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Chagha mushrooms typically grow in birch trees where the climate is cold and is mostly in Northern Hemisphere. The mushroom really doesn’t look very nice when you look at it for the first time, however once you get to know what it has inside in form of nutrients, it suddenly starts looking very appealing.

Chagha mushrooms have been used all over the eastern countries in teas for their health benefits. They are well established because of their high profile benefits. Recently, the mushrooms have gained popularity in the West and are now easily available. They are highly concentrated with mycelium that comes naturally from birch trees.

Benefits of Chagha Mushrooms

Supports the immune system
Chagha mushrooms have tons of Beta-D-Glucans which can help balance the immune system. In simple words it means that it boosts the immune system by improving it. Research has also revealed that it can activate immune cells that are necessary for combating cancer.

Sooths the body
Chagha can help increase the versatility of blood vessels by providing them with a soothing effect. When you are feeling irritation, you can easily use it to get relief from pain and burning sensation. It can also be used for diabetes.

Can help fight gastritis and ulcers
Ulcers in the body can be very painful and annoying. Chagha mushrooms are known to increase the immune system properties which helps fight back gastrointestinal health. Most of the ulcers are caused by bactira which can be easily beaten away by a strong immune system.

Helps balance cholesterol levels and blood pressure
Many studies have shown that chagha mushroom can break down LDL the bad cholesterol in the body and prevents it from entering the blood stream.

Protects the DNA
The DNA can easily be damaged over time, but with the help of chagha mushrooms and its may benefits the rapid damage to DNA cells can be prevented.

Helps fight back viruses
Chagha mushrooms have anti-viral properties that help fight back viral infections. So if you have some sort of viral infection, you can use these mushrooms to help fight back the infection.

Chagha mushrooms are easily available in extracted form from many online and street stores. Just look for a bottle with chagha mushroom extract and you can reap all the benefits the actual mushroom has.

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