days when the sun hardly seems to shine. Take photos too.

Many Monitors

Although the video component adds another set of “eyes” to home safety, there is a further SkyBell feature which extends its usefulness. Allow multiple people to view the SkyBell video doorbell from their phones too. SkyBell accounts can be linked to several clients at one time.

Maybe dad is closest to home today while mom is on a field trip with her students. He is most likely to stay tuned to the SkyBell, both visually and audibly. An audio component allows owners to speak to visitors and even record them.

Durable Technology

Weather changes throughout the year can mean a difference of 20, 40, or even 60C in some regions, season to season. The SkyBell can handle them all, even if the change is dramatic over a few days.

Stolen SkyBell

While the whole idea of SkyBell is to protect you against danger and theft, bad things still happen. The makers of SkyBell will replace your product if it is stolen. You won’t be charged for the replacement.


See the latest SkyBell Coupons and Promotions here


Olly Review

Supplement and Vitamin Reviews


Your body could be a happier place if you exercised more and ate better. If you were happier, your health would improve. That works the other way around too. Where do you start to improve your health? Begin with good nutrition, and Olly Nutrition can help.

The People at Olly

Who knows; maybe these people were born smiling. They look like work is a great place to be.



Mind you, Olly is based in California, not rainy Washington State. Their products are sold online and in stores around the country, though, so your location is no excuse; you, too, can feel sunny on the inside with Olly Nutrition.

The individuals behind Olly Nutrition are enthusiastic about health and vitamins. They don’t feel like work is a job, really; more like a fun place to go on weekdays. Moreover, they work in a park. How many people can say that besides park rangers?

Darci Rosenblum, VP of Marketing and Digital Experience can say it. Co-Founder and CEO Brad Harrington plus COO Gerry Chesser and the other Co-Founder, Eric Ryan can say they work in a park too. There’s a doctor at the park, Dr. Dave Chernoff, MD. Read their website. It’s a pill-free prescription to positivity.

Products from Olly Nutrition


The formula is simple: provide consumers with meal replacement shakes full of vitamins and minerals or just give them the vitamins. A few select smoothie flavors offer additional support for better gut health, energy, weight loss, or extra workout calories.

There are a number of products for kids and a single-serving selection priced $10 for 4 ($2.50 per smoothie). The price for an ordinary shake from the 15-serving option (not probiotic, for example) is less than $2 each plus the cost of shipping unless you make a $50 order or better. Also, auto-deliveries arranged quarterly save you 15%.

Velvet Vanilla, Pure Chocolate, and Peachy Mango

These are the basic shakes costing $27.99 for 15 servings. Each one offers the richness of protein, an oft-forgotten but essential element of healthy eating. Fiber and vitamins are also inside the blend. Swallow a tasty serving of energy and fill up effortlessly on a drink that tastes like a milkshake.

More for Every Body

Other choices include Creamy Strawberry probiotic shake smoothie with special enzymes and gut-friendly bacteria.

Unlikely as it sounds, Salted Caramel Chocolate is a weight-loss aid featuring metabolic-boosting agents, fiber, and protein. You’ll feel too full to eat anything unhealthy. Chocolate Peanut Butter was made for athletes and bodybuilders with its extra-stimulating ingredients and additional protein. Workout harder and recover faster.

Cafè Mocha boosts energy the way a coffee does, but for less money and with other nutritional elements. Caffeine is still in there, sourced from green coffee beans and cacao. Add superfoods like goji berry and other fruits and veg.

For Kids

At Olly, they know what kids are thinking — cool, a milkshake! Actually, you’re feeding your kids phytonutrients. Don’t mention that part or they’ll get suspicious. Say nothing of the greens and fiber in their smoothie and only say it’s chocolate-flavored.


Shouldn’t vitamins be too big to swallow and look like medicine? Not at Olly; their multi-vitamins are as tasty as candy but far better for you. Products are sorted by the customer or the purpose. Items are made for men, women, expectant mothers, and children. They provide fiber, support brain health, or make your tummy happy.

TracFone Prepaid Wireless Service

Prepaid Phone Reviews


The number one prepaid service for cell phone users in the United States is TracFone according to, well, TracFone. That is not what some other consumer sites are saying. They talk about AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and others. That doesn’t mean TracFone isn’t the service provider you are looking for. Their plans are affordable, but what do they offer? See below.


TracFone aims to keep your bills low. They don’t do any credit checks to ensure you’re a solid, worthy candidate. There are no contracts or bills. Make calls within the United States or to international destinations. If you already have a number with some other provider, keep that same number but switch to TracFone.

tracfone-comWhy TracFone?

It’s a good question: what’s so good about this company? In their own words, one reason is the lack of commitment listed above. You aren’t tied to a plan that doesn’t work for you.

Coverage is nationwide on most networks. Charges are lower than anyone else’s. Phones from TracFone come from the likes of Samsung and LG; known, reliable brands.

Finding someone to sell you the phones and minutes is easy with tens of thousands of participating retailers or you can keep the phone you have and order the plan only.

If minutes remain at the end of a billing period, they will be carried over to the next month if your phone and plan remain active with TracFone. You don’t pay to activate your phone, there are no penalties for cancelling your plan, and charges aren’t shockingly high. You can start at under $10 monthly.

It’s easy to move content between an old phone and your new one if you are switching; apply the Transfer Wizard app. They try to make things simple at TracFone.


Choose a one-year plan, Pay as You Go, or BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone). Select a number of minutes per month, a number of texts, GB of storage, and our price is all set up for the BYOP plan. The first plan offers 200 minutes, 500 texts, 200 MB of storage, and a 30-play plan for $15 or less when customers commit to auto-renewal.

Pay as You Go costs from $8.99 for 30 minutes a month but offers up to 450 minutes over 90 days for $79.99. Pick a one-year plan from 400 to 1,500 minutes priced $99.99 to $199.99. Consumers will discover that the bigger their commitment and the larger the plan is, the less each minute or text costs individually.

Can you foresee times when having lots of text or talk time would benefit you? Maybe you typically pay too much for a plan, the lowest one they have, and you still can’t make full use of it? TracFone’s plans won’t make you see red. Even if some minutes and texts remain, the price is much easier to swallow than some other minimums priced over $10 or even $15 monthly.

Buy Online

There is an excellent chance any phone purchased from TracFone will be worth in excess of $19.99. Buy a bundle, get your phone shipped for free, or go to the store. It’s up to you. Checking out phones and talking to professionals in person is reassuring to many consumers, but it helps to have the option.

What Are Azo Pills?



Terrified because you have a drug test coming up? You are probably are. We all know how devastating it is to know that you will likely fail a drug test when given a short notice. However, there are ways to get through your drug test if only you look around the internet. Hundreds of people go through the same feeling of distress every month, but thankfully, there are many ways you can bypass your drug test.

Don’t let a drug test scare you and put you in stress. Failing a drug test has really bad consequences but only if you don’t take action today and try to pass it using reliable methods without giving up smoking weed or any other substance.

One way to fight a drug test and come out without any issues is through using the Azo pills.

What are Azo Pills and are they worth buying?

Azo is a brand of medicines which specializes in supplements that help you relieve the pain of UTI (urinary tract infection). These pills are easily available over the counter at many pharmacies across the country and they can help you pass a drug test.

How does Azo Pills help you pass a drug test?

As mentioned before, Azo Pills are mostly used to help relieve pain of UTIs. But consuming these pills also clear your urine of any toxins. Yes, you heard that correct. A few tablets from this product can completely clear you of toxins in your urine so you can confidently hand over your urine sample without the fear of getting positive results.

However, things are not as simple as they sound.

These supplements are an effective way to clear toxins in your body, but these only work if you meet specific criteria.

Here are the criteria for successfully passing drug tests through azo pills:

  • You must be less than 200 lbs
  • Your body fat content should be normal
  • You must have fast metabolism
  • You must be following a healthy diet

If you don’t meet the above requirements, you will likely not pass your drug test.

However, it is not the end of the line for you. Azo pills can be taken prior to your test and still pass it using simple techniques to boost its effects.

Exercise – exercising regularly increases your metabolism and in turn the detoxification is sped up.

Healthy diet – anything with too much oil like fried chicken will harm the detoxification process. Avoid greasy food as soon as you find out you are set for a drug test.

More detoxifying agents – try drinking other detoxifying liquids such as the grapefruit juice. Grapefruit juice has high anti-toxin properties that can help fasten the detoxifying process.

Last but not the least, azo pills should be used 7 days prior from the date of your test. You must also make sure you do not smoke weed during this period to avoid more toxins building up in your system.


Detoxify Mega Clean Review



Detoxify Mega Clean is made to help increase your chances of passing a drug test through a urine sample. This product guarantees that if you follow their instructions and maintain a healthy diet before your test, you will pass your marijuana test without getting caught.

Why use Mega Clean?

Mega Clean Detoxifying Drink
People who occasionally have to deal with drug tests know several methods of clearing a test without giving up on drugs. The Mega Clean detox drink is an excellent method sought out by many drug test avoiders because of one simple reason, it significantly increases the chances of passing your test.

More importantly, Mega Clean is highly recommended when you have to go through an administered test. Administered or supervised tests are drug tests taken under the watchful eye of the drug tester. This means you cannot use synthetic urine because you will likely be caught on the spot trying to temper with urine samples. This is when Mega Detox Clean comes in.

Mega Detox Clean is recommended for people who have a BMI of 30+ and their body fat content is high. Because at that much BMI, your natural metabolism is very slow and hence many detox drinks will not work for you. This detox method is effective because it packs a bigger punch of ingredients meant to work faster than other options of detox drinks.

The Mega Detox Clean requires you to start the detoxification process 2 days before the test is supposed to be taken. Whether you are a casual or a heavy user, the detox drink will make sure to open up a detoxification window that will allow you to mask the toxins in your body, hence making it impossible for you to get caught in a drug test.

Making sure your detox is perfect for a drug test

Detoxify Mega Clean is highly effective when it comes to quick detoxification, however there are still certain requirements you must go through in order to pass your drug test without risks attached.

  1. Immediately stop the use of marijuana as soon as you find out that you are scheduled for a test. Consuming drugs after knowing that you are on for a test will keep the toxins building up in your body and it will be impossible to mask them no matter how powerful a detox is.
  2. Boost the detoxification process by consuming detox tablets. You can use azo cranberry tablets or other alternatives that work to flush toxins. The lesser the toxins in your body, the more chances of passing your test.
  3. Take a lot of water and use the Detox Mega Clean to completely mask off the toxins. Just make sure you don’t drink too much water on the day of your test otherwise your urine will not be of the required color and the lab may reject the sample and may even conclude you were trying to temper with the samples.

That’s our official Mega Clean review.  If you are trying to pass a drug test, it’s one of the best things you can use.

You can buy it here:

RefrigiWear: Because It’s Cold Out There

Work Attire Store Reviews


RefrigiWear is not a new clothing company designed around brand new technology. This is an old company by modern standards; around more than 60 years. RefrigiWear pledges to protect customers who work, play, and explore in the cold.

From their inception in 1954 with Myron Breakstone until today, they offer you this promise: reliable, quality clothing that performs under extreme conditions so that you can perform too.

Consistency in Every Article of Clothing

A quality brand will always be the same regardless of its position off the factory line (1 or 100), its color, or size. Each garment is reliable, but the company is also dedicated to making improvements.

RefrigiWear aims for innovation and improvement at every level in their company, too, because technology moves forward to protect consumers. The people wearing these clothes do not simply work outside during winter; their working conditions include double figures below zero.

Employee locations are in the far north of Canada and the Alaskan wilderness. Today, more than 200,000 individuals are covered against cold by RefrigiWear, a trusted name in cold-weather clothing.

Equation for Success

RefrigiWear assess designs and prototypes on the basis of a simple equation: warmth plus durability plus comfort plus function equals “brand pride.” They would not be willing to put their logo on anything that was warm but unable to handle regular daily activity.

RefrigiWear will not promote designs that are warm for now but not durable during a full day’s work. Even though the working world is where their heart is, this company’s designs have crossed over into regular fashions which consumers can wear while taking the kids to and from school, going for walks, or just having fun.

The above equation doesn’t mention one thing: customer service. RefrigiWear is also committed to looking after customers as well as their employees. Staff ideas matter to the company. Employees are invited to share their thoughts and feel like an integral part of the business. Success in everything they do has enabled RefrigiWear to be charitable too.

Women’s Scholarship Opportunity

The Women in the Cold Chain Scholarship encourages females to further their education in order to achieve employment goals within what’s known as a “cold chain industry.” This is a brand new endeavor, begun in 2016 by Nor-Am Cold Storage for their female employees.

Winners will attend the World Food Logistics Organization Institute or WFLO, all-expenses paid. RefrigiWear sponsors this opportunity. The purchase of a #freezergirls Jacket contributes $10 to the fund every time.


Goods are sold online and in stores where categories cover men, women, and their extremities. Search for head-to-toe, whole-body warmth plus accessories and outdoor gear. Clothing and accessories include high-visibility safety clothes, base level garments, and rainwear.

The Men’s 3-in-1 Jacket is waterproof on the outside but insulated inside so you stay dry and also feel toasty warm.


Click the Image to Buy the Men’s 3-in-1 Insulated Jacket

These are excellent for a man who spends a lot of time getting in and out of a vehicle in cold weather such as a courier or long-haul truck driver. Take the two pieces apart to enjoy one or the other so you aren’t too hot when the weather is mild. Enjoy protection from wind and rain, even on your head by attaching the hood. A waterproof pocket keeps articles dry. RefrigiWear makes versions of these for men and women.

Buy it at: – 3-in-1 Jacket

Thermal MadGrip Gloves take the original MadGrip to another level.


Click the image to visit the Thermal MadGrip Gloves page!

The MadGrip is made from seamless terry material which breathes but provides extreme gripping. The palm is cushioned by thermoplastic rubber able to handle oil and water. Your hands won’t be as tired after hours of gripping and the seamless design withstands considerable wear too. If vibration has caused stress in the small bones of your hands, this cushion will also reduce that strain.

Buy The Gloves! Visit: – Thermal MadGrip Gloves

The very name “Baffin” tells you exactly what sorts of conditions RefrigiWear expects their customers to live and work in. Maximum Baffin processing boots are sturdy against water and other liquids such as chemicals, thanks to their Oarprene.


Click the Image to Visit the Baffin Maximum Processing Boot page at

This anti-corrosive material is immune to blood, acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, and almost anything an abattoir or chemical processing plant can throw at a person’s feet. Oarprene is oil and acid-resistant. The fit is a little wider than normal to accommodate thick socks, but contains a comfortable insole that’s far better than regular rain boots.

Buy the Boots at: – Baffin Maximum Processing Booot

The Balaclava model has been augmented and adjusted to accommodate hard hats and other head gear.


Click the Image and Visit the main Headwear – Masks & Balaclavas page at

Try a Thermal Knit Mask which stretches over your head and face. The knitted design features a detachable quilted mouthpiece. Open up to speak or just to give your mouth some fresh air.

Buy a Mask or Balaclava at: – Headwear/Masks and Balaclavas Product Page

So, those are just a few examples of their products. They have a full women’s and men’s section with many great products to choose from for some great, warm and functional work clothing.

Be sure to check out our Refrigiwear coupons and promo codes for some nice savings on your purchase. ALSO… The company has a wonderful Clearance and Sale Page! Here’s the link right to it: Clearance and Sale Page from

Here is a video about the history of the company.

DJI Inspire 2 Review

Drone Reviews


A first the Inspire captured the imaginations of photographers and filmmakers alike with its high-definition system. Now there is a new inspiration: the DJI Inspire 2. Taking a lead from the first Inspire, version 2 is even better than the original camera drone.


Wireless Control

The advent of wireless, remote operation via Smartphone and other mobile devices has created more options for photographers everywhere. So many things can be operated from a telephone via one or another app downloaded there. This technology has entered the lives of videographers and photographers too with the DJI Inspire 2. Have fun or create an award-winning, professional video for television viewers around the world to see.


Version 2 of the Inspire camera contains new processors capable of 5.2K recording, with sharper resolution from Apple ProRes, and speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour reached in a matter of seconds. Maximum speed is an amazing 108 kph.

Descent speed is quick but not damagingly so: 9 meters per second. Although this is a fast-flying camera drone, the DJI Inspire 2 is also agile, light, and small, capable of 360-degree rotation.

Two batteries keep this machine in the air for almost 27 minutes with a 7-km range, even if temperatures drop. Self-heating enables the system to withstand a significant chill. The Inspire is capable of precisely controlled hovering too when you bring it indoors.

Avoiding Airborne Obstacles

For the most part, this camera will be flying past anything that might get in the way. In case there is something in the Inspire’s airspace, a sensor detects obstacles up to 30m in the distance so the camera can fly around them when flying no faster than 54 kph. Infrared sensors detect what’s above the drone too.

It’s an intelligent machine which enables one to fulfill a creative, complex photographic vision. Better video transmission can now handle dual channel, dual signal, and is able to stream video in order for two or more people to work as a team on a project. Select a focus for your tracking system and shoot the film in Composition Mode or Quick Mode.


A camera operator is the real brains behind this project, but he isn’t without an intelligent partner in the form of this high-tech drone. The DJI Inspire 2 recognizes people and objects, moving or still. Tell it what you want to hone in on and let this drone track objects forward and below.

It also uses a real-time flight route map. If the drone loses its signal, however, it does the sensible thing and returns along the path it knows to find its starting point once more unless a signal is restored.

Made for Durability

The DJI Inspire 2 flying camera is made from a light but tough blend of magnesium and aluminum. Arms are constructed from carbon fiber, one of the most durable modern materials around. Then there is the tech on-board, but you’d be surprised at how little material is needed to enable streaming, storage, recording, and more.

The Inspire uses video formatting, creates high resolution images, and stores video on the DJI CINESSD plus an SD card. Copy files rapidly and you won’t need another piece of software to do it.

Android Wear Smart Watches

Smartwatch Reviews


A Smart Watch is like a Smart Phone. At first, consumers get their phone and use it only as a landline replacement. Later, as they become familiar with their phone, it’s a daily tool: a gaming device, GPS, and a planner. Android Wear is more than a time piece. This device is capable of multiple functions too.

Android Wear Watch for the Future

Of course, the primary purpose of Android Wear is to tell time. No matter how sophisticated our society becomes, watches are still necessary and more convenient for telling time than having to dig around one’s bag to find a phone.

A small display can only provide limited visuals, but information is another thing. There is plenty you can see on a Smart Watch display which connects to other technology. It’s even possible to respond to calls and texts right there from the watch. Leave the phone at home and travel light.

Fitness App

Fitness accessories and apps are big-selling products. There are many forms and functions to these devices, including fitness tracking. Let Android Wear help you keep an eye on activity and sedentary time. Use it to follow movement or lack of movement and prompt you to get up from your desk for a walk.

Fitness Apps will motivate, inspire, encourage, and inform the wearer as to how far she has taken her hikes or cycling trips that week and keep her up-to-date with any challenges she is part of with a wider community. Go for a run or a walk with music on your wrist too.

Timing Life

It is impossible to get away from our calendars because there is so much to do. What would a person accomplish without a day timer to keep it all straight? Better yet, how about setting up your watch to provide alerts and keep track of the day?

Program it to store data about appointments and to remind you about casual and formal events in plenty of time to drive across town or get home first for a quick change of clothes; into sports gear or suitable attire for a special dinner.

Styles of the Android Wear Smart Watches

This Christmas, show a person you love how well you know him or her; buy one of the Android Wear Smart Watches with a strap to match this person’s character. Select a material first such as leather or silicone. Next, opt for a style such as distressed or animal skin-type leather. Choose a color; maybe purple, gray, or olive green. These straps are detachable so consider ordering one for play and one for work.

The watch face is also easy to change right on the screen. There are so many styles, one might wish to set a new one each week. Try Captain America’s shield, Mr. Time and his seasonally appropriate backdrops for Valentine’s Day etc., the soft cherry blossoms of Sakura, or Dangerous Cats.

Applause for Apps

Don’t you love apps? What would we do without these customization features that make mobile communication devices so much fun? Install your favorites from music and comedy, GPS, clothing stores, and coupon websites. Enjoy a variety of shopping, learning, and entertainment apps for Android.

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The Art Of Games With Awesome Pack

Games & Toys Subscription Services


Brother and sister Chris and Kat have always enjoyed games. The Awesomes, as they are known, grew up playing traditional board games with their family, laughing and making up new ideas for the old formulae of Monopoly and others. As the siblings realize, their parents were building a strong family network which is at the root of Awesome Pack: helping other families do the same things.

Older and Wiser

Who says playing board games won’t serve any purpose in the grown-up world? It just so happens that Kat learned to negotiate at the game table and the siblings realized childhood joy could give way to an actual business because big and little people love games, but there is “science to finding activities that everyone in a family can play together,” as they say at Awesome Pack.

With their various adult skills and background in fun, the pair developed a monthly subscription to bring back family game night complete with snacks and fizzy drinks.

awesome-pack-of-board-gamesSubscription Packs and How They Work

The team at Awesome Pack curates game packs according to the things their clients like most. Answer questions on the website about what you like and definitely do not like. This way, they can customize a game to families’ tastes. They start with two packs: The Family and the Big Kid.

Awesome Packs

A set for families should put a smile on every face. This box comes with assorted pieces that are suited to all ages. For Big Kids, it’s all about adults, but with nostalgia thrown in.

Level Up

Start with a basic, but move on to extras when you are ready. There is an activity book full of activities available each month, prizes, contests, and family birthday cards. When you join Awesome Pack, you also join the family.

Family Pack

The first collection contains between 6 and 8 items for long nights and cold days throughout winter or the very hot summer afternoons when you can only stay indoors. This also includes a few child-oriented items.

Family Packs are based on a 2-adult, 2-child home but when your profile is uploaded, contents will differ between clients. There is a board game, family activity, children’s activities and goodies (one each), and an activity book. The cost is $39.99 US monthly plus the cost of shipping.

big-kid-packBig Kid Pack

A set based on a household with two adults comes with a board game, smaller game, mini game, goodies, and some customized items. The price is identical. Buy one to have or to give away. Packs come to your door monthly so you aren’t bored playing the same game month after month.

Add-ons for Pets

Apparently, pets hate to be forgotten when families play games. At Awesome Pack, they would hate to make Fluffy feel left out. Add a treat to each box when you customize, adding something to the price as well.

Gift-giving and Games

Select a games gift for friends and set up a competition. Customize their gift box according to what you know about them and an Awesome Pack will be delivered to their door instead of yours. Indicate whether this is a one-time gift or monthly for a quarter of the year. Another cool feature is that you can download a digital card to go with it.

Unique, Educational

Awesome Pack doesn’t make up games; they find what’s out there and funnel it to the right people. Sometimes there are just too many games and activities to take it all in. They do the focusing and funneling for you. A number of items are hands-on, interactive, and educational like craft and science projects.

Many characters and games will be highly familiar to customers, but they have not graced your games’ shelf yet. Start collecting fun items and making memories every month.

Get On Top Of Things With The DJI Mavic Pro

Drone Reviews


Drones are among the latest, most popular high-tech inventions with the potential to be both entertaining and useful at a higher level. Christmas is coming; is there a photography nut in your life or a professional videographer who wants to expand his business?

You see these types of machines used in professional and even for military applications too. They are enjoyed by families taking pictures and video of a kids’ soccer game from above.

The DJI Mavic Pro has the power to change the way you look at memories of good times and important ones.

Buy the Mavic Pro


You could say this is a family gift; a single gift to unwrap this Christmas for everyone’s enjoyment. Put away the video games and make your own entertainment. Travel and video; see the sights and photograph them. The cost is about $1,000.

Features of the DJI Mavic Pro

With its big character, you might be expecting a large product. The Mavic Pro is easy to transport, folding to the compact size of a water bottle. It can fly at as much as 40 miles per hour and it’s possible to fly it from your Smartphone using Wi-Fi. You don’t need a lot of accessories and extra gadgets for an afternoon of play, though the battery will need recharging.

Sophisticated and Compact

Although it is only a little device, the DJI Mavic Pro uses 24 high-end cores and has a 7-km range when nothing interferes with controls and visuals in a person’s air space. A wide, open area with no trees is best like a huge sports field or, if you’re in a hilly area, up at the top away from tall plants, buildings, and people. There are 5 vision sensors on-board to collect all the crucial images from an event or a scene. Capture a vision from many angles.

Compare Toys

If your last drone was a Phantom 4, you will be amazed by how tiny the Mavic Pro is. DJI created an awesome, enjoyable product measuring only 1/6th of the Phantom 4’s dimensions. Traveling with your drone is now easier than ever. It still flies for up to 27 minutes for a maximum of 13 kilometers or 8 miles.

New Technology

DJI utilizes a new form of transmission tech, the OcuSync. This is what gives you that 7-km or 4.3-mile range, as long as the controller has the drone in sight. Stream high definition video live from the drone over the internet to friends or back at a meeting of potential backers for your sports team, off-road vehicle, or whatever you are filming in action. Stream live pictures of grandkids to mom and dad.

Protected Drone

At their website, DJI goes into a lot of detail about this device they are so proud of. Another excellent aspect of its build is that the DJI made a smart machine. They protect it from getting bumped and broken in ways which sound minimal but could really destroy your efforts.

The Mavic detects obstacles from up to 15 meters away using FlightAutonomy, new tech to protect your high-end toy. A Mavic Pro will either come to a halt awaiting instructions or will go over or around an obstacle.

Precise Movements

DJI utilizes satellites to position their drone, like the tech used for GPS. This enables you to really hone in on a spot and bring the Mavic to a hover in one very precise spot. Satellite reception is essential, but that sort of technology is becoming super-reliable, especially in a landscape unimpeded by tall buildings or mountains.

4K High Definition

Do you know what it means when graphics are described as “4k?” That means the visuals you receive back from this drone are crisp, clear, and authentic. Add the stabilization feature and you couldn’t ask for better camera-work in mid-air. DJI employs Adobe DNG RAW support for their 12-MP camera.

Nootropics Depot Review: Brain Health Supplements

Nootropics Reviews


What do cholinergenics, mitochondrial support, and adaptogenics have in common? These are nootropics sold online by Nootropics Depot of Arizona. Their educational and commercial site posts information about nootropics and sells products by various manufacturers. Check out their website, offers, and assorted products for overall body health, not just the brain.

What Are Nootropics?

These substances are derived from labs or from nature, consumed in food and supplements. They are prescribed or sold over the counter depending on their purpose and form. Advocates believe nootropics enhance the brain’s ability to think and to learn; to retain information; and that they support all functions because the brain controls everything. If energy, mood, or digestion is a problem, nootropics could be the answer. On the other hand, if your brain is not healthy, nutrition and digestion could be to blame.

nootropics-depot-websiteAbout Nootropics Depot

Nootropics Depot supplies supplements as powders and capsules, claiming their sources are among the best and most trusted. Nootropics Depot invites consumers to read in-house lab test results from regular testing, provided in order to ensure items are safe and reliable.

Tests check purity and the identity of powdered ingredients. With High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Nootropics Depot is able to separate, measure, and identify each part of a mixture to ensure ratios are correct.

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy measures emissions. Every test is done by a chemist. Nootropics Depot works with Alkemist Labs and others to enhance safety and purity checks.

Supplements for Mitochondrial Wellness

Energy is affected by your mitochondrial health and a number of Nootropics Depot nootropics address fatigue. They contain active ingredients such as Acetyl L-Carnitine and CoQ10 which combat continuous feelings of stress and fatigue.


These products overlap with mitochondrial support to enable coping mechanisms naturally found in the body. Some of the adaptogenic ingredients one will discover in Nootropics Depot supplements are Ginseng, Medicinal Mushroom Extracts, and Ashwagandha.


These contribute to the activity of neurotransmitters which enable and extend brain activity. When neurotransmitters shut down, learning also shuts down. Memory is affected. One is susceptible to learning disorders, Dementia, and other neurological problems. You’ll find items like Citicoline Sodium and Alpha-GPC at Nootropics Depot. They support concentration, moods, and memory.

Brands at Nootropics Depot

Discover the goodness of items by RFi and Ixoreal Biomed. Explore products by Embria Health and Nammex. Nootropics Depot and Compound Solutions Inc. contribute to the array of products found online at this website dedicated wholly to the sorts of items and issues mentioned above in the form of powders and pills.

Shopping and Shipping

Sign up for a newsletter from Nootropics Depot and receive a discount off of your first purchase. This promo code is available on the page. Other coupons located off-site generally pertain to the deals already in existence such as free shipping when you spend $50 or more, 10% off by registering for the newsletter, and free shipping on international orders over $200 or higher.

Occasionally, one will find an additional opportunity to save on specific products. They might already be on sale, though; coupon codes won’t get you very far at Nootropics Depot. To ensure the website provides good value, one must browse the internet for similar products sold by other stores.

Comparison: Piracetam Powder at Nootropics Depot and Peak Nootropics

Piracetam powder is a racetam which improves the behavior of neurotransmitters, oxygen and blood circulation, and improves cognition associated with aging but also at other ages. Consumers notice an improvement in their memory when taking Piracetam.

Packaging increments differ between the two companies listed above, but the price for their largest package (1 kg) is about $20 different with Nootropics Depot costing less. Shipping policies were not as readily apparent at Peak Nootropics, based in Texas, so it’s impossible to include that in a comparison.

Then again, Nootropics Depot didn’t indicate dosage recommendations, a factor in each product’s value for money. Stacking them against each other is difficult as a result. The Peak Nootropics website, however, is protected by SSL which is reassuring. SSL certification is not indicated on the Nootropics Depot website.

ASUS ZenWatch 3 Review – Beautiful Customizable Smartwatch

Smartwatch Reviews


The ASUS ZenWatch 3 is a fine piece of time-keeping equipment, although “equipment” does not convey the sense of luxury due to this watch. One really must see the details. View and experience the ZenWatch 3 in person to understand how function can be fabulous and fashionable.


Image: YouTube

Quality and Detail

The website for this ASUS product hones in on two words: detail and quality. ASUS wants you to know they did not overlook even the smallest elements of design and that the whole thing, start to finish, is worth what you pay for it.

Those details include the regular ones like time and date which can be accessed without pressing buttons or knowing some sort of code. Other features, however, show how high-tech design can be user-friendly and stylish too.

Crafted Watch

The face of this slender time keeper measures just 9.95 mm; less than a centimeter thick. A tough, protective Corning Gorilla Glass cover measures 1.39 inches under which is an AMOLED display offering 287 ppi for clear, bright readings. The design couldn’t be more appropriate for a horological item: The Annular Solar Eclipse.

Instead of designing a watch and adding last-minute style details to make it pretty, ASUS created a piece of jewelry which is also technically precise. They use 316L Stainless Steel, the sort used when making jewelry, so it is aesthetically beautiful but also very durable. Compared with regular steel, ASUS assures the wearer that this 316L is more than 80% stronger. The bezel has been diamond-cut for accuracy.

Three Buttons


One button at the top invites users to customize settings in order to access apps and other features. At the center of this array is a function button for changing brightness and other display features. Below all of these is the energy efficiency button: change over to Eco Mode and save battery energy. “Classy” takes on new, environmentally responsible ideals with the ASUS ZenWatch 3.

Colors and Materials

Added to 316L Stainless Steel is the luxury of leather. ASUS fashioned their strap from Italian stitched leather for a comfortable fit. They also allow consumers to select a color for their watch-face metal: Silver, Rose Gold, or Gunmetal. Make this a gift worth giving; choose a shade to match a spouse’s accessories, maybe even his car.

Smart Assistant

Organize information including your calendar with the Smart Assistant, part of the ASUS ZenWatch 3. Settings provide reminders, allow you to call up info as you want it, and relay messages. Choose from many watch-face themes and select one, two, or three informational widgets for the face.

This assistant is more than your calendar manager; stay fit with the ZenFit app too. Count how many steps you take daily, take heed of reminders to get moving, and track other exercises throughout the week. A water-resistant exterior lets you take this watch into the shower or as deep as 1 meter for half an hour. Care for a short swim during lunch hour?

Energy Conscious

Although the wearer will be encouraged to expend more energy, his watch will use less, thanks to a more energy-efficient processor; like the kind you find in a modern laptop. This enables one to make battery life last longer by switching off reminders and other features at certain times. A magnetic charger quickly replenishes the battery.

Venum Fight Gear Review

Fighting Gear Reviews


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Karate, and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) are among the most popular fighting styles or self-defense exercises. They have gained fame, thanks to movies of the past few generations, MMA more currently, and they also provide excellent activity for people of all ages.

If you feel fit but aren’t sure that your mind is working out, take up a martial art. The memory work alone will keep your brain active. Venum supplies gear to martial arts clubs and individual participants.

venum-comEssential Fight Gear for Training

Long before taking part in a tournament or belt test, students spend hours at their club or dojo where the sensei runs them through numerous moves: jab, front cross, upper cut, side kick, tornado kick, axe kick, and so on. With partners in class they work on control, accuracy, etiquette, and power by repeating moves or sparring in a friendly sort of way, although there should be bruises and there could be some blood.

During training, the sensei will ask partners to work with a shield, mitts, or pads. The shield is essential for kicks and is very thick. With the right technique, a pad holder should be protected against the worst of a partner’s blows from rear-leg side-kicks.

One person holds a pad high or low and the other executes front kicks, jump front-kicks, shuffle kicks, and axe kicks, frequently while moving in a line. Mitts are great for punching and jabbing back and forth, chin to shoulder, fist shooting out like a rocket.

Protection in Training

Some pain is expected and some is foolishness; unnecessary. Save real pain for fight day when the adrenaline is up. Although trained individuals should possess the control to not pummel one another senselessly, accidents happen.

Protect the groin, shins, and joints with gear by Venum. Keep all of your teeth: wear a mouth guard. Cover hands with wraps and push them into gloves: this will protect your fingers from bone-to-bone contact and the breaks which follow. A glove and hand wrap also provide additional support to your wrist.

venum-glovesGloves, All Sorts

There are four types of gloves at Venum. Kids get their own section. There are MMA-specific gloves. Boxers need gloves for training and separate ones for the ring on fight day. Browse their selection of styles, sizes, and colors online.

More from Venum

During practice, club members still want to look and feel like fighters and like part of a team. They are also expected to demonstrate discipline and respect.

Those are good reasons to come dressed in a uniform, whether that’s your gi or a special boxing shirt everyone else is also wearing. On training days, karate and BJJ participants are permitted to wear a shirt, pants, and their belt or they can wear the full gi.

This outfit consists of a baggy top which is tied at the bottom on the inside and outside then cinched at the middle with one’s belt. The color signifies his or her level in the sport. Pants are also baggy.

In martial arts, size and shape don’t matter; skill is all that counts. Uniforms of these kinds provide a sense of equalization among those who are very small or a bit large when they stand next to solid, sinewy opponents and team mates.

Venum also carries Kingdom gear, the Navy St. brand seen in MMA. Clothing sold at Venum is shaped and designed for athletics. Feel comfortable moving through the full range of kicking and punching routines.


Venum supplies free shipping once your order comes to $49 or more in the United States. Orders from Canada and Mexico qualify for cost-free shipping once they reach $120. Pricing is reasonable, but it’s not hard to load your basket to the upper value with a jump rope, hand wraps, gloves, and training mitts.

Check out the latest Venum coupons here.

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