Pine Pollen Tincture vs. Powder

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So you know a bit about pine pollen and its benefits for your health. But you are absolutely clueless when you heard that it is available in two forms. Now you are probably wondering what’s the difference between the powder and tincture form.

If you were thinking these forms are same in function, then you are very wrong. Pine pollen tincture and powder have distinct functionality and each have their own benefits.

So in order to compare them together, we will look at the benefits of each one by one:

Pine Pollen Powder benefits

In powder form, pine pollen is giving you all the nutrients it is capable of. It provides antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients that are important for the health of your body. In the powder form, pine pollen can be thought of as a complete food. That is why it is also available in a megadose version which gives you a lot of pine pollen in one dosage.

The only problem with the powdered form is that DHEA and other important hormones like testosterone are destroyed when they are in the digestive tract. However that doesn’t mean you don’t get the other benefits. There is another big advantage of powdered form is that you will never go over unsafe hormone levels.

Pine pollen tincture benefits

In tincture form, the added alcohol allows drawing out all the phyto-androgens and turns them into concentrated form. With this, other components of the pollen will also come with it. by taking it orally, the hormones present in it will immediately enter your blood stream. That means it will no longer go to your digestive track to be consumed.

The tincture form is usually used when you really want a boost in your hormones. With this you can also easily overdose causing an imbalance of hormones in the body. So if you are unsure, never take the tincture form of pine pollen.

Pine pollen tinctures are stronger than powder which is why they are only recommended to men over 30 years. If you are a young male, you can easily use it without the worry of getting into trouble. Although if you just want a bit of boost in your general health, pine pollen in powder form is recommended.

Pine pollen in tincture form is also not recommended to women because of its higher effects on hormone levels.

Pine Pollen for Testosterone

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Pine Pollen is easily one of the most powerful and potent herbs available. It is made up of the male spore of the pine tree that has been used for over a thousand years for strength.

Pine Pollen is packed with nutrition that gives a powerful punch to your body with incredible benefits. According to the Chinese, pine pollen is capable of entering your body through five major meridians such as the spleen, kidneys, lungs, liver and heart

Pine pollen is widely used to increase the testosterone content in the body. Testosterone directly effects how hard of an erection a male has. If you are having issues with your erection such as soft erection or not having it at all, pine pollen may be the ultimate cure.

The testosterone content with other nutrients affect the male penis direct, making it experience a very strong erection. The better the erection is, the more it contributes to sexual arousal. For some men, pine pollen has been guaranteed to give them the strongest morning wood they have ever come across.

For men, they only need to mix a tablespoon of pine pollen in 8 oz of water and drink it before they hit the bed. During the night, pine pollen will be absorbed in the blood and the nutrients will start to act. When you wake up, you’ll have a full erect penis. Although nocturnal penile tumescense (morning wood) is commonly seen in a normal male, those suffering from erectile problems can never have this. Pine pollen can easily remedy this problem to give you hard and strong erection.

Pile pollen also has various benefits such as:

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Balances estrogenic and androgenic hormones
  • Excellent for the hair and skin
  • Increases vitality and energy
  • Increases the master antioxidant of the body
  • Improves the overall endurance
  • Reduces pain
  • Supports joint health
  • Decreases DNA mutation
  • Gives hormonal support
  • Is great for your brain
  • Supports the liver and detoxifies it
  • Protects the heart and its system
  • Regulates and increases the metabolism of the body
  • Can act as a strong aphrodisiac
  • Optimizes prostate health in men and protects the breasts in women
  • Enables a very healthy sex life
  • Can help reduce hangover
  • Is a great antioxidant

Pine pollen is easily available and should be taken if you are experiencing any problems with your general health, especially from the above list.

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How To Use Pine Pollen Powder

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In order to have a good and healthy life, one should always have enough energy reserves available in the body to keep working with the daily routines. With pine pollen, you can actually increase your energy levels by a lot because of its testosterone content. Testosterone automatically increases your energy reserves as well as giving you many other health benefits along with it.

A lot of experts have already concluded that pine pollen is one of the best testosterone boosting supplements available. Over the years it has been used and has proven time and time again that it effective increases T levels in the body.

You can buy online (using our discounts of course!) right here.

Pine pollen has about 15 types of vitamins in it with over 300 enzymes and 30 minerals that greatly benefit the body. It also contains all 3, -6, and -9 fatty acids that are very important for a great immune system. With all these benefits you can take pine pollen to easily and naturally increase T levels in the body and have better energy reserves overall.

How to use pine pollen powder

Pine pollen is available in two forms. You can either have it in tincture or powder form. With powder form, all you need to do is mix a small teaspoon of pine pollen in 8 oz water and drink it before bed. If you want to increase the dosage, simply take one tablespoon of the powder instead of teaspoon. Just be sure not to keep taking the mega dosage. Pine pollen can be taken for as long as you need to keep improving your health. However if you start feeling unusual activity in your body, you should immediately reduce or stop the dosage.

Other great benefits of pine pollen

Pine pollen is known to help with prostate health. Those who take it can better control the size of their prostate. It increases or decreases the size of the prostate to help have better prostate health and over all better orgasms.

Pine pollen also gets rid of forign chemicals from within the body. When these chemicals are gone from your body, you will feel rejuvenated. These chemicals usually enter through the food we eat especially considering that use of pesticide and hormonal drugs are very popular to increase growth in animals and food.

Pine pollen is easily available over the counter and can be taken by anyone over the age of 21. Once you start using it, all your health problems especially associated with sexual health will see significant improvement.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny goat weed is a supplement used by people having erectile dysfunction. It is sold over the counter and has active ingredeitn icariin which benefits men who have ED. It is often sold as powder, tea, tablet and capsule forms.

Horny goat weed can also be used by people having:

  • Hardened arteries
  • Low libido
  • Osteoporosis
  • Hay fever
  • High blood pressure
  • Menopause problems
  • Brain injury
  • Or fatigue

How does it work?

Horny goat weed has icariin which inhibits the activity of PDE5 blocking the penis arteries. When blood fills up in the arteries and the cylinders in the penis are filled, erection happens. So it helps to open up those arteries so that more blood can flow into the penis making it erect.

How is it made?

Horny goat weed is used mostly in the eastern regions of the world. The name was acquired after a goat herder found that his goats became sexually aroused after eating a certain plant.

It is basically known as Epimedium and is also called yin yang huo in parts of China. The plant is mostly found in Japan, China and Korea. But now it is available in most places of the world in form capsules, tablets and tea.

Does it really work?

The claims on many supplements often don’t work when you take them. But with horny goat weed, you can be sure that it will work because it is a natural medicine being used for thousands of years to cure erectile dysfunction.

Even researchers of today have done plenty of testing on animals to confirm that it does really work and is capable of increasing sexual activity by increasing blood flow to the penis. It works pretty much in the same way as Viagra does.

Are there any side effects?

Like all supplements, horny goat weed also has its side effects which start ocuring when you start over using the supplement. There can be nosebleed and other minor side effects if you are using it for over a month. So never go beyond the recommended dosage and never keep taking the supplement nonstop. When you have gained much of its benefits, give yourself a little break of a few weeks before starting to take it again.

Remember horny goat weed shouldn’t be taken as a Viagra. It works slowly but it definitely works.

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Chagha Mushrooms

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Chagha mushrooms typically grow in birch trees where the climate is cold and is mostly in Northern Hemisphere. The mushroom really doesn’t look very nice when you look at it for the first time, however once you get to know what it has inside in form of nutrients, it suddenly starts looking very appealing.

Chagha mushrooms have been used all over the eastern countries in teas for their health benefits. They are well established because of their high profile benefits. Recently, the mushrooms have gained popularity in the West and are now easily available. They are highly concentrated with mycelium that comes naturally from birch trees.

Benefits of Chagha Mushrooms

Supports the immune system
Chagha mushrooms have tons of Beta-D-Glucans which can help balance the immune system. In simple words it means that it boosts the immune system by improving it. Research has also revealed that it can activate immune cells that are necessary for combating cancer.

Sooths the body
Chagha can help increase the versatility of blood vessels by providing them with a soothing effect. When you are feeling irritation, you can easily use it to get relief from pain and burning sensation. It can also be used for diabetes.

Can help fight gastritis and ulcers
Ulcers in the body can be very painful and annoying. Chagha mushrooms are known to increase the immune system properties which helps fight back gastrointestinal health. Most of the ulcers are caused by bactira which can be easily beaten away by a strong immune system.

Helps balance cholesterol levels and blood pressure
Many studies have shown that chagha mushroom can break down LDL the bad cholesterol in the body and prevents it from entering the blood stream.

Protects the DNA
The DNA can easily be damaged over time, but with the help of chagha mushrooms and its may benefits the rapid damage to DNA cells can be prevented.

Helps fight back viruses
Chagha mushrooms have anti-viral properties that help fight back viral infections. So if you have some sort of viral infection, you can use these mushrooms to help fight back the infection.

Chagha mushrooms are easily available in extracted form from many online and street stores. Just look for a bottle with chagha mushroom extract and you can reap all the benefits the actual mushroom has.

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An Insightful Review Of Nootromins

After receiving several requests to have a look at Nootromins we decided to carry out a thorough examination of the supplement. It is the brainchild of a group of people in San Francisco who were inspired by the constant improvements that take place in the world of computer technology.

Just like a computer, the human brain is capable of carrying out several functions seamlessly. However, this group of individuals believe that human beings have not yet reached their full potential which is why developing a supplement that could enhance physical and mental abilities was necessary.

What is in a pack of Nootromins?

Rhodiola Rosea – this is a powerful herb that has been proven to significantly improve mood and reduce the effects of fatigue. It stimulates parts of the brain that process information.

Bacopa Monnieri – this is a neuroprotective perennial herb that has been included in several clinical studies. Most researchers concur that the herb has a positive impact on long term memory. Studies have also shown that it boosts cognitive function and mental processing speed.

Caffeine – this is a substance that is mostly derived from the coffee bean. It has been proven to improve alertness and cognitive function. Individuals that have taken coffee or any other product containing caffeine can attest to the fact that it increases energy levels.

Vitamin B6 and B12 – these are basically synergistic essential vitamins that have the capability to increase energy levels, boost mood and concentration. They work better when combined with the other ingredients mentioned here.

L-Theanine – this is an amino acid that has been tested by various researchers with a number of them claiming to observe anti-stress and anti-anxiety effects on users. It promotes relaxation of the brain and body muscles.

Inositol – this is a vitamin like compound that lowers anxiety, improves cellular signalling while enhancing attentiveness.

Alpha-GPC – it is a potent natural choline compound with properties that help in enhancing memory, cognition and focus.

These are just some of the most important nutrients contained in a packet of Nootromins. A close examination of each of the nutrients and what they do can quickly reveal why the supplement is believed to be one of the best options for individuals that want to reach their full potential when it comes to mental and physical abilities.

The benefits of taking these supplements

A combination of the ingredients above is likely to improve signalling of neurotransmitters. This ultimately ensures that you are better focused when receiving information through study or verbal communication.

Each tablet contains properties that boost oxygen uptake and glucose metabolism. As a result you are likely to feel energized throughout the day. Most people reach the peak of creativity when they are energized and focused enough to process sophisticated information.

The supplements provide key micro-nutrients while also enhancing blood flow. This inevitably boosts neuronal signalling and muscle responsiveness which is why the tablets can be ideal for athletes.

Stress and anxiety can greatly affect the way you perform physically and mentally. The developers of Nootromins must have had these facts at hand which is why they included ingredients that stimulate key brain receptors and as a result improve mood while managing stress and anxiety.

To truly unlock your mental capabilities you must ensure that the brain is in good health. Nootromins provide brain tissue nourishment, enhance regeneration while guaranteeing plasticity which are all important in prevention of mental decline.

What impressed us about the supplements

After going through various reviews and independent testimonials posted by people online we could not find any significant complaint regarding health complications. No one has had to deal with issues such as headaches, nausea, skin irritation or the common side effects that develop after use of nootropics.

All the ingredients contained in this supplement are natural and have been approved by the FDA. If you are keen on trying out the supplement you can do so with a certain level of confidence because the products have met all government requirements.

The supplements are available in three different packages with the first able to sustain you for ten days while the second is meant to last for 20 days. The third package contains sufficient tablets to last for 30 days. At a rate of $39, $79, $119 respectively, you can be sure to find a package that is suitable for your needs.

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*Note that these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Shop Around For The Best Online Vape Stores

Vapor Products Reviews


If you are thinking of buying your first electronic cigarette or vaporizer or are already vaping but thinking of upgrading your device or finding some new e-liquid flavors, then it is time to hit the internet and start browsing for the best online vape stores. There are almost as many online vape stores as there are vaporizers and all of them have their strengths and weaknesses; some have a great selection of vaporizers but don’t sell e-liquids, while others may only stock top-name products, meaning some of the edgier more obscure brands miss out.

When it comes to finding the best price for your chosen device, it is worth reading the small print too. After all, you may have found the “lowest” price for your device but if you have to pay for shipping that might take the cost above what another site with free shipping is charging for the same device. Look into the possibility of buying a starter kit too, as this can often be another good way to save money. Some of the best online vape stores don’t just include all the technical kit you need to get started in these kits, but also add in a few samples of e-liquids too — especially useful if you are new to vaping and not yet sure what kind of flavors you are going to enjoy.

Either way, it is worth spending some time finding the best deal on your chosen product and browsing the best online vape stores — as well as checking for sales or special deals in your local retail stores — is a good way to get started.

Direct Vapor

Direct Vapor is the go-to site for most vapers, especially beginners. It is more like a vaping outlet than a vaping store, stocking hundreds of different vaporizers from manufacturers and designers all over the world as well as a great range of accessories and parts for those more advanced vapers who like to make modifications and adjustments to their vape mods. They even sell alternative vaporizers which use concentrate and dry herbs for vaporizing — more of an acquired taste but they are one of the few online vaping stores that cater to this market.

Unlike a lot of their competitors which focus on vaporizers to the detriment of e-juice, Direct Vapor also sells a range of brand name e-liquids such as Motley Brew, Cosmic Fog, Naked 100 and the Vaporfi range of flavors. You can browse by brand if you already have a favorite manufacturer, or browse by flavor options if you are just looking for inspiration.

There is free shipping available on all orders, with no minimum value, a 15-day return policy in the event that you change your mind about a purchase, and a full 60-day warranty should there be any problems with your device. Direct Vapor also has a low-price guarantee, so if you find a device on sale cheaper anywhere else they will refund the difference or match that lower price. This really is one of the best online vape stores both in terms of product selection and customer service, and is one of the most reliable names in the vaping industry.


VaporDNA is one of the best online vape stores for those experienced vapers who enjoy building their own atomizers or who like to make adjustments and modifications to brand-name devices. They sell the whole range of rebuildable atomizers, including dripping atomizers, tank atomizers, and sub-ohm tanks too, for those vapers who enjoy their cloud chasing — a vaping term for the creation of really big clouds of vapor. You can also buy all the tools you need for building your own atomizer as well as the usual spare batteries, coils, and drip tips.

If you are not a builder, VaporDNA does have good selection of brand-name vaporizers which are good to go as soon as they arrive, and need no modifications to work perfectly well. They stock products from dependable favorites like Innokin, Kanger, and Vaporesso, as well as edgier names such as RiP Trippers and Council of Vapor. They also sell some e-liquids, though not as wide a selection as one can find at Direct Vapor.

Shipping is free on orders over $49 — something worth bearing in mind if you are only buying a cheaper, more simple vaporizer or stocking up on a couple of bottles of e-liquid — and VaporDNA has a 45-day return policy if you change your mind, provided the item is unused and unopened.


VaporBeast is a great site for browsing a wide range of products, selling vape pens, mods and tanks and some of the more creative and unusual e-liquid brands and flavors. Among the best online vape stores for the big-name brands like Sigelei, Aspire and Joyetech, VaporBeast also sells vaporizers from smaller manufacturers, devices which have more of a niche market among experienced vapers looking for something very specific from their vaping experience.

E-liquids are arranged by flavor so that you can browse all the tobacco flavors in one place or try something a little more unusual in the dessert or beverages section. You can also choose from their top sellers or buy an extra-large bottle of your favorite brand or flavor to save money. Some of the e-liquid brands available at VaporBeast include Space Jam and the very sweet, retro flavors of Dinner Lady e-liquids, which include Strawberry Custard, Lemon Tart and Rice Pudding.

Shipping is free within the United States on all orders over $35 and returns are available on defective items within 30 days, though this policy does not cover tanks, cartomizers, and atomizers. You can sign up for VaporBeast newsletter to hear about special deals and sales first and to get even further reductions off the products on their site.

The choice of vape stores can easily be as bewildering as the choice of vaporizers, especially if you are a beginner to the vaping world. Treat shopping for a vaporizer as you would shopping for any other electrical item; do your research, shop around for a good deal but in the end you should only buy from one of the best online vape stores to be sure that you are buying a reliable and safe product which is protected by all the proper warranties and customer service guarantees.


VaporFi has gained popularity as one of the best online electronic cigarette companies in the market over the years, thanks to their constant development of the brand. The company produces competitive and up-to-the-minute models of e-cigarettes for people that want to experience a rich taste of vape products.

Vapers have often made an ultimate stop at VaporFi due to their quality products, array of choices and unbeatable prices. It has a wide range of products ranging from quality e-cigarettes to e-liquids that have predominantly scaled great heights in their niche.

Their most popular product is perhaps the sleek Pro III Starter Kit that boasts of both performance and convenience. It is an ideal product that brings out the excitement and satisfaction from a vape.

Merchandise that they offer such as the VaporFi E-liquid blends can be customized to a users desired taste and flavor. More products that owe their allegiance to VaporFi include:

  • VaporFi VOX 40 and 80TC MOD.
  • VaporFi VEX75 and 150TC MOD that has removable batteries.
  • VaporFi Pro 3 starter kit that is designed specially for beginner vapers.
  • VaporFi Rebel 3 kit which is relatively easy to use, has sub-ohm abilities and a 3000mAh battery.
  • Rocket 3 Starter Kit.
  • Atom Dry Herb Vaporizer which has the ability to go into sleep mode after 30 seconds of inactivity.
  • VaporFi VAIO 75 TC MOD vaporizer and the recently released Orbit.

Advantages of using the VaporFi Products

Among other advantages, VaporFi has the ability to mimic the real cigarette and perform the same effects by using its throat-hit parameters. Products such as the Pro II Starter Kit have a modern look that not only makes it very durable but also easy to refill.

Additionally, the VaporFi Pro II has no cartridges unlike other counterparts,users are able to blend a variety of flavors together as well as the already mentioned throat hit. Anyone with an interest in vaping, be it beginners, chain-smokers or regular vapers, will not be left out as far as diversity is concerned.

If you want to challenge your taste buds or are looking for a simple but effective e-cigarette model that will give you value for your money, you should definitely make a stop at VaporFi.


If you are looking for a site to buy the items you need for your vaping, then you should know about Vapor4Life. This site has everything you will need. Here are a few things you can expect to find.

Great Selection

The company was founded on the premise of giving people choices. Whether you are looking for starter kits, e-juice cartridges, or just plain e-cigs you will find it all here. They sell many different brands as well including Kangertech, Smok, Slush, and many more.

Customer Service

As a family owned business, the company is able to provide great customer service. They are a home grown business and want to retain that home grown feel with their commitment to quality service with their customers. If you have a question or an issue, they will be able to help you resolve the issue right away.

Save on Shipping

Another great feature this site offers is their amazing shipping accommodations. Orders over $35 get free shipping. Also, as long as an order is placed by 4PM central time then it can be shipped the same day. This means you get your products faster. They will also ship all over the world, which is something not all e-cig retailers will do.

Satisfaction Guarantee

As the focus is providing you with small business quality, the company also guarantees that their customers will love their purchases. If not, then they guarantee 100% money back with free returns when this is not the case. However, their percentage of returns on orders is half a percent, so chances are you will be happy with the purchase.

Trusted Company

A huge issue with ordering online, especially when it comes to the world of e-cigs is finding a reputable company. Many are start ups and while this is not bad, it is hard to know what you can expect. This company has been around since 2008 and have a great reputation. This is because they offer secure purchases, great selection, superior customer service, and fast shipping.

These are just some of the reasons to shop with Vapor4Life. You will find their site to be easy to navigate and very informative. It makes the purchasing process super easy.


THIS Should Satisfy Your Desire for WholeTones Reviews! Ready to Buy? Need a Promo Code?

My hands and heart are moved to write just one more in a series of Wholetones reviews that I’ve been working on lately – and then, if you need a Wholetones promo code to save a little money on the purchase of your own Wholetones downloads and CDs, you’re in the right place.

And, once you have read through my thoughts about Wholetones, if you want to try it for yourself, CLICK HERE.

If you are looking for any Wholetones promo codes, we noticed that there is one that appears to pop up a bit, and talk about it here. (Hint – click here, and then use “WHOLE10” and see if you save some money.)

If you want to cut right to the chase, Wholetones is music played in what are becoming known as “healing frequencies.”

The musician’s instruments are tuned to a different frequency than is commonly accepted in mainstream music.

And these frequencies are said to have very beneficial effects on your body and spirit.

I purchased Wholetones music and the book…

As I type this latest review about Michael Tyrrell’s inspired passion, the Wholetones Healing Frequency Music Project, I have my own copy of the music playing in the background.

In fact, what happens to be playing right this moment is “Transformation,” played in the 528 Hz tuning. There is something almost haunting about this piece. I love them more, but this particular one is filling me with a feeling I just cannot describe.

The screenshot to the right is my playlist. This is the second time today I’m listening.

I purchased it with my own funds, and neither Michael Tyrrell, the creator of Wholetones, nor Barton Publishing who publishes his work were aware that I was purchasing it: I did not receive any special considerations when I bought it. (Note: If you decide to purchase from the links I have in here, I may receive a commission, but that’s the only way I can earn money from my review here.)

This stuff moves me more than I have ever, ever been moved by pieces of music in my life. Infinitely easy on the ears, Wholetones – at its core – is a series of 7 individual tracks, each played in a very specific key that you will not hear on everyday radio.

But… I wish we did hear it in mainstream music. I firmly believe our world would be a whole lot calmer and happier if we did.

Once you learn more about it, you will be pleased to know that more and more musicians are beginning to produce music in these special, and little known frequencies.

What is Wholetones music?

Wholetones is the trademark name of Michael Tyrrell’s music, created in specific frequencies and tunings that are different from the tunings in which most of today’s music is played.

The purpose of the Wholetones music project is to create a healing atmosphere using these specific tunings that Michael Tyrrell believes were revealed in the Bible during the rein of King David.

The music of Wholetones is based on the Solfeggio frequencies which were believed to have their roots in early sacred, deeply spiritual music.

–> IMPORTANT: Now – one thing I really feel I need to make VERY CLEAR is that I’m not able to explain scientific or technological stuff. I don’t have a brain that can do that. 

I’m trying to simply give a Wholetones review – but in order to do so I do have to cover a couple of primary things that are part and parcel of the product.

To learn about the science of sound and frequencies and stuff, let Google be your guide. 🙂 Ok?

Resolving the Frequencies

Each frequency can be resolved, using what is called Pythagorian math to either “3” “6” or “9”. For example, if you look at my screenshot above, you can see that “Open Door,” played in 396 Hz resolves to 9.

  • That is, 3+9+6 = 18. Then, 1+8 = 9.

“Desert Sojourn” is played in 417, which resolves to 3.

  • That is, 4+1+7 = 12. Then, 1+2 = 3.

“The Key of David” is in 444.

  • 4+4+4 = 12. Then, 1+2 = 3.

“Transformation” is played in 528.

  • 5+2+8 = 15. Then, 1+5 = 6.

“The Bridge” is played in 639.

  • 6+3+9 = 18. Of course, 1+8 = 9.

“Great Awakening” is played in 741.

  • 7+4+1 = 12. Then, 1+2 = 3.

“The Majestic” is played in 852.

  • 8+5+2 = 15. And 1+5 = 6.

Michael goes into why this is all important in his book.

But what does it mean?

Honestly, my mind began spinning when I began reading about all this. But one thing that has stuck in my head that I find uncanny.

Evidently, Nikola Tesla, the great inventor and one of the “fathers of electricity” made some interesting observations and is supposedly quoted as saying, “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.”  Check out this article for more on this:

But, back to Wholetones.

Why are these frequencies important?

Michael believes that the commonly accepted tunings (A = 440 Hz) are detrimental to physical and spiritual well-being; his mission is to educate those who would listen and hear this message. For example, if you ask the majority of musicians to what frequency the “A” above Middle C on a standard keyboard is tuned, most musicians would respond that the “A” above Middle C is tuned to 440 Hz.

However, in Wholetones, Michael Tyrrell’s tuning is completely different, and instead of tuning his guitar to 440 Hz, his “A” would be tuned to 444 Hz instead.

As Michael explains at his site and in his book, each frequency – which is measured by a unit called a “Hertz” (Hz) – has a different property. A sound measured at 1 Hertz means that the sound is moving at 1 cycle per second. So, if you have a sound frequency that is 444 Hz, that means it is 444 cycles per second.

What are the benefits of each Wholetones song and these Solfeggio frequencies?

Each frequency is said to affect different aspects of well being. Remember that all the Wholetones pieces are played in a different frequency. Here is a very basic rundown of what each song might affect:

  • 396 Hz (“Open Door”) – Listen to this first. This frequency is said to help free us from feeling fear, shame, and guilt.
  • 417 Hz (“Desert Sojourn”) – Said to help us let go of negative habits and to help us change for the better.
  • 444 Hz (“Key of David”)  – This is a biggie. If you even skimmed the part above, about tuning instruments to this frequency, there are 4 Solfeggio frequencies you can access when you are tuned to 444 Hz. This is a frequency of peace and overall wellness.
  • 528 Hz (“Transformation”) This is also a biggie. This is said to facilitate healing, DNA repair, and miracles
  • 639 Hz (“The Bridge”) This one is about forgiveness, and better relationships
  • 741 Hz  (“Great Awakening”) This one also moves me along the same lines as “Transformation.” I dn’t quite know why. But, it is said to help us with being tuned in to our intuition and spirit.
  • 852 Hz (“The Majestic”) Michael says this is “purely spiritual” and this frequency is often spoken of in relationship to spirituality and pure connectivity.

Sound moves in waves.

If you look at the graph showing 5 Hz, you see 5 sound waves. When we are listening to music, each musical note that we hear corresponds to a specific frequency. And that frequency is what the hertz is measuring.

In his book, Michael explains that not all frequencies are created equal. He explains that some are actually harmful and promote a dissonance within our bodies, while others (such as those used in Wholetones) are beneficial and promote healing and overall wellness. Michael provides some compelling resources that explain that in the past, certain people in history wanted to promote the dissonance (think “Nazis”).

So, if we are to believe what Michael Tyrrell and an increasing number of musicians and researchers are saying, when you listen to music played in a common tuning where A = 440 Hz, you are hearing a frequency that isn’t doing you, your body, or your DNA any good.

Can anyone play instruments and music in these frequencies? Michael discusses this in his book.

For Musicians: Guidelines for Tuning to These Frequencies

Michael Tyrrell explains how to tune your instrument around the 444 Hz (the Key of David), where the following notes would necessarily be played in equally helpful frequencies – and note that this little summary of Michael’s explanation is actually meant for musicians who understand tunings, and playing in different keys – but he does have a chapter that covers the 7 primary frequencies that Wholetones is based on.

It begins with tuning first to A = 444 Hz; but it gets a little technical for me. If you are tuned to A = 444 Hz, you can move through G at 396 Hz, G# at 417 Hz, and C at 528 Hz. But then to play in 639 Hz, 741 Hz, and 852 Hz, you need to tune differently.

It’s in the book, but again, even though I love to sing, can plonk around on the piano and strum a bit on the guitar while I sing old folk tunes, I’m not a trained musician. And…

I mentioned before that I’m no scientist…

…and I don’t need to be to receive the benefits of Wholetones music

Please keep in mind that you do NOT need to actually understand any of this to benefit from listening to Wholetones music!

I only understand a very little of the rudimentary stuff.

But it doesn’t matter, because when I’m listening to the music, I’m feeling something that I rarely, if ever, feel from listening to music.

My hope is that by being a “Musicianary” as Michael Tyrrell calls those who are trying to spread the word, my personal experience with Wholetones will be enough to pique your interest in trying it for yourself.

Now, what is Wholetones Chroma?

Based on Chromatherapy (sometimes referred to as “color therapy”) the Wholetones Chroma product has not only the music, but also a kind of light show playing from a TV or computer screen. I personally know a number of people who keep their televisions on all day – partly for background sound, but sometimes also for “company.”

In my mind, if I were going to have a television screen on all day, I might as well make good use of it. To me, watching a beautiful light show set to music would be a better use of my TV then say, watching some famous family’s continual drams being paraded in front of me any day.

Wholetones To Go

Recently, Wholetones released another way to listen to the music without needing to have a laptop or any other device with you: Wholetones To Go. It’s a clever idea! It’s a small speaker already pre-loaded with all 7 tracks! You can take it with you anywhere, or move it from room to room if you want to be sure you are able to hear it no matter where you are.

My Initial Experience Listening to Wholetones Music

I play these over and over again, and just cannot get tired of listening to them. Hearing them play in the background is soothing and energizing at the same time – even if I’m not writing about music.

The first time I heard these pieces – and “Transformation” in particular (as I mentioned earlier) I began to cry. I cannot explain it. But it was a deep, cleansing tear-fest that made me know at some place deep within my very soul that I was listening to something extraordinary. I had just received my package of 7 CDs and the book, Wholetones™: The Sound of Healing, and hadn’t yet opened the book; I simply decided to listen to “Transformation” for some reason.

After I began crying, I decided that perhaps I should read the book to try and figure out what had just happened there. Now, the book is written purely from Michael Tyrrell’s heart, and he pretty much spills his guts about his passion for this project and for these special tunings which – according to him – resonate in frequencies that are conducive to healing of body, mind and spirit.

In the book, he advises listening to the tracks in the order I showed above, beginning with “Open Door.” He says that each track lays a foundation for the next one. I won’t argue. I just put the stuff in, press play, and go about my business.

Michael Tyrrell is a devout Christian – but you don’t have to be…

Michael Tyrrell is certainly not the first person in the world to talk about these unusual tunings, which he believes were given to the world during the days and rein of King David of Biblical fame. However, he is the first person that I have ever heard speak of these frequencies with a fervor I seldom see in the field of self-development.

Perhaps it is because of his own mother’s miraculous healing (you can read about it here) that provided the ultimate proof for him. It should be noted that Michael is a deeply devout Christian, and counts the profession as pastor in addition to his musical resume.

I should tell you that his book is definitely slanted towards the Christian point of view. Whether or not you consider yourself a Christian, the book is interesting, and written from Michael’s heart. There is absolutely no question.

Because I am not a religious person (I consider myself spiritual, but not religious), I can’t speak much about Christian points of view. Nonetheless, I truly did enjoy the book. I feel like I learned quite a bit, and that I was introduced to a number of ideas that I had never considered before.

I’d very much like to meet Michael Tyrrell. He really seems like a genuinely wonderful person – one who is on a mission to help this world and its inhabitants live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

Would I buy Wholetones again? Absolutely. My only wish is that he would write and record even more must in these beautiful, haunting tones.

Give it a try. You have nothing to lose!

Check out Wholetones Music & All Wholetones Products:

Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo Review



Drug tests which are hair based are among the most difficult to pass since you can’t really carry out tests at home and THC is found inside the cuticle of the hair root in a part called the cortex.
Regular shampoos no matter how clarifying are simply going to have no effect.

Zydot Ultra Clean is a product designed for drug users with high levels of toxins in their body and it has been known to help pass drug tests with as little as two washes prior to the test.

Ultra Clean Purifying ShampooWhere To Buy

When compared with premium hair detoxification shampoos such as Nexxus Aloe Rid which cost well above a $100 this is a very affordable yet effective option. The shampoo can be ordered via discreet shipping for only $35.95.

As an employee you will need to undergo drug tests repeatedly so you won’t be spending a fortune in the long run. One bottle lasts for quite a few washes anyway even when used liberally as the product requires.

Order from or pick up the shampoo from your closest pharmacy. Since this is a cheaper shampoo it needs to be used in conjunction with a conditioner and a deep cleaning purifying treatment which are included in the pack.

It claims to dissolve all THC and related toxins from the cortex. In most hair tests only 1.5 inches of the hair from the root is tested so this product gives you the all-clear.

Function Of Each Component

  • The shampoo performs the most basic function which is revealing the follicle of the hair by removing all dirt and grime and clogging toxins. It exposes the cortex with its harsh formula so that the other products might then do their job.
  • The Purifying treatment which is designed to be used next penetrates into the cortex to leech out the toxins and the THC. It also dissolves many chemicals so that they might be rinsed from the hair afterwards. There is no need to worry about anything other than the roots of the hair as this is the only part which will actually be tested.
  • The conditioner just like any regular one makes your hair healthy and silky and makes sure there is no dryness or tangles when you begin to comb out your hair. This will also later give the illusion of healthy hair and a great diet.

Remember to use all this products on the same day as your test. Many people repeat the process twice if they are paranoid or really heavy users but once is quite enough to pass your test.


First step is to wet your hair and apply half of the shampoo in the pack and massage your scalp with it. Leave the shampoo on for about 10 minutes. After that you rinse the product out.
Secondly you apply the purifier, leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse. After that you use what remains of the shampoo to wash and rinse again. In the end you apply the conditioner again leaving on for 10 minutes and then rinsing well.

For Online Purchases: Here’s where you can buy Ultra Clean Shampoo

Go Electric With The Gocycle G3

Electric Bicycle Reviews


The Gocycle G3 is one of the newest electric bikes on the market, featuring a raft of new modifications and improvements to make your riding experience more pleasant — and charging more efficient. Check it out on HERE!

Electric bikes are a great invention for cycling commuters, many of whom don’t want to arrive at work exhausted; a fully charged electric motor in the Gocycle G3 is enough for you to travel up to 50 miles, depending on your own pedal input when it comes to the flatter and downhill sections of your commute.

It takes seven hours to charge, meaning that if there is somewhere at your workplace to safely store the Gocycle, you could feasibly recharge it while you work for your journey home.

Want to learn more? CLICK HERE!

Gocycle G3 Features

Available in white, electric blue or black, the Gocycle G3 features a number of new innovations, such as its own built-in lights for safe night-time cycling, wireless Bluetooth technology to help you monitor your fitness and ride times through the Gocycle App, an integrated dashboard display with information about fuel, speed, and efficiency, and newly-designed docking station for easy storage and transport.

The Gocycle G3 is most efficiently used as a cross between an ordinary bike and electric cycle, using the motor to help you up hills but relying on your own pedal power on the flatter stretches. This will help you get the most out of each charge. The bike itself is a comfortable and easy-to-rise design, with a Velo D2 Comfort saddle, hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear tires and a Universal Vgnomic frame.

Getting the Most Out of Your Gocycle G3

As well as making sure you use the right combination of pedal power and electric motor to get as far as you want or need to go, the Gocycle G3 also has a number of programmable modes to help you manage your efficiency depending on the kind of environment you are cycling in. Pre-programmed modes for this model include City and Eco, as well as giving the rider the option to create and program their own custom modes.

The Gocycle G3 is also available with a range of additional accessories, packaged together based on the needs of different types of cycle users. The Commuter Pack, for example, contains an integrated light kit, front and rear lights powered by the Gocycle G3 battery for those commuters who like to stay late at the office, as well as front and rear mudguards to protect your work clothes from unwanted splashes.

The Portable Pack, meanwhile, for those who like to take their bikes away with them, includes a portable docking station, a pair of folding pedals for easy storage and a pedal spanner to ensure safe and secure installation.

See the GoCycle G3 HERE on Amazon!

GoCycle Gadgets

There are lots of other Gocycle G3 gadgets and accessories that you can buy in order to customize your bike for your own needs. You can add a rod to the front handlebar to support a Gocycle branded front pannier, ideal for safely storing office paperwork or if you use your Gocycle for picking up groceries on the way home, or invest in extra security measures to protect your Gocycle G3 if you have to store it in publicly accessible areas at home or at work.

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Company



The web host you choose goes a long way in saying a lot about your website, the way it operates and how many subscribers it is able to obtain. The main purpose of a web host is to keep your information, data and media floating online with the help of servers fully backed up. This is a service which you will have to pay for naturally and each company offers various priced packages.

Click this link to view a full list of web hosting companies in our coupon database.  Among the most used coupons is

Choosing the best web host is not always a simple task and there are a few tricks behind it which can help you get it right even if you have minimal past experience or if you are a relatively new website owner.

Tips on How to Find the top Website Host

  • The first thing you will be looking at is the price point. Depending on how new you are to the business you are going to want to consider your budget and work accordingly. What your website is attempting to accomplish and how much media it has floating (the nature of its content) also determines how much you will need to spend in the way of a hosting package.
  • Cheap is not always good since your website can suffer from a bad host with issues like breakdowns and inaccessibility and lots of spam and minimal protection from viruses. If you are dedicated to your website or if you expect to be earning from it (if it is an eshop or ecommerce venture) then you will definitely need to invest in the right comprehensive hosting package.
  • Getting the right amount of technical support cannot be undermined as it greatly determines your ability to function well and keep your website afloat for your customers or subscribers. Make sure you choose a company that has brilliant customer service and is very responsive to complaints and calls for help. Companies like GoDaddy and webhostingbuzz are particularly good in this area which helps newbies especially.
  • You need to carefully determine the purpose and scale of operations with regard to your site. Are you going to be hosting a lot of media such as pictures and videos? This requires a substantial hosting package which only a really good company can bring you since they operate with the help of many servers simultaneously. The pages will load fast and you won’t suffer from the website breaking down which causes you to lose readers if you have chosen the right company.

Canopy Mart Party Tents For Functions Big And Small

Outdoor Structures Reviews


These days, parties for every occasion — weddings, bar mitzvahs, Sweet-16, and even regular old birthdays — are held in marquees and outdoor tents. There are huge advantages to this kind of venue; you can adapt it to suit varying numbers of people, fill it with whatever furniture and décor you want or need, and even turn a useless piece of land into a useful bit of extra space for a house or family gathering.

While there are a number of companies which rent out marquees for such events, if you have a large family — and are lucky enough to have a large garden — then it is worth investing in a party tent, even a small one, so that you can help out your relatives, friends, and neighbors when they want to host their own party.

Simple Party Tents

Some of these party tents can be pretty simple and fairly inexpensive. They consist of just a few poles supporting a canvas or plastic roof. As some of these tents don’t have sides to them, they are better used for daytime events in areas where you are guaranteed good weather. But they do provide much needed shade for such occasions and can be a handy place to store the food and drinks.

Canopy Mart sells several of these simple party tents, such as the Celina, which comes in a variety of sizes (the photo you see here is the 10 x 10 foot Celina, with galvanized poles – click the photo to go to the product page). Of course they have a number of others as well.

There are party tents which have vinyl walls as well as a roof. These walls can be rolled up out of the way and secured at the roof if they are not needed, but they can provide some helpful shelter from wind and rain if the weather is not as nice as you were hoping. Many of these, including the Mystique 20 ft by 40 ft High Peak tent have clear “windows” which allow in the light when the walls are rolled down as well as being available in different colors to add to the party spirit.

Here are just a few of the different categories of party tents (click each heading to see what the options are for each category):

Larger Marquees

 These simple party tents are still more suited to small family and neighborhood gatherings whereas Canopy Mart also sells a range of larger tents, either for those who want to start their own party business or who have a number of big family parties coming up and want to save some money on the rental costs.

The Eureka Capri party tent is a particularly innovative and unusual marquee which is star-shaped with a number of peaks. As well as looking good, this model can also shelter lots of people and is available from the Canopy Mart in a variety of sizes.

If you are planning on launching your own party rental business offering a one-stop shop for events and functions, then a marquee is an essential part of such a venture. You can get great value tents from Canopy Mart in sizes up to the enormous 100 ft by 310 ft Premier Party Tent — large enough for any commercial function or a wedding. Such tents don’t come cheap but when you consider how much your business could make by renting such a venue out per weekend, it won’t be long before you can make your money back.

Tent Furniture and Decor

Of course, buying a marquee or party tent is only a small part of creating a luxurious and comfortable venue for your special occasion. Luckily, Canopy Mart also stocks a selection of party furniture and essential accessories to make sure your event is a success and that it goes off without a hitch. You can buy chairs and tables in both metal and wood. These are all foldable, which makes transport and storage much easier, and Canopy Mart also sells wheeled carts to help you and your assistants transport both the tents themselves and the party furniture around more easily.

If your party is taking place after dark or if the event is likely to run on past sunset, you will need a way of keeping your party tent lit so that people can carry on enjoying themselves late into the night. You can choose from flood lights — great for illuminating certain locations throughout the tent — or chandeliers, which can create a more subdued atmosphere for sophisticated dinners or cocktail parties.

They really do have events covered! Canopy Mart even sells lampposts which can be installed at the entrance to your tent to make a statement as guests arrive. The website also stocks light bulbs which are suitable for outdoor use; a consideration in the event that you have rain as ordinary light bulbs may not be safe in such an eventuality.

Whatever your plans, whether you are organizing a small family function in your back yard, hosting a larger celebration like a wedding, or whether you are thinking of starting a business hiring out marquees, party tents and all the fixtures and fittings needed to create a great party venue in an outdoor environment, Canopy Mart has everything you could possibly need. They stock a range of sizes, styles and have canopies and tents to suit all budgets. While their bigger function tents can be expensive, if you are planning to rent them out, you can soon make back your investment. After all, parties are big business these days and people are always getting married or celebrating special occasions.

Canopy Mart Coupon Codes and Sales

Occasionally, Canopy Mart offers deep discounts and coupon codes to help you save even more. When we are given new promotions and discount codes, you will see them in our Canopy Mart Coupon Codes section here. And, they are not limited to outdoor gazebos, even though that is the product line we were concentrating on in this particular Canopy Mart review feature! They also have a variety of different portable backyard shelters, gazebos, sheds, and even garage structures!

Check out the various sections (clicking on each link will bring you directly to that product category at

Create A Cozy & Comfy Bedroom at Home and Patio Decor Center

Home Furnishings Store Reviews


We were going to start by giving an overall Home and Patio Decor Center review, and quickly honed in one of our favorite aspects of the site: The bedroom furnishings! Oh, they have TONS of other stuff that is ultra cool (kids’ playsets & outdoor furnishings, thousands of options for patio furnishings, great kitchen carts, and on and on, etc), but let’s face it, your bedroom is your sanctuary from the busy world outside, and you should do everything you can to make it an oasis of calm away from work and your other responsibilities. So, that’s what we’ll concentrate on today!Discounted Designer Bedding and Comforter Sets with Free Shipping

One of the things that customers appreciate when it comes to this website is that even BEFORE applying any Home and Patio Decor Center coupon codes, shipping is free. This is almost like an automatic discount savings that can sometimes add up to hundreds of dollars. It’s just one of the many things that makes this company so appealing to thousands and thousands of customers.

(Please visit the site to see the vast selection of just about ANYTHING you could think of for the home – inside and out:

Anyway, back to the bedroom. Everyone knows the usual rules such as making sure there is no TV in the bedroom in order to help you sleep, but choosing good furniture from Home and Patio Decor Center is an important part of creating the right atmosphere in your cozy and comfy bedroom.

Home and Patio Decor Center has long been one of our favorite online home stores, partly because it’s fun to browse and window shop – but also because it’s got some really outstanding deals that can bring your dream bedroom (or any other room for that matter) to life!

Beds and Mattresses

If you are redecorating your bedroom or furnishing a new home, the first thing you need to buy is your bed and mattress. Not only is this the most important piece of furniture — after all, you will spend most of your time in your bedroom sleeping — but it also dictates where the other furniture will fit in the room and can influence the style of the other items you buy.

To begin with, we were pleased to see the wide range of memory foam mattresses that are a lot more affordable than one might think! PLUS, they have kids’ sizes as well. I have slept exceptionally well on memory foam mattresses. Some of the ones that Home and Patio Decor Center carries include Boyd Eco Certified memory foam mattresses by Boyd Specialty Sleep, known for its Green Certified mattresses which are also produced using environmentally friendly practices.

Bed Frames

If you are looking for a traditional bed either with a wooden or iron frame, Home and Patio Decor Center stocks a great selection from the Fashion Bed Group. These range from the modern, yet attractive Avery Mission Style beds available in oak or white wood finish (NICE cottage look!), while the older houses with larger bedrooms may suit the antique-style Baroque bed frame made from slate-gray metal.

Storage beds are particularly popular with families and couples who are living in smaller houses; these have drawers built in to the base of the bed providing some extra, much-needed storage space. Some of these are built to the same dimensions as ordinary beds, but you can buy taller beds which give you even more storage space as they can fit two sets of drawers in the base.

Home and Patio Decor Center stocks a number of storage beds from Prepac Manufacturing (which has DOZENS of pages of products featured at the site), both normal and tall, and all designs are available in a variety of finishes.

Home and Patio Decor Center also sells a wide range of bedding, everything from sheet, duvet and pillow case sets in a variety of colors and designs, to a selection of blankets, throws, and cushions to decorate your bed when it’s not in use.

Here are a few of the manufacturers featured at Home and Patio Decor Center – sorted for easy browsing for you:

Storage Furniture

This is a biggie for me, since storage is at a premium where I live. So, finding the right wardrobes or chest of drawers for your bedroom is also an important decision. Not only do they need to fit in with your decor style, but they also need to be big enough for all the clothes and possessions that you want to keep tidied out of the way.

Wardrobes and armoires can range in price quite dramatically. Prepac Manufacturing sells its range of basic MDF wardrobes in black, white, and wooden finishes for around $200 on the Home and Patio Decor Center, while the Cottage Wicker Armoire from Patio Wicker Furniture, the perfect style for an antique bedroom, costs well over $1,000 – still a bargain if you’re looking for something that isn’t going to fall apart on you after a few months of moving things around to clean or vacuum.

Cottage Wicker 6 PC Bedroom Set in White or Antique Brown – $2,419.99

from: Home and Patio Decor Center

Patio Wicker Furniture also makes a range of attractive chests of drawers, if you want to ensure your bedroom furniture matches. These are available in both natural wood and white finishes. Hillsdale House Furniture also sells their range of drawers on the Home and Patio Decor Center website.

These also have an antique feel to them, but are more substantial and made of a darker wood — more appropriate to homes in colder climates, perhaps, just due to the warmth the look tends to exude.

Bedroom nightstands also create a useful storage space as well as a handy place to keep your book for night-time reading. Crossley Furniture makes an attractive range of bedside cabinets with glass-fronted doors and shelves where you can keep books or other bits and pieces that you want to keep handy. Cooper Classics sells their range of metalwork side tables at Home and Patio Decor Center too; while these may be used anywhere in the home, they will also work well as a more innovative bedside table.

Other Bedroom Decor

Once you have the main pieces of furniture chosen and in place, it is time to choose some of the extra pieces that will give your bedroom a character all of its own.Lia Mirrored Wall Hang Aged Gold Finish Candle Holder

Rugs are a great way to add a splash of color to a floor space, and Home and Patio Decor Center sells a range of rugs in all shapes, colors and sizes (well over 350 options!). In particular, they have a great choice of fun designs for a child’s bedroom, featuring everything from cartoon animals to pretty pink butterflies.

The addition of table lamps on your bedside tables helps to create a calming and muted atmosphere as you’re getting ready to drift off to sleep. Home and Patio Decor Center even stocks wicker-base lamps from Wicker Patio Furniture, which you can coordinate with larger pieces of furniture, should you choose. Of course, you could always choose to have some subdued candlelight in the bedroom provided you remember to blow them out when you go to sleep.

There are a number of candlesticks and candle holders on sale at Home and Patio Decor Center, including a beautiful metalwork wall hanging made by Cooper Classics.

Whatever your personal taste and whether you are decorating your own bedroom or one for your young children, there is a great range of products on sale at Home and Patio Decor Center. You can really stamp your own character on a room and ensure that you really enjoy spending time in your cozy and comfy bedroom for many more nights to come.

Home and Patio Decor Center Coupon Codes and Sales

Throughout the year, Home and Patio Decor Center does offer a number of different sales and promo codes. When they do post them for us to offer you, our readers, we put them in a dedicated section here at the site. Check the current deals out by clicking on “Home and Patio Decor Center Coupon Codes” now! They also have a highly regarded PRICE MATCH guarantee (here) that not only will MATCH a lower online price (if you find one), but they’ll ALSO give you a certificate for $10 off a future purchase! See the terms & conditions here!

The Microsoft Xbox One S

Gaming System Reviews


Spring is approaching. Tax season is on the way. Pay off your credit cards. Earn some extra cash over the next few weeks. You are going to want that spending money to bring home at least one of the newest, most exciting gaming products available this year.

Nintendo has their Switch, coming out in March, so that gives consumers a bit of extra time to save. Before that exciting new product hits store shelves though, Sony releases the PlayStation VR (Virtual Reality) headset and Microsoft offers their versatile version of gaming fun: the Xbox One S.

New Xbox

This latest version of the popular home gaming station features ultra-high definition images with 4k streaming. The “4k” designation simply tells you the minimum resolution is amazing and that you will need to own a TV which is capable of streaming images of crisp quality using Blu-ray technology.

This is super-realistic for the stickler among you who is uninterested in gaming unless images are almost too real for comfort. Use Netflix or Amazon Video to watch Blue-ray movies or play a fighting game with friends. The ability to do either one of these things sets the Xbox One S apart from Sony’s PlayStation VR and makes it appealing to a wider audience within the home. It’s more practical.

The IR Blaster

This sounds like some type of joy stick, but IR stands for “infrared” and refers to a remote device which helps you control several systems from one strategic point. Once upon a time each piece of technology needed its own remote and one would invariably go missing, leading to a manic search and the exchange of heated words between family members.

Find one place for a single remote control and use it to set up audio, TV, and cable. Use this remote for watching action movies or listening to music; playing “The Legend of Korra” or watching a TV show.

Wireless Controller

The Xbox One S is controlled from a single handheld gaming device which is wirelessly connected to your TV via Bluetooth connection. The range is extended too so you can sit a long way back from one of those massive screens so many homes seem to have now. Sitting too close diminishes your enjoyment.

Control the game without dropping your controller during a heated competition, thanks to texture around the gripping area. Even if you’re so competitive your palms sweat, you will still be in control.

Console Control

While the joy stick seems to be the heart of an Xbox, it is really the console which sits near your TV which operates everything. Microsoft reduced its size by 40%, making the box slimmer than ever, but they increased storage to 2 TB. It comes with a vertical stand so you can keep the console in its correct position while playing games or movies. The Xbox One S starts at around $399.

Games for the Xbox

Search for games the whole family can play or cater to the older audience. Fighting platforms include Sonic the Fighters, Virtua Fighter, and Fire Pro Wrestling. Try a racing game like Toybox Turbos (great for little kids), Mad Trucks, or Doritos Crash Course.

Toy Soldiers: Cold War, Rock Band Blitz, and Takedown: Red Sabre are all classified under Simulation and Strategy games. Microsoft lists a host of potential categories depending on your interests and what will keep the kids busy during the Christmas holidays.

Buying Microsoft Products

Here are two great features of the Microsoft Xbox 360 One S: price and availability. Compared with some of the new products being released this year, Microsoft’s latest technology is affordable. It’s also easy to get hold of one. Many retailers carry it, so there’s a good chance of finding an Xbox 360 One S in time for the holidays from a brick-and-mortar or online dealer.

Check out the latest XBOX Offers Here

Best Vitamin C Serum for Face

Beauty Product Reviews


If you keep yourself informed about the hottest skin care trends, you probably have hear about vitamin c serums for the face.  Today we’ll talk about the many benefits of using vitamin C for health, as well as give our list of the best vitamin c serums you can purchase online.  (Of course, we’ll be generous with our coupons – that’s our job!)

What Benefits are Received from Vitamin C Serums?

The skin benefits from vitamin c are enormous.  Having it steady in your diet is something that is paramount to living a healthy lifestyle.  Whether you get this from food or supplementation, you need to make sure you are getting your daily dose of vitamin C.

As this ingredient applies to skin creams and facial care, you’ll find the uses are very diverse.  You’ll find moisturizing creams, anti aging masks, peels, and of course, our main focus today – serums – all containing this amazing, yet simple to source – ingredient.

You can reduce the signs of aging such as facial wrinkling and sagging skin while also increasing skin elasticity.  Another great benefit of vitamin c creams and serums is that it protects from the sun’s UV rays.  We all know the severe damage the sun can to do our precious skin when it’s exposed to it.

In addition to the above benefits, vitamin c also works to heal wounds.  As a collagen supplement, this can help to heal deep wounds as well as minor scrapes.  Lastly, it can help improve skin texture that was burned.

We’re currently testing many vitamin c facial serums and will be back very soon with reviews of the top selling products.  As always, you know we’ll be providing industry leading coupon codes so you can save money on any item you end up purchasing.

Stay tuned!





Beachbody 21 Day Fix

Fitness Product Reviews


People are intrigued with the Beachbody 21 Day Fix as, according to Google, the weight-loss plan was one of the most searched diets in 2015 and spiked on Pinterest by a whopping 190 percent the same year. And here we are, well into 2017, and it’s still popular.

The strong interest is most likely the claim of losing up to 15 pounds in three weeks as well as the plan of meals in addition to exercise, backed up with both workouts and a very cool meal plan which includes both food groups and color-coded portion-controlled containers. Participants can also access all the help they need on their own app, which can do much of the organization during the 21 days.

The idea behind the name of the diet is that it revolves around the often used theory that it takes 21 days to successfully create any habit. It was created by National Academy of Sports Medicine certified celebrity trainer Autumn Calabrese, who is also a bikini competitor.

“This diet combines portion control with regular physical activity to promote weight loss in three weeks,” says Leigh Tracy, R.D., a dietitian at The Center for Endocrinology at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore. Surely anyone can stick to something which only takes three weeks and whose promise of weight loss is very quick and certainly noticeable. After all, real results are all anyone asks.

Try the 21 Day Fix HERE

The Plan Is Individual

Dieters seem to be drawn by the way the diet organizes each meal, as it leaves little room for mistakes and is visual by nature. A user can see if something fits into the plan, where other diets rely on measuring or “serving” size, which is subjective by nature.

The Beachbody 21 Day Fix also starts with the most logical of numbers, which is how many calories each person needs to take in each day to lose weight. Most diets only offer a calorie counter for foods, without offering an individual personal daily suggestions.

I Know How Much to Eat

With the Beachbody 21 Day Fix diet, each user will find out how much they can eat each day, and start by calculating their specific caloric intake. By multiplying the current weight by 11 and adding 400 (which covers the calories burned during your daily workout).

This number is the daily calorie intake needed to maintain weight. To find out how much is needed to eat to lose weight, subtract 750. The guide breaks down each container with a list of foods on the diet, making it easier to create a weekly meal plan.

Easy to Measure Meal Portions

As part of the program, 21 Day Fixers receive color-coded containers to measure portions, says Ashvini Mashru, R.D., author of Small Steps to Slim. These include an 8-ounce green container for veggies, an 8-ounce purple container for fruits, a 6-ounce red container for proteins, a 5.3-ounce yellow container for carbs, two 2.7-ounce orange containers for seeds and dressings, and a Shakeology cup for shakes.

Based on the individual intake, the plan assigns you a daily container allowance. For example, if you’re within the 1,200 to 1,499 calorie range, you’re allowed three green (veggies), two purple (fruits), four red (proteins), two yellow (carbs), and one orange (seeds and dressings) per day.

I Should Exercise Every Day

Along with the portioned containers and eating plan, dieters receive two workout DVDs and an exercise schedule that includes seven 30-minute workouts for each day of the week. Again, with the idea of the Beachbody 21 Day Fix dieters being trained for good habits, everyone should do some form of exercise every day, and 30 minutes is a smart start. It’s definitely not too overwhelming, especially when results are seen so quickly.

The Pros and Cons

The ease of portion control, the individualized calculator of daily intake, and the accompanying app are all designed to take all the guesswork out of the Beachbody 21 Day Fix routine. If there were one element at which to point for customer’s satisfaction, it would be that they don’t have to sweat the details as they’re sweating to their workout each day.

However, unlike other trendy diets, the Beachbody 21 Day Fix does not automatically go beyond the three weeks it was designed to fit. Though some people might continue to watch their portions and work out on a regular basis, others might revert back to their previous lifestyle habits which could lead to gaining back the weight they lost. Of course, this is the fact with any diet regimen.

The way we see it is that if you have found yourself feeling encouraged after the initial 3 weeks, why not start a new cycle and do it again? There’s no question that it’s certainly easy enough to follow!

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